The Atlantis Sydrome

(written in 2007 -translated Okt. 2009)


I suppose (without really knowing) that draconians and reptilians started to manipulate us in the time of Atlantis. I believe they used the same method as today - the sneaking consciousness-manipulation. The first effect was that completely intact people began to take more and more care of technical details. I described my memories of it in my article "The matrix." The consciousness of the people around me slowly seemed to move more and more into the brain. They got very busy with the possibilities to concentrate and to steer energies using crystals, metals, shapes and so on. The fatal thing with this intense technical occupation was that they lost contact with themselves and logically with each other. At that time like today, the problem consists that one hardly notices the influence and that one recognizes its negative character only when it’s too late, when something bad happens.


Therefore I speak from the Atlantis-Syndrome (AS) when people are used to constantly being concentrated in their head, in their brain with any kind of things, that might even be of spiritual nature, but have lost the contact with themselves.


The symptoms are unfortunately hardly to be recognized as such because intelligence and technical genius got much acknowledgment and a high value in society. I don't plead for stupidity. Intelligence is very important, but it should never, in such isolated state (guided only from the brain) steer your fate


The brain must learn to understand feelings. That is a type of intelligence, that is mostly missing. Pains, no matter how they came about, are signals, that the brain should be able to interpret. Blockades consist of feelings. In order to dissolve the blockades, the soul would like to present us the feelings of these blockades, but we then handle these feelings quite helplessly and are glad if we get rid of them somehow. Therefore we go and take a look in the internet if we find something interesting. Ten minutes later these feelings are hopefully gone.


If however you trained yourself a little bit to dive into and to explore the feelings, then messages might come. Often, this method is the access to bygone lives; you might get impressions of old events. Ousted feelings want to come into your consciousness and finally want to be understood, otherwise they always stick at you as a burden. For example fears. Nobody likes to sense his fears. The point is not at all about confronting yourself with unbearable fears but generally admitting the fear until you can understand the message in it.


If your brain has became so intelligent to be able to interpret the messages of your feelings, then this works just as well with the feelings of other people. Then you might be able to sense other people and can read the messages of their feelings as well. This is a form of interpersonal connection, that most people don't know.


But that is not yet everything. The other person's soul now sees a way to get rid of  locked feelings using your system (if you agree). But, no fear, you won’t have to expect fear or pain-attacks. You will perceive only a part of it. The dissolution of these blockades usually happens in a way that miscellaneous energies run through you. At the end it will feel great.


I estimate over 99 percent of the population of the industry-nations has the Atlantis-Syndrome and is mainly busy with not feeling themselves (what however does not mean that the people of the underdeveloped countries would have more contact with themselves).




What do I think is contact? 


If a brain capable of thinking is in energetic connection with the heart-chakra and this heart-chakra is in connection with the soul, then, I speak of contact.


Because the souls under themselves are always in contact. Whoever is in connection with his soul has contact with others automatically, will be able to feel into others, and to help them (if he wants).


I distinguish between soul and soul-fractions. Every incarnation forms a soul-fraction (or soul-piece or soul-part), that can be completely separated from the soul or can be united with the soul more or less. At my healing-sessions, I often find detached soul-fractions of bygone lives with the patients. Frequently, I could see a soldier-grave quite secluded somewhere on this planet. The soul-fraction of this soldier-incarnation simply stuck with the physical body, probably through the traumatic circumstances of the death and the fact to be far away from home and very lonely.


Through the manipulations of the reptilians the soul-fraction of our current incarnation also has only a restricted interconnection with the soul. How well this connection is, depends on many factors, but certainly we have an influence on it.




I just notice that I have to discuss some of my ideas of the soul and soul-technology because we might have very different opinions. Through my work as a psychic healer, I had insights into former lives of many people. On this occasion, I could determine that for example beings have astonishing abilities in their first incarnation and also frequently get important and powerful positions. This is based on that they are still unblocked because they just happen to come from the divine level.


Mostly a crash occurs already in the first life. I suspect (don’t know for sure) that the fresh souls step into the traps of the reptilians for lack of experience and get on a negative track through the sneaking manipulations, without them noticing it. Since they usually have power-positions, they might cause big damage. Other people must die painfully because of them through what the traumatized soul-parts of the "victims" usually tack to the (apparent) cause of the crisis. Hundred and thousand of injured soul-fractions can tack to a "Newcomer", what will give him a quantity of extremely problematic incarnations.


The initially “free being” now experiences a downward-development - that contradicts what many may believe - namely, that the souls develop upwards in a spiritual process through the many incarnations to possibly become an ascended master. Sorry, my experience shows me that we first develop downwards and then move over long period (millennia) only in circles, I think “needlessly”. The number of traumas, that are created in these incarnations, is huge. Many incarnations produce an isolated, pain-racked soul-fraction, on which other peoples soul-fractions hang ballast-wise, what complicates a healing-process.


The soul would like to bring its extrasensory abilities into the real world and live as indefinitely free, godlike human being and would like to find the expression. This the soul tries again and again in the different incarnations. But these attempts are fought and are suffocated, see Christian-prosecution, inquisition but also the current world-situation is not very suitable for the free soul-development.



Analyzing the souls of  people, we usually find the following:


Dismemberment and isolation


Many separated soul-fractions, in which the extrasensory abilities are encased and are not usable consequently, in this condition. Soul-fractions often stick at the "scene of the crime" or at the perpetrator; sometimes however also at someone who was in the proximity (even at animals - I once healed a dog, in whom a whole lot of soldiers were stuck).




Connections with others traumatized souls what disturbs a liberation and development very much. Soul-fractions of other people can hang around loosely at the aura of a human being or can be fixed firmly somewhere in the body, what leads to physical problems sooner or later.




Each human being is controlled by power-structures. One can frequently (almost standard) find former political and religious power-persons in the neck of an incarnated human being. As well secret-societies don't free their former members not even beyond their death. Astral implants preserve themselves from incarnation to incarnation and serve for supervision and manipulation. Usually the control prevents that healing happens. Before one can heal the ballast and the dismemberment of the soul, frequently the control-spirits must first be taken away.


Everything I mentioned here is soul-standard. These are no exceptions. I am talking here of the normal case. The patients in my sessions almost always are surprised about all those things coming out of their interior. Maybe 75 percent of the patients sense the old feelings and partially experience former events, so they feel that I did not invent them. The bad message therefore is that our soul is scrap. The good message lies in the consideration: "How will we be if our soul is healed?" Because it can be healed!


Whoever would like to be in contact with "something higher" first must be in contact with his soul. And this soul-contact first has nothing to do with light and love and inspiration, no, the seriously injured soul first delivers feelings of sadness and pain. If you feel primarily sad, you probably are nearer at your soul than other people.


So, back to the topic contact. And to this an example:


A friend of mine has a big dog and she takes extensive care of him. Besides literature about dogs she also likes to look for the advice of dog-trainers, dog-doctors etc., in order to make everything right. The dog gets a lot of tenderness and also very much observation of her. Karin and I are however predominantly annoyed over this relationship and recently, we found out what’s the reason. What disturbs us so is that our friend doesn't have contact with the dog, no matter how intensively she cares about him.


Through the lacking contact, the following effect occurs: The other, in this case the dog, turns into the victim of projections. Dogs have a sensitive stomach, the doctor said ..... The uncertain dog-proprietress will project a big sensitive dog in the course of the time.


To come to the point: Whoever doesn't have contact lives in his projections and projects onto others. And no matter, whether the projections are good or bad for the other person, it disturbs the other person, to be or become itself. In this way parents harm their children if there is no contact. In this way therapists harm their patients if there is no contact. In this way everyone harms everyone for lack of contact.


I could often perceive that people projected their guru-ideas into my person. I clearly sensed how difficult it became for me just to be as natural as I want to be. Something squeezed me. I noticed myself giving them answers they longed to hear. I sensed more distance to myself and to the others. These were positive projections and some probably would have liked this condition. I felt unwell anyway and had a need, to get out of this.