Persistent Bigheads

December 19, 2012

Translated Jan. 13, 2013


During the last days something else became clear about bigheads who did not disappear for good after a healing session. At first I thought, “Surely they have enough bigheads and constantly send new ones”, but no, it is the same bighead from the beginning. He pulls back his tentacles for a short time and connects with his victim (or victims) again later. I have only known that for a few days now.

The difference to the easily removable bigheads is that those bigheads are kept in place above people by black magic and that they have several energy sources. The whole thing is like a network that I want to describe, and I have experienced that the whole network has to be eliminated in order to get rid of the bighead.

In most cases the network consists of the following elements:

  1. Humans (black magicians, Satanists, freemasons…),

  2. Objects used in black magic

  3. Black magic itself

  4. The location of the ritual which is completely magically contaminated

  5. The bighead

  6. All humans he is influencing

  7. Possibly a snake's nest under the ritual place

  8. Possibly souls held by the snakes for sustenance

  9. Possibly souls from human sacrifices

  10. Possibly an energy beam, maybe from a technical device

  11. Possibly further unknown things.

I do not recommend beginners to deal with such things. In such cases, I work with dragons and other helping extra-terrestrials.

The most difficult thing is probably point 1: the magicians. Those people can rarely be healed because they live in a system that allows no one to get out unpunished. Also, they are in most cases far too deep involved in darkness. Healing, if possible at all, would take months. Those people must be blocked in their entire line of work, which isn't easy at all. But when humans, dragons and extra-terrestrials work together it is possible.

Points 2, 3 and 4: Dragons can deal with everything blackmagical, they only need the declaration of our intention. So you have to ask the dragons to eliminate (burn) all black magic.

Point 4 must not be neglected, firstly because Earth has to be freed, but secondly because the bighead can feed from the soul of the Earth by a tentacle and he won't budge until this place has been healed.

Point 7: There isn't always an underground snake's nest. If there is, it has to be cleared and the snakes and all their installations (portals) must be eliminated. In case the snakes are holding souls there (8) on which they feed, these have to be freed. Only as soon as the nest is empty the bighead cannot draw energy from it any more.

Point 9: Some blackmagical groups work with human sacrifices and they can hold their souls magically. They make use of them in different ways, depending on the assignment. They are also used to supply the bigheads. So these souls must be freed in any case.

Point 10: In some cases I was able to see an energy beam supplying a bighead. I do not know how the beam is created, but it is sufficient to address the beam and it will disappear after a while. In point 11 I do not exclude that there might be more backup.

It is an unbelievable effort that is being made for those bigheads. For instance, several magical groups could be involved, too. All this is apparently done to keep the bighead in position tightly. That is why I think one bighead controls a bigger number of people.

In order to dissolve all that I had to address all relevant points over and over again. After I had found everything and addressed it and felt reactions, there still was no success, though. The bighead was not yet able to be destroyed. I kept asking, ”Is there still black magic active?” – Answer “Yes”. Sometimes no magic was active anymore but the bighead would still get energy supply e. g. from an energy beam. Dissolve magic, block magicians, I had to repeat all that several times. The whole process took approximately half an hour (a normal bighead: 3 minutes), if not longer. Dragons, Dracos, Mantis etc. also take some time for their work. At some point the moment arrives: “Is there still black magic?” – “No”. – “Does the bighead still have energy supply?” – “No”. – “Can he be eliminated?” – “Yes”.

Groan! Now dissolve all energy pipes to his victims and then eliminate the bighead himself. Then the final question: “Is he gone?” – “yeesss” with lots of joyful energy.

Oh, I have still got so much to tell but not the time. If the world does not end in two days I will write something over Christmas. I will have a break from sessions for a while.



Update December 20

We made a new discovery that a bighead can be connected to a number of underground snake's nests. The bighead on my cat was supplied by 9 snake's nests and two blackmagical groups (they keep my cat infected in order to mess up Karin's and my life). I had to work on that for over one hour because every snake's nest takes up time. That is, it takes time to find the nest. If you have just cleaned up a nest and you ask if there is another one, the answer will be “no”. But five minutes later the dragons have found the next one.

I think that in previous sessions there were also several nests which were cleared by the dragons. I did not notice that, though. I assume that this is the reason why the sessions took so long. Clearing up these nests is a load of work which is luckily done by the dragons but you have to concentrate all along. The good thing is that so many snake's nests are eliminated.

I believe the dragons need those underground caves for themselves and they have to energetically cleanse them and their environment completely before they can move in. The following incident confirms this assumption: some snake's nest took extra time and effort. At some point I got the message that all snakes and further instalments (the only furniture they might have are probably portals) were eliminated. But the dragons could not yet take over the place which blocked the removal of the bigheads. After I felt into the place intensely I found what it was: an energy beam coming from extra-terrestrials blocked the place. Heal the extra-terrestrials, have the beam demolished, and after that the dragons were able to move in and the bighead could be removed, too.

The same week, I had discovered an energy beam of the same kind with two humans during a session. Again, something new.

It was yesterday that I had removed the bighead with the 9 snake's nests from my cat. This morning I found a bighead on him again. The answer to my question was that it was a new bighead. His only energy source were a few black magicians, so I could remove him quickly. But this afternoon and evening another one is here, and I haven't had the time yet to get rid of him.

I do not think it is normal that new bigheads are brought into position again and again. It is my belief that they make special efforts when it comes to Karin and me. Nonetheless, others affected by such phenomena where persistent weapons of this kind are used must be important targets, and it can be expected that other means are going to be employed, like a direct blackmagical attack, Milabs, astral installations, etc.


Addendum December 21st

Ok, I worked with Miko's new bighead again. There were three snake's nests to clean up but then nothing seemed to work. I had to find the pivotal point. It took some time, but then I had an idea: this one was the bighead bullying our whole neighbourhood. People I know helped sustain the bighead with their black magic. I asked the helpers to block it, then I was able to eliminate all energy pipes of the bighead, and I felt better immediately. After that, the bighead could be removed easily and until noon today no new one has arrived.