Astral Installations
October 24, 2012

Translated: Jan. 12, 2013


I might have written something about this subject earlier, at least in the forum, but since this issue is always reoccurring, I don't mind mentioning it twice.

Astral installations are some sort of invisible apparatuses which influence us either individually or as a team without us noticing. They can be installed in the house or the garden. I have got a few parameters which are however not researched enough to make a case.

Possible parameters:

  • The apparatuses get installed into objects (e. g. pieces of furniture, walls).

  • Their effect generally reaches only short distances,

  • and that is why they get installed in a place where you find yourself most of the time.

  • They get installed by aliens.

The issue became noticeable to us when Karin was suddenly feeling worse repeatedly as we were going to bed. A lot of thoughts came into her head, like that nothing makes sense and that everything is just getting worse all the time, etc. Then for the first time we had the idea that something could be IN the bed. And yes, there was an installation and there were even many others spread around the whole house. I “cleaned up” and then we felt better and were able to sleep.

The next evening however we were confronted with the same problem again. We found out that the apparatuses get reinstalled. So, aliens had to come here with the apparatuses in order to install them anew. Again I removed them all and was now curious how often this scenario would repeat itself. - They did it again for eight times! - If I did not know that they had to bring them anew every time then this would have worn me down quite a bit.

After eight days we had peace for about 14 days. Then they tried it again. Maybe their plan was for me to forget about the issue. Since Karin however showed such strong reactions, the installations were very noticeable to us. Again and again they try it, and I don´t always think of this as the cause since there can be so many reasons for “feeling bad”.

Today I am writing about this because we found another installation again last night in our bed. Karin also had the idea that I could check her laptop for it. I did and she was right, there was a very strong reaction.

I think this subject can be important for many of you. For now I am curious how this game is going to continue and how often they are going to repeat it.