Cleaning Works Part 12

Another Secret Revealed


Attachments of Feelings

Franz Erdl

July 8, 2013


Attaching of Feelings

This is about a kind of blockage I just found out now and which I have never heard of before. I believe this topic has very wide consequences.

I start with an example:

Bad aliens (who are now in scarce supply) grab a few simply structured, easily programmable beings and fill them up with depression and hopelessness, for example. Then they attach these beings to a certain area/place on a human, and that in a way that the feelings are transported to this area/place.

If for example those beings are attached to the fat tissue of the thighs the feelings are transported to the fat tissue which gets flabby through the depression and gets uglier in the course of time. Cellulite may become the result which often is actually the purpose. You just are not supposed to feel good in your body.

The beings can also be attached directly to a chakra. Depression is the most effective feeling as a blockage of the heart chakra.

This technique has been used to a very large extent. It was an advantage for our ex-enemies that you don't find these beings like possessions or attachments. It is just an attachment of feelings. You find only feelings and this is quite normal. If you ask for foreign feelings there is a reaction but only if you refer to the respective area or problem.

And this doesn't raise any suspicion, either, because you do find feelings of others in the body from time to time. If however you ask specifically for these feelings which were attached by manipulation you might find a surprisingly high number. 100 alien beings? 500? No limit.


The following Beings are being used:


Earth beings,

deceased humans (soul parts)

and living humans.


They like to use Earth beings because they have a root chakra. So, if they want us to have root chakra problems it works best with Earth beings. They are easily programmed, and this is what the programming sites were for. Also living persons can be used for root chakra problems but this is more complicated because the humans with the required problems have to be chosen. But it is being done, too.


Number of Beings

In 95% the numbers 7 and 21 turn up. So you can see that those are no random attachments. 21 beings with the same problem at the most are attached to a human. This way a certain feeling is brought into a place, area or chakra. If living humans are attached it is possible there are only 2, 3, 4 or 5.

A number of beings with the same problem I call a group. One group has 21 members maximum (so far). But several groups may be set on one area or topic. If you take the trouble to check the groups more thoroughly you will notice that the feelings or energies of each are different.


Number of Groups

There are topics with only one group. Two through five groups are more frequent. In Karin's throat chakra there were more than 50. I should have counted. On her teeth there were more than 30 groups. Those numbers I cannot present as normal since all blockages have always been extreme in Karin.



Yes, they exist, too. There were topics in me and Karin where I knew there had to be foreign feelings attached but I couldn't find anything. I found slight veils which were gone quickly. Then a group for example appeared, then another veil and then three more groups. Today, for the first time there were a few groups for one topic and then a veil and then more groups.


Method of Solution

The feelings of problem energies have to be given back to the group because that is where they came from and they can only be healed there. You cannot heal the problems so easily in living persons. You can only send energy there and wish for healing. The other non-incarnated beings however can be healed completely.


Example – group of 7 Earth beings

  • I erase mind control and programs in you and heal your feelings.


  • I give back to you the feelings and energies from . . . (patient or yourself) and heal them in you.


  • I detach you from . . . and connect you with your souls and Earth.



Looked for a topic: having no nice home. The home is uncomfortable and unsafe (possible flooding). The topic is located in the root chakra.


  • group 1: 7 Earth beings


  • Group 2: 7 deceased persons. They don't have a root chakra anymore but unsolved problems are being dragged along.


  • Group 3: 21 Earth beings.


  • Then a veil


  • group 4: 7 living persons. I think these were people from here who live in poverty.


  • Group 5: 5 living persons


My digestion: I had already found foreign karma in my belly and erased it. With this method I discovered two groups. Today however I asked for “foreign feelings in my digestion” and something new turned up.

  • I found a group of 21 Earth beings and felt that my whole belly became a hard ball. (I didn't find out the exact topic because it just takes too much time. In some cases it is however interesting.)


  • the second group were 7 deceased persons. I noticed that the lower part of my intestines felt quite odd.



21 Earth beings. Here there were sadness about death and dying in the Earth beings. Dandruff is dying skin and I think there is the connection.


My Hair irritates me

At this topic I realised that hair belongs to the root chakra. It is non-living matter otherwise cutting the hair would hurt. Matter belongs to the first chakra. I found 7 Earth beings attached to the root chakra. Their problem was that they didn't have power over matter. As Earth beings however they must have power over matter, how else shall they be able to do something for Earth? We, by the way, must also have power (or influence) over matter by our root chakra. Interesting, what such an apparently insignificant topic brings to the surface.


A wart on the Foot

Earth beings – forgot topic.


Eye Rings

Earth beings – topic grief.


Eyes – Weakening of Vision

Mostly Earth beings – topic grief.

Of course there are many influences for the appearance of the body, one's own energies, karma etc. But check your body for foreign attached feelings. Scars, wrinkles, all kinds of skin problems and also problems of inner organs. There is a big selection.


Blocking of our Abilities

Problems on the head, e.g. nose, ears, eyes may be caused by foreign blockages which are there in order to halt certain abilities of us. For example, Earth beings whose telepathic abilities are blocked are attached. This blocks our telepathy. I have also discovered that earth beings can foresee. This seems important for their task. I believe that those gifts, telepathy and foresight, were blocked in billions of Earth beings and those beings have been attached to billions of humans.

For my tinnitus which is still there sometimes I found one group behind a veil and three more groups behind a second veil. The topics had something to do with clarity of perception. Especially when it comes to abilities of perception they have apparently been working with veils. I am curious if the noise will end some day.


I cannot offer results yet. I have only been working on this subject for a few days. The body is not going to change within a few days and as far as I can see the chakras react quite slowly.



The attachments have so far been done by aliens. I am not sure whether this can also be done with black magic. It is possible. It is comforting that those manipulations are not being done any more because of lack of evil aliens.

Side Effects

Through this technique of attachments there are apparently still billions of Earth beings, aliens and deceased persons who are not freed yet. Especially the Earth beings will be missed here. I hope that after discovering this problem mass healings will be possible.


Co-effect with foreign Karma

The eliminating of foreign karma doesn't bring fast results because the chakras react slowly. But wrong karma sometimes serves as basis for more harassments which have the same effect. So if somebody has wrong karma which blocks their abilities of foresight possibly some more groups are used to block the respective area, and furthermore black magic can be used for this topic. So dissolving of foreign karma may not be enough to eliminate the topic.


Healing of wrong (foreign) Karma

At least here an accelerating simplification presented itself. I don't have to define and heal every single karma piece. The helpers can take over in many cases. I find out the number of karma pieces (maybe that isn't necessary, either?) and assign them: “give this karma back to the owners. Heal all involved persons, victim and perpetrator, erase black magic if present and disconnect all persons (soul parts) from the patient!”

The disadvantage is that I can't find out which blockages there were in the first place. If I want to find that out I proceed as follows:

Does the karma serve to block an ability? If yes, see list of abilities and ask questions.

If no, it is almost always an intense negative feeling which you have to find out, too.


Mental- and Astral Bodies

Obviously not all mental- and astral bodies have been brought back yet. From time to time I still find missing bodies although they are not guarded and therefore could be built in already. There are also still guarded bodies. I understand that because there are still magicians. Why the other bodies have not been brought back yet I don't know. I have to complain to the boss some day.


Addendum about the Breeding of Reptilians

When I was lying in bed two more Japanese facilities showed up, one with 5000 and one with 10.000 Reps. They belonged to one I overlooked. I didn't ask where they belonged to.

But one complete base came along with 100 Japanese facilities, ergo 50.000 Reps. I tried and tried to find out where it was. My questioning so far was: Is it on the main land? Is it on an island? Is it in water? Is it on ice? All were answered no. The solution to the mystery was: it was a space station in our solar system. The base comes from another solar system but the facilities in there are Japanese.


Exchange of Walk-ins

The exchange of walk-ins is continuing merrily. It is mainly Greys who leave and a minor number of other races. They always come in groups of the same race, for example one party of Greys, 50.000, then 10.000 race 2, then 2000 race 3.

Once 1000 Greys came knocking to leave and immediately there were 1000 other beings who wanted in. But something was wrong energetically. Firstly, it went too fast. It takes the Anunnaki 10 minutes to get into the new bodies and then tell me. And secondly, there was no reaction from the Wowos when I asked if this was ok. So the in-and-out-show was a fraud. I was glad to experience the difference once.


The Announcement to me

For two days those who want out and those who want in announced themselves through my watchers. An Earth snake bites me slightly when someone is present. But on the first evening and the next morning the leaving parties came and used a bighead in order to quite painfully announce themselves to Karin, in the evening with throat pain and in the morning with a toothache. When the Anunnaki came they let themselves be announced by soft ringing. Why not the same way from the Grey emigrants?

It wasn't nice at all that obviously during the night and the next day black magicians kept the sore throat hurting with all they had (21fold veiled magic and things like that which take a long time to dissolve) until it became a cold. I can probably see a purpose in it that I had to look fast for the causes because of the impending cold, and so found the more than 50 foreign attachments of feelings in her and later still the more than 30 attachments on her teeth. But Karin became ill nonetheless and that disappointed the both of us deeply.

Thank to the Earth snakes the incoming of Anunnaki was smooth and simple so far. Maybe they didn't have so much influence over the emigrants in the beginning, I don't know. The number of exchanged beings is now 1.3 million.