Cleaning Works Part 14


Feelings, Aggregates and
Exchange of Walk-ins

Franz Erdl

July 17, 2013


Attachments of Feelings

This topic still keeps me busy every day. When you are through with the former life karma, when you have all energy bodies in your body working, when all foreign karma is dissolved, all energy connections repaired and all chakras cleaned, then they come, the endless masses of attached foreign feelings. After more than a week I am still working on Karin and me on a daily basis. Even my cat had foreign feelings of other animals attached.

Mostly it's only feelings but there are also beliefs which have feelings stuck onto them. A made-up example, “all policemen are dangerous” may be attached simply from other persons. But you are not only scared of policemen, no, it also creates reality.

But now about my (foreign) belly. I am trying several times a day and every time I find something. Fears of various quality rise to the surface and they all don't belong to me. If they come from Earth beings, aliens or deceased persons the helpers can do the healing and the detaching. If they come from living persons I have to do it myself, and that may take a while.

In bed, before midnight, I thought I'd look after my belly again. At once I found fears on my diaphragm coming from a group of living persons so I had to dig them out myself. I had finished only after an hour, the longest work so far. But it paid off. I felt so much change, very intense relieving movements within the tissue. The next day I had sore muscles around my solar plexus.

At the moment it is a little different. Suddenly a fear pops up, somewhere in my belly. I ask about foreign attachments and in most cases it's yes. Only once it was acute black magic. I get the feeling that the various layers of tissue lay open their fears one after the other. All at once would be too much. During one of the detachments I got rather sick, for example. So don't do too much at a time!

I may have said that before: some groups can only be found behind a veil. Such extreme veils as in Karin will be quite rare. I am listing the veiling-structures so you know what is possible:


Second chakra

I had already cleaned up a lot when this structure turned up:


Veil 1 – behind it a group of 21 aliens attached
Veil 2 – 21 aliens
Veil 3 – 21 A
Veil 4 - 21 A
Veil 5 – 21 A
Veil 6 – 21 A, 21 A, 21 A
Veil 7 – 21 A, 21 A, 21 A
Veil 8 – 21 A, 21 A, 21 A
Veil 9 – 21 A, 21 A 2 A
Veil 10 – 3 A, 2 A, 1 A

I analysed the whole structure and could pass it on completely to the helpers. However, they hadn't finished yet the next morning. It took them 20 hours.

Hours later I checked the chakra again and there were another 5 groups.


The first chakra

Here I had also dissolved a lot until the veils came:


Veil 1 – 21 Earth beings
Veil 2 – 21 E, 21 E
Veil 3 – 21 E, 21 E
Veil 4 – 21 E, 21 E
Veil 5 – 21 E, 7 E
Veil 6 – 7 E, 21 E, 21 E
Veil 8 – 21 E, 21 E, 21 E
Veil 9 – 21 E, 21 E, 21 E
Veil 10 – 21 E, 21 E, 21 E

Here work took ca.24 hours and afterwards another 5 groups turned up.

Later I found another veiling structure. It was not related to any chakra but to the whole body. It was about feeling uneasy in the body, that is, practically having unpleasant feelings in the body all the time.


Veil 1 – 21 Deceased
Veil 2 – 21 D, 21 D
Veil 3 – 21 D
Veil 4 – 21 D
Veil 5 – 21 D, 14 D
Veil 6 – 21 D, 21 D
Veil 7 – 21 D, 21 D
Veil 8 – 21 D. 21 D
Veil 9 – 21 D, 7 D
Veil 10 – 5 D, 21 D

here also 5 more groups: 21D, 21D, 7 D, 7 D, 7 D

I am very glad that the helpers can also work with deceased ones, otherwise I would have had many hours of work.

The amount of attachments may be extreme in Karin and me. There are persons who have only a few. But I recommend to anyone who is able to work with energy to keep looking. It is possible that more and more emerges.



I found a new place for putting in aggregates and I want to make a little summary and overview for this topic. Aggregates are apparatuses, machines, generators or whatever you want to call them. They have the task of blocking where you cannot get to with magic or a being. They emit something that slows down energy flows and when applied in great masses blocks the energy flow completely. Mostly they are applied in great numbers, that is several hundred. Robots are used to apply them which are controlled by Betas because, as I mentioned before, beings cannot get there.

The connection between soul and oversoul could almost be called “sacred”. It is untouchable but it is possible to push hundreds of aggregates very close to it which practically paralyses the connection. The blockage of this connection is very rare.

Aggregates are more often found close to the superchakras. 1, 2, 3, or all 4 chakras may be blocked.

The mental body can be blocked in a way that it wrongly tells the occiput chakra 6b to shut down the conduits from the subchakras.

Aggregates have newly turned up directly on the connections of the subchakras to the first and second chakra.

Thanks to the help of healed Betas the cleaning-up of the aggregates works fast but you have to address each conduit or chakra separately. Since the Betas which haven't been healed yet keep putting aggregates in, for example into Karin and my cat Miko, I am at the moment healing all Betas and demolishing all their pyramids.


Exchange of the Walk-ins

The swap of the large masses seems to have been over a week ago. At the moment it's 1000 per day, maybe 3000 or only 200 at times. The whole number of 1.5 million should not have increased substantially. I am needed every time to pull the beings out of their bodies and then again to allow the chakra connections being done for the new ones. Here is a comparison between the chakra connections of regular born humans and walk-ins:


It happens that several times a day small numbers get swapped, for example 50 in the morning, 200 later and later again 100. I think these are persons in high positions. Whether those persons leave their posts voluntarily I haven't found out yet.

I did find out that the Anunnaki rebels who are to go into those bodies are watching their target persons for several weeks before the exchange. In the exchange they also take over part of the consciousness of the predecessor in order to get along in their life.

The exchange of the actor Brad Pitt was extraordinary for me. During the night of the 16th he kept turning up in my dreams for hours. I told that to Karin and beautiful energy waves rolled through my heart chakra. Thus I knew he was present – more precisely the Anunnaki rebel residing in his body since a few hours ago. Of course he wanted me to allow his chakra connections which I did then. The reaction to this was much stronger than normally.

I checked whether it was ok to publish this about Brad Pitt and it said “yes”. I think this was the intention in the first place, to arrive as a single person for the exchange. He might have been among one of the groups. No, he wanted to show himself on purpose and very distinctly.

I didn't find out anything important about Angelina Jolie. She is a walk-in but at the moment no exchange is planned.