Astral manipulations of healing aids

and energy objects

4th December 2012


We have a therapeutic pillow which helps to ease tension in the neck so preventing headaches. Karin used it today but it had the effect of intensifying her headache. This is the second time today already and it happened remarkably quickly. What was going on? We had the idea there could be an astral installation in the cushion. And…Bull’s eye. There was a strong energy response and the installation was destroyed. The headaches diminished.

This action opened up an interesting topic: Our opponents pick out the things we buy for therapeutic use and manipulate them so that they do the opposite. So we started questioning. Is there astral manipulations in our xylitol sugar (xylitol is effective against bacteria, eg caries bacteria). The energy response was extensive and strong.

Are our base tablets manipulated? Equally strong response reaction. So far they have worked well before.

Then Orgonite. I have to say here that between 2005 - 2007 I was producing orgonite objects. I have made some hundred pyramids, 2 Cloud busters and hundreds of Tower Busters.

I have also distributed them widely in the vicinity and of course also used them around my house. Unfortunately, this has brought us nothing. No perceptible change.

Our next question was then whether there was an astral installation in the pretty Orgonite Pyramid near our bed. Again hit – endless energy. And how did it look with our Cloud busters on the terrace? That was the absolute climax. For several minutes the was energy flowing.

Since then we often ask whether astral installations are in bed, in the house, in the computers, but obviously some things that have a specific purpose you have to address separately. Something else learned.


(Here's an article I wrote about orgonite from 2007: link )



Addendum December 5

I have now looked at all the orgonite objects that stand around in my house, and for every object there was a reaction to the question of whether they contain astral installations. It seemed to be that the objects which are in places I use a lot, such as for my job, responded with more energy that the others. The objects which I still have in the storeroom showed no reaction. A question whether the objects at a friend’s place had been manipulated got a positive reaction. (The particular reaction does not only mean "Yes, there's something", but at the same time eliminates the manipulations). I think it is the aliens that attach the installations. Maybe these are the reasons why there is so much flying around with their UFOs - abductions and installations. It is possible that they manipulate the organite objects individually and this is why they have to be individually released. Maybe one needs to set an intention that the aliens should not be allowed to enter the house? I will test this


Addendum December 13

My skills in programming orgonite are apparently not the best. On Sunday, the 9th December, I checked the objects again and, just as before my first discovery, they were full of astral installations again. I can feel just how strongly and for how long the energy needs to flow to destroy the installations. My next review was on Tuesday the 11th. Again the objects had installations but not so strongly. It could mean the aliens need time to carry out their manipulations.

On Wednesday night I checked out the house from the bed. I got a positive response for the presence of astral installations but the orgonite objects were still clean. However I felt a very large installation downstairs below the bedroom. It looked menacing, which has never happened before. The whole form of the phenomenon was new. It was a large menacing object, but then I discovered even more; aliens were present. Well now, that’s not a problem. I made a forced healing – which is always received with gratitude – and the boys were free. But I could still feel the object and then it became clear to me: This was their UFO! So I asked the UFO to please get out of my house, which it did. Then I realised that this was how my organite objects had been manipulated. This was confirmed.

Anyway I now have the objects, for the first time, outside the house. And, furthermore, I shall know if the Cloudbuster on the roof terrace has been manipulated. There seem to be enough aliens.


Addendum December 20

The manipulations carry on further and further. Programming the orgonite against the aliens has achieved nothing. They still come, about every other day. All our healing aids are regularly contaminated in this way by alien energies and I have to stop again and again to free them up. As if I had nothing else to do…


Addendum January 10, 2013

Strangely, the manipulations with us since 21st December have ceased. I always check for installations and manipulations of all the target objects we have. For three weeks now, there have been no more problems. Nevertheless there is still no reason for me to not overstress this. It could well be that they are making the manipulations by a different technique. Or it has been improved and we have not noticed. Thus we don’t want to celebrate too early. We have a habit of doing this.


Addendum  March 20, 2013

To be precise, I found installations again on December 24. Then there was nothing for a long time. Exactly when it started again, I do not know. Since I have been able to crack the security codes of their bases, they visit me sometimes with 20 UFOs in a day and I am not in a position each time to feel the UFO immediately. So I think they have to put astral installations in my house again.

I can not generalize these increased activities. Maybe it's just around here.