Cleaning Works Part 11

The Phase of Probation


Franz Erdl

July 5, 2013



I wanted to write this article at the end of June but I didn't dare. I am very careful with information that concerns the near future because of course I feel responsible. Besides, I'll be the dumbass if it doesn't happen and nobody believes me anymore.

On the other hand I can't keep this information from you any longer. If it is true there may be strong reactions and it would be good that we understand these reactions in relation to the energy changes.

So I'll take the risk of losing my credibility and write down what I believe to know.


Energy Changes:

Between June 30 and July 1st certain Anunnaki codes were activated in ca.100.000 people. This activation causes a collective enhancement of truth. The energy of truth is getting stronger. Untruthfulness is meeting more resistance. Lies on a small as well as a big scale will be uncovered. The woman who married her husband for the money will be unmasked and the big lies like 9/11, Boston Marathon, chemtrails etc. will be uncovered publicly. This will cause a snowball-avalanche effect because the sleeping sheep will wake up which will strengthen the power of truth again.

This change may lead to big troubles but also to problems in a small circle. There will be quarrelling and trouble in families and possibly one is confronted with one's own disharmonies. In order to prevent serious problems the power of truth will be enhanced step by step. There have only been activated 100.000 but there are many millions of people with Anunnaki codes. These codes concerning the truth will be activated until the end of September. Then at the latest things will become difficult for the elite. There will be no more loop hole for them. We know that many have been drawn into the evil power system by mind control and who still finds a tiny piece of soul in their heart may probably be healed and survive these times. But many will have to go. These are my thoughts on the matter so far.


The Phase of Probation

The time from July 1st till December 31st is a phase of probation. For everyone this is a chance to free themselves from all falsehood. The corrupt and criminal will have to decide on which side they want to be. From January 1st there must not be any liar nor any lie since this is the time when new code activations will happen and a new phase begins. And as far as I know now this will be about our powerful abilities the misuse of which would be dangerous.


Reptilians during the Phase of Probation

It will be the final phase of existence for Reptilians in a human body. They can only live as parasites and therefore healing is not possible. According to my questioning in June all Reps will be gone at the end of July. Now it said there will be some left in August. I guess these are projections where the behaviour of mankind has to be taken into account.


Walk-ins during the Phase of Probation

This phase is the last chance for the walk-ins. If they manage to open their hearts they may go on living here. Today I checked four people in my neighbourhood with a quite bad character. All four of them turned out to be walk-ins and two of them will not manage to stay here. So for some it appears to be clear what their fate will be like. I want to mention again that most walk-ins don't know that they don't have a human soul.


Who is responsible for these Changes?

Why is somebody planning such phases of change for humankind? Are we not self-responsible? And why only now? Have we suffered enough and God decides to redeem us now? After all, such changes were foreseen for 2012 a long time ago. So it must be a kind of a divine plan, mustn't it?

The situation is quite different. The problems started with the infiltration of the Anunnaki by the robots of the races C and B. A controlled power elite arose and there were rebels who could however only act in secret. The Anunnaki were coerced into manipulating humankind which they did in the end.

The Anunnaki Enki who loved the humans built codes (programs), unnoticed by the elite, into a large number of rebels who would then incarnate as humans; codes which would serve to undo the manipulations. The progress of the invasion of the evil forces was not to be prevented for a long time and Enki and the rebels knew that the codes had to be dormant for a long time. I have no idea how Enki could figure out that now would be the time of liberation. You probably need to have the big picture for that.

When I found out about the plans for the changes in July and in January I asked from whom those plans were. It said, “from Enki”, but Enki is not here. Other rebels are taking care of the realisation of these plans.


The Liberation of Anu and Enki

On June 30 something else happened which I don't want to make public in all details yet. Through Karin I got in contact with Anu, the progenitor of the Anunnaki. He was imprisoned. So was Enki and another 1000 Anunnaki rebels. Maybe everybody who was privy to the manipulations of humankind, that is, all former co-workers of this project were imprisoned. They must have been imprisoned for many thousands of years.

I guessed and guessed what this prison might be like and how to get the Anunnaki out of there. The solution was: robots! The robots of race C were holding the Anunnaki prisoner. And then I remembered that the healed Betas had shown me a few days ago that they were able to remote-control the robots. Now I finally understand why they did that three times in a row: so I understand! So I asked the Betas to remove the robots and within the minute they were all free.

Why hadn't the Betas done that already? I think they needed someone from our time base, but I don't really know.


Enki takes Action

During a session on July 1st , while saying goodbye a bighead came along quickly and connected itself to the client. What was that all about? It turned out it was no attack but a couple of hundred walk-ins of various races wanted to leave their bodies. Ok, that was done quickly. I am astonished again and again about how often bigheads are used for non-hostile purposes.

The next day a bighead showed up on Karin. This time 1000 Greys wanted to get out of their bodies. A few hours later I got slight warning bites on my liver. This wasn't an attack, either. It was about 1000 Anunnaki. As usual I was supposed to free them from their bodies but there was no reaction.

What was that? To cut it short, they didn't want out, they wanted to get in. More correctly, they were already in, that is, in the bodies the 1000 Greys had left a few hours before. They needed my blessing so that the Wowos were able to fix the chakra connections. Of course I was not sure. Could I trust them? A good feeling came from the Wowos, and then came another explanation. These 1000 Anunnaki were the same 1000 that had been in prison. After the liberation they were on their home planet for two days and sent here after that.

That makes 1000 specialists for genetics and the human energy system. I think they will be very good healers in a short while.

Later that evening: bighead on me. 2000 Greys wanted out. An hour later 2000 Anunnaki wanted in. Naturally I am again doubtful, but whatever I ask it seems to be ok. They get my blessing.

July 3rd: 5000 Greys out – 5000 Anunnaki in. I think the Greys were only here in order to keep the bodies ready for the Anunnaki, a place holder so to speak. In the evening one more time 2000 out, 2000 in. Obviously the Greys cling to a bighead and then molest Karin with it. She notices it sooner than me because it hurts her more than me. But that is not a good solution. If that is bound to happen more often another method would be desirable.

Juli 4th: While writing this article Karin gets a pain in the throat like a beginning inflammation. A bighead. This time it's 10.000 Greys. By the way, the time between out and in is down to five minutes. So I'm expecting the slight sting on my liver that signals the presence of beings to me. And really there are 10.000 Anunnaki in their bodies within minutes and are waiting for their wiring up.

15 minutes later throat pain again, again a bighead and this time no less than 50.000 Greys who want to leave us. And the thoughts in my head start spinning. Any moment 50.000 Anunnaki are going to arrive. What if all this is a trick? Then it is my fault. But my feelings are calm. And I tell myself that the Wowos are making the connections. If anything were wrong they wouldn't do it. Five minutes later they were there as expected and got my blessing.

Actually I wanted to finish here but Karin has pain in the throat again. 50.000 again for the exchange procedure.

120.000 Anunnaki walk-ins within three days who probably can't tell the difference between a bicycle and an underground train. But I think it is not like this at all. I made this experience when I pulled a Reptilian out of his body who used to molest a person, and I noticed that a Grey had gone in. I was told the Grey was doing great in his environment, in this case the job. I guess the new ones can take over the consciousness of their predecessors. This shouldn't be a problem for Greys and Anunnaki.

I asked what the new ones are going to do. The answer was: they will heal. (Then I can finally retire.)

A short time before midnight (from the 4th to the 5th ) another 30.000 for exchange. Quite fittingly the 4th of July is USA's Independence Day. However you want to interpret it: Independence Day or the day when the aliens came.


Midnight: 50.000 – now it's 200.000.