Big Heads and the NWO

July 27, 2012

translated Sept. 29


Lately I am finding an increasing number of Big Heads (BHs). Because of their many tentacles they are extremely good at manipulating groups of people. I just found out that Big Heads are used to set up NWO-structures. I have to give credit to the dark side that they are really brilliant tools for mind-controlling groups of people.

First more about the subject of BHs: Even though I might know more about BHs than the average person, my knowledge about them is still small. I suppose that BHs are bred out of some race unknown to me, and are then transformed into robots without soul, the same as they also breed robots without soul out of originally soulful Grays. So, in the same way as there are Grays with soul (even if mind-controlled) and Gray-robots without soul, it could also be with the BHs. In earlier sessions Martina sometimes came across soulful BHs, but until today we do not know if that was real or a trick.

There seem to be however some physical differences among the BHs as well. Martina had already seen some with arms and legs, and some of them even had more than two arms.

Why do we actually speak of bio-robots if neither the gray machines nor the BHs have a biological appearance as humans do? (Grays on the other hand were supposedly already seen in our reality.) I think that all the many alien/extraterrestrial beings that we can perceive in the astral realm, posses a real form of appearance in other dimensions. I suppose that if something would only exist in the astral form, it could not keep its same shape or appearance over thousands of years. Of course we could dream up and invent all possible forms of life, like in Science Fiction films, but those would then not have a long life in the astral plane. They would then rather be like holograms. These are my impressions up to now, but I am not desperately hanging on to these ideas.

To breed these beings in a model version without soul, was a genius move of the dark side. Why? Simply because they do not react to healing energy or to other light energy. These energies leave them completely unscathed.

Here is an example: One time we were healing the crew of a spaceship. The captain and the crew were Reptilians. When we were done they showed us that they still had the gray bio-robots on board. They were carrying out their dark assignments in an unchanged manner, and would soon take steps against the healing of the Reptilians, or at least inform their superiors. The Reptilians indicated to us that they would have to proceed now cunningly which they then also did.

Those units of consciousness without soul (like the gray bio-robots) seem to offer the following advantages for the dark side:

  1. It is more difficult to notice them than other beings (the same as it is easier to notice a person in the astral plane than a computer).

  2. They cannot just simply be “healed away” in a way that they would not be able to work for the dark side anymore.

I am attacking these robot beings by activating my solar plexus through a clear decision. I say for instance: “I want this being to be eliminated!” Prior to that I might say: “ I want that all energy supplies for this being to be cut off.” Most of the time I do feel a reaction right after, but I do not know in every case if I was 100% successful. On the other hand there are cases where the problem simply gets resolved just by noticing and addressing it.

Before I return now to the subject on how the BHs work with the NWO structures, I have to explain a bit about hypnosis and hypnotic manipulations. For this purpose I want to use an example of my friend, Harald Wessbecher, and show you how he explains the effects of hypnosis. His example will print itself well in your memory:

Let's say, a person is hypnotized into daily taking off his right shoe and putting it on the table. If the hypnosis is effective, he will just be performing this action without questioning why he is doing it. Now let´s assume this person is at a company conference. At 3 o'clock he would be putting his shoe on the table. If now asked why he is doing it, he would just invent something, for instance, that the form of his shoe is supposedly corresponding to the sales chart of the company, or whatever he can think about in that moment to vindicate the action.

This absurd action of putting your shoe on the table would naturally leave people very suspicious, and would sooner or later lead to an investigation of the case. Now you can imagine though that hypnotic interference which is arranged within the scope of or at the edge of a “normal” range, would never attract attention. What I want to point out is that BHs are good in bringing people under such conditions. (If you however find somebody in such a condition, it must not necessarily mean that you have a BH at work. There are many other possibilities how his or her state could have come to pass.)

The brilliant, or better said, the dangerous thing about the BHs is that they can keep a whole group of people in the same or in different hypnotic states at the same time. The mental capacity and computing power of their heads seem to be so great that they can manipulate 20 or 30 people (I do not know where the upper limit is, but there is a limit) at the same time in order to reach quite specific goals. This includes the development of NWO-structures, not only at the highest level, like in banks or with managers and politicians, but I also experienced their actions on a lower level, in local communities, in small organizations (for example charitable organizations), in companies etc. By manipulating groups of people and the decision-makers therein, they can bring certain people into crucial positions. Other people who might have been much more competent for the same position are wondering why they are not chosen. Delays, misunderstandings, documents that get lost, influential friends who are on holidays etc.- strange things happen just in order to block the people who would be most suitable for certain positions. I assume that the people who have been guided and put into certain important positions are most likely also possessed by dark beings. The decisions that these people take are then ratified in an uncritical way by the whole BH-controlled staff.

In that way they have been messing with society for years. Only through circumstances like this can it happen that a man in the US is sentenced to 30 days of prison and a US$ 1500 fine because he had collected rainwater without permission on his property (Link). Legislation was enacted that rainwater itself belongs to the community and that private collecting of the same is prohibited. The judge in charge of the case might also have been put into his position.

I suppose that also within police and military the right positions are occupied and BHs are in action, in order to keep the troops from using their common sense in refusing to carry out certain commands. There might always be individuals that do not get influenced by the the BHs, but the bigger part will be doing what they received orders to do. Resisters are already isolated beforehand by the BHs (of course by using other people for this purpose).

Here now the acute case that prompted me to write this article:

My wife Karin discovered a phenomenon here in the city of Cabarete, namely that a few people always puff themselves up more than others, and that this is at the same time also tolerated in many places. When I once started to feel into this situation, I discovered a BH as the crucial player. When I came in touch with the BH, I was under a flow of energy for several minutes. Since this was not the first time this long lasting energy flow happened while separating BHs from a group of people, I suppose that it takes that much energy in order to delete all hypnotic effects and all built-up-structure-energies.

Conclusion: I think that for the transformation of societies into Police and Control States, BHs are being put into action. BHs are able to do much more, but the above issue is important enough to concentrate oneself on the elimination of the BHs.