Cleaning Works Part 10


Problems with foreign Karma


Franz Erdl

June 30, 2013


First on the term Karma. When I say karma I don't mean you have to pay for something you have done, or you are rewarded in any way. I consider karma rather like a collection of intense experiences that is stored in our chakras like „software“ and thus causes reality and reproduces the same experiences over and over again. I think this is going to become clearer in the course of the article.

A short time ago I wrote that alien helpers can get out foreign karma that had been planted into our astral bodies during astral abductions. This is only partly correct. The Wowos 1 are able to clean the astral body, and they can repair a few simple mistakes in the chakras. But, as always, the can't do anything as soon as humans are involved, even when they are deceased.

Meanwhile I have pulled out quite a few karma pieces from people's chakras. I will just give a few examples which will explain it all:

Curse for Ugliness (also being fat)

A few lives ago: Claire is doing magic against Bridget in order for her to get ugly. One can think of many reasons why someone should do such a thing. In any case Claire is hurt. Andrea who was Bridget before puts this karma into your astral body and thus it gets stored in your second chakra, beauty compartment. The magic affects your body and tries to make you ugly.

I noticed that the helpers cannot heal the problem. I then started to dissolve the magic but that seemed to take too long. Then I got the idea of healing and releasing Claire. That was done easily and fast. As soon as this was done the helpers were able to dissolve the magic.

Now I always ask if there was magic involved with these foreign karma pieces and I release the hurt perpetrator. Then I can pass the subject on to the helpers. Remember, there may be more than one person causing it. It also happened that there were two or three different karma pieces affecting the same topic.

The same goes for your own karma if someone did magic against you: release the perpetrator and the problem is solved much faster.

Next example:

Being unsuccessful

The successful Theo for some reason sinks into a state of failure and dies in a miserable condition. Paul who was Theo before puts this karma into your astral body.

In this case I had to heal Theo and release him. That went fast. The helpers were then able to dissolve those failure energies in the chakras.


This topic is about financial success in most cases. It belongs to the first chakra – supply with matter; money belongs to that.

By the way: if you have financial problems, search the first chakra for interfering programs.. This is essential. Then address the first chakras of the Sun and the Central Sun where the energy for wealth has its origin.

Those two examples show that basic topic that you have to release all persons involved. The helpers don't do that . . . at least until now.



This belongs also to the topic of foreign karma. But it needs explanation. I am surprised to notice that there are quite a lot of walk-ins. The walk-ins cause problems for the persons in their environment even if they don´t know it themselves.

What are walk-ins? They are beings which lost their physical body through the invasion and slipped into a human body. They may be Greys, but also Anunnaki and others. No Reps. The slipping-in would be too problematic for them. There are some who come with bad intentions but many come in order to live in a body again. Or they have certain intentions with it.

There are many early walk-ins. These are aliens who step into the body quite early, maybe even as an embryo or in the first few weeks or months. These beings are not aware they are not real humans.

They all have a problem. They arrive without the lower chakras, after all. The human body that is left behind by a human soul has these chakras. So if an alien goes into the body as soon as the human soul is leaving (for whatever reason) they have all chakras. All is well, you might think, but this is not so. They do have all the chakras and they stay alive without having to steal energy but they don't have a connection to those two chakras. The upper chakras don't get support from the lower chakras.

If they leave the situation like this they get problems, e.g. financially and physically. However since they have some abilities superior to us, partly without knowing it, they drain energy from the people around them. They grow up in a family and can get energy from there. So whoever has a walk-in in the family may eventually find out that their energy system has suffered some manipulations.

Walk-ins cannot deal with a number of problems. They push those problems over to people who can absorb them. I think in most cases this happens unconsciously on both sides.

For example: One walk-in pushes magic which is to take success away from him on to his wife. She is also a walk-in. The problem doesn't manifest itself financially for her because it´s he who earns the money but it gets unbearable in the course of time. She feels like an absolute loser. In the end the magic moves to the daughter. She feels totally unable to live on her own and is sent to psychiatric treatment by her parents. Bizarre, isn't it?

Such foreign karma can only be solved if these links are found. Father and mother must be identified as the causing persons. Regarding the magician in charge it depends whether he was emotionally involved – then he, too, has to be healed – or whether he was only assigned, probably by the power elite.


Healing of Walk-ins

Actually, the walk-ins have to be healed from these problems, too. In case all this is happening within a family it may get difficult because not only is there magic to be dissolved but also energetic connections from father to mother to daughter. And since we are dealing with walk-ins it gets a little more difficult than just dissolving normal connections between humans. When I was doing this work Anunnaki had to help and they worked on disconnecting father, mother and daughter correctly for two hours.

The walk-ins would however only be healed if they had all of their energy connections between the chakras. I found three ways to achieve that.

The first possibility would be to die and be born again. After the walk-in incarnation they are able to be born naturally with a complete chakra system.

The second way would be to go to a healer who knows about the problem. There weren't too many to choose from so far.

The third way is very interesting. I asked who might be able to install those connections. I thought the Anunnaki ought to be able to do that. But no, no race in time and space can do it. The Wowos from out of time and space can do it. But how does a walk-in deserve the honour that Wowos can do that for them? The answer is astonishing: a human has to wish it for them from the bottom of their heart.

What sounds like a biblical chicanery is actually an energetic necessity. The Wowos can only reach us via the soul and the heart. That is why the wish has to come from an open heart. And it has to be a human because it's all about accepting the extraterrestrial into humankind.

Being loved from the heart however is a great problem for many walk-ins. The special difficulties they have among us mostly don't contribute to developing an endearing character. They are often superior to us concerning perception or mind and therefore they are sometimes arrogant.


Feelings in the physical Body

It seems I still have much to discover about feelings. I know very little about the cooperation of astral body and chakras (etheric body). Astral body and chakras store feelings but also the physical body can store feelings. I haven't done much research yet but what I have found is quite useful.

Body cells are used for putting away unwanted feelings. Muscles are not apt to do this because they express feelings, for example shivering with fear or tensing. Completely dead matter like fingernails etc. however cannot store anything. Connective tissue and fat cells are best for that. Yes, fat cells can store away unwanted feelings. Now one might assume that one must get fat because of stuffing away too many feelings. But this would have to be proven yet. I do not know that yet and I think that there may be many reasons for too much fat.

A few days ago I was shovelling feelings out of Karin's and my fat cells until I noticed that the helpers can do that, too. Hours later the feelings were out. Now, while I'm writing this I looked again and the cells of both of us were again full of unpleasant feelings; grief in Karin and stress in me. So this topic is getting interesting for everyone with too much fat. I'll stay put.


Protection for the Chakra Connections

To complete the topics in Cleaning Works 8, how to make a protection around the chakra connections: in order to get the correct, safe protection I ask the Anunnaki to do it.


The Betas

The Betas are the last which are not all healed yet. I think the priority of healing them is not very high because they only rarely do something. But they keep doing something. Lately they built interfering aggregates into Karin's superchakras three times. That way they can prevent her from using her heart chakra again and again. I was wondering how they managed to do this out of their time base since they don't have allies here anymore. But they don't need them because they use robots for this job.

I had expected to be busy digging out aggregates for the next hour but then I felt helpers offering assistance. Healed Betas were gladly ready to use the same robots to remove the aggregates again. All was done within a minute.

The game “bad Betas – aggregates in – good Betas – aggregates out” ran through three times within one hour. Then the bad ones realised that it was in vane.