Cleaning Works Part 13


The Great Coup

Franz Erdl

July 9, 2013


Ok, this is again something by which I can make a complete fool of myself if it is wrong. I found out about it by feeling and I trust it.

Meanwhile over 1.5 million Anunnaki slipped into human bodies and I was a little insecure if everything was as it should be. Well, after all, 1.5 million Greys and other aliens have left those same bodies which per se means an energetic relief for all of us.

I am beginning to see the purpose of this whole enterprise and I am nonplussed by the genius of the plan. This is stuff for a good movie but it seems to become reality.

I found out that although there are Reptilians in the power elite there are a good deal more walk-ins. This seemed logical to me because a race from another galaxy had subjected the Reptilians, the Greys and the Dracs. Those beings wouldn't dream of giving the whole power to the Reps. No, the best positions of power they reserved for themselves by residing in these positions as walk-ins. Apparently important people are often Reps or normal humans who are used as marionettes in public. But right behind those they are sitting, the walk-ins from the other galaxy. And they are in strategically important places and where the big money flows.

The brilliant plan of the rebels is now to replace these walk-ins with benevolent Anunnaki with their many abilities. Thus various powerful positions fall into good hands within a short time. Since the race of the invaders has been healed and also all other formerly evil extraterrestrials and since many protective structures aren't working any more, it seems to be possible to pull the walk-ins out of their bodies.

Publishing the plan won't do any harm. For us however it is important to understand why people whom we detested till now are suddenly changing into being good. We would hardly believe this change but rather think it was a trick. So it is important to know.

When I ask for priorities finance comes first. This means that at first bank directors, managers and high employees in the financial sector are being swapped. The same happens with ministers of finance and walk-ins working in ministries. Stock exchange also belongs to this topic and some more things of which I know very little.

The press is almost as important. Press bosses, managers and especially the walk-ins in press agencies who choose which news to pass on and how to pass them on.

The next are law, medicine, industry and politics. I don't really think in medicine healing will from now on be done by imposition of hands but that the Anunnaki will do away with corrupt structures as clinic directors, head physicians etc.

I did some searching in politics (Germany, USA, Dom. Rep.). I found walk-ins mainly among ministers and in the Senate (House of Lords, Bundesrat or whatever it is called). Obama is a walk-in, too. Merkel is a human. Our president Danilo Medina is a walk-in. Astonishingly I just found out that he came as a Grey and was swapped by an Anunnaki rebel 20 years ago. He is a likeable person, quite popular with the people and I hear he is doing good things.

It is mainly Greys being swapped, for example 60.000 today. Then only 60 other aliens. Mostly the difference is not so extreme. I think those 60 have special posts in the elite. The many ex-Greys who are now rebels will be assigned all over the world but probably not in top positions.

I find it quite courageous to slip into the body of an important person and to take on such a rebellious task. I am pretty curious.


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