Cleaning works  Part 1


Chaos among the Magicians


Franz Erdl

June 4, 2013


Since the large cleaning activities I haven´t found a human magician (magician with human soul) with a possession anymore. Until now every human magician was possessed, now none is anymore. Since they are just showing up in big numbers I can tell it´s like that with all of them.

The big mass of Rep-magicians and Reptilians in human bodies is gone. There are however exceptions. If a full Rep is shielded by a human magician Wowo&co are not able to get him out the body because they can´t do anything against the decision of the human magician to protect this Reptilian. Even if the human magician was forced to do it aliens cannot free him. Only a human can do that.

At the moment there are 3 categories of magicians who keep showing up here:


  1. Human magicians looking for healing

  2. Human magicians looking for being released from their bodies

  3. Rep-magicians who are protected by human magicians but have to get out of their body and be brought back to their race. I call this combination of Reptilian and human magicians a tandem.

There will be some who still keep fighting against us. I think these are the ones who still cast ugly attacks against us. One of them was even able to get a B-field to attack Karin with black magic. What I want to say is that the Betas still exist and apparently work with some magicians. The other shields and veils from bases have become void for lack of personnel.

Healing the Betas is part of a later project; probably because the Betas are not very effective anymore without ground personnel they don´t have high priority. By the way, the race C really doesn´t seem to exist anymore but there is an energy plane from which evil intentions of race C are still radiating. Erasing those energies seems not to be easy at all.

But back to the magicians. They´re nearly flooding me. There are hours when they come in crowds. Except for a few they don´t do any evil, they are simply there. And the Earth snakes announce every presence to me now by pinching. It constantly pinches. My diaphragm is a “painaphragm”. Sometimes it is really an attack and sometimes 40 magicians are standing around and want me to deal with them. I can hardly do anything else apart from dealing with them. While writing this I am being pinched and have to look what´s the matter again and again.

Healers are badly needed who know this stuff. They are there. I can recommend teaming up with the Earth snakes. Keeping watch is their natural task.

When a group of magicians comes to me I have the following procedure:

I ask, “Are there human magicians among you who want to and can be healed?” Then energy comes and I speak the intention of them being healed. Then energy flows again.

Next point: All human magicians who are not able to be healed and therefore want to be released from their body shall now be released.

Then: Rep-magicians (who, after all, turn up as tandems and whose human part is now gone) shall be released.

When a new Rep-magician is attacking you must think of the tandem principle. First deal with the human magician, then with the Rep. During the last weeks I had completely forgotten that Reps may be shielded and I often wondered why the Reps had survived my “redemption”. At the moment it is very clear that all Reps who still exist in a body are shielded by humans.