and other illnesses

 (Update 2012)



Ulterior causes of cancer


For people, that don't (want to) know anything about astral processes, illnesses are accidental events or lead back on accidental environmental influences. This is an incredibly one-sided blindness one of technically so far developed culture. Since I now heal people already more two decades, in which I get rid of the astrally found causes, this collective blindness is incomprehensible for me.


Therefore, cancer is not a coincidence in any case. Cancer doesn't originate because a radioactive ray mutated a few body-cells by chance. I would not like to position any dogma, but I determined until now that one can find an aggressive, destructive astral energy in the case of a cancer. I believe one can even widen this statement for any painful, destructive illness.


An aggressive, destructive astral energy means that there are somewhere in the universe beings or soul-parts, that have a relationship to the patient, and wants to destroy him. Ups! Who? How? Where? Why? Now, all this must found out and resolved. Iíll give you some implementations here.


The aggressive beings can be:


1.                 Deceased, which one knows from former lives or the current life, which could not go back to their soul on grounds of unsolved problems. They exist further as soul-fraction.

2.                 People from the current life, that unconsciously/ consciously wants to inflict damage through their aggressive feelings, or through curses and black magic1.

3.                 The combination of 1 and 2 is possible, because the soul-fractions of deceased like to tack to current opponents in order to incite these even more and, to use these people as canal for their revenge.

4.                 Miscellaneous aliens and other misanthropic creatures destroy people, that want2 to show mankind the existence of these creatures and their evil intents.

5.                 People, that serve the beings in point 4 consciously or unconsciously.

6.                 Hybrids - aliens, that stole itself into a human-body.

7.                 Further unknown beings and influences.



Point 1 to 3: It is possible that their aggressive attacks are quite justifiable acts of revenge. If the patient didn't improve himself in character in this life, a cure won't be possible for the moment. (However, the reverse conclusion is not valid that, whoever dies of cancer must be an evil human being.) I determined that the attack nevertheless doesn't ease with people that improved in character. That can be a hint that there are still connections of the patient to misanthropic forces, like secret societies3 and aliens, for example.


There are also unwarranted revenge-feelings that are based on misunderstandings. In that case, the misunderstandings must be cleared up (by energy healing). One can assume that such misunderstandings were made by hostile beings (aliens are specialists in make us fight against each other through misunderstandings). I would like to clarify here that there are cases, that are correct in the sense of karma, that someone pays for former sins, but as well cases, that contradict the idea of karma, for example that somebody suffered in many former lives and suffers again today, how a repetitive pattern. 


There is also the wish for self-destruction. I believe that such a wish emerges from a long karmic history. If a human being feels guilty from bygone lives, this might cause such a wish. Because of compunction, he drops his energetic defense and hostile forces (possibly the former enemies) destroy his body. The compunction already shows that the human being regrets the former mistakes what would be favorable for a cure. But caution: compunctions can also be based on misunderstandings.


I lack the practical experience with alien abductions (point 4) and their manipulations that lead to cancer. I canít tell whether my treatment can proceed successfully in such a case or not. I assume that it could become difficult.


Since I know about the existence of the alien Reptilians, hybrids and the corrupt people, that serve them, I didn't have any cancer-patient because I had retreated since then. However, in this time I could protect different people many times from attacks of hybrids and experienced black-magicians, so that I believe to have quite good cards also with cancer-patients, who have that kind of aggressors.


Nevertheless a dark field remains (point 7), where one struggles to find the causes, nothing appears, and the patient suffers and dies or can only be saved with surgery. (I should not forget the multiple possibilities of natural treatments, which are said to have a much bigger healing probability than pure medical treatments)


I would not like to awaken any wrong hopes. However I would like to cause with this article that more cancer-patients try if spiritual healing works for them.








1.                It is funny and sorrowful at the same time, to observe how the mass of technocrats laugh about those who believe in magic. The magicians, however, above all the black-magicians are superior to them. They are able destroy the life of the other people in an undetected way.


2.                 This happened predominantly in the US that the aliens chose as main place, in order to abduct and manipulate people. Karla Turner, who published several books about the evil activities of the aliens, was warned by them that they will kill her through cancer. Karla Turner died of cancer. You can find her story and her books for free in www.karlaturner.org


3.                  Some secret-companies, religious sects etc. tie their members so intensively to the group through energetic rituals that the soul-fraction of the deceased is not able to go back to the soul. In the new life, the group has access to the life of the reincarnated.