The Anunnaki-Codes

Franz Erdl

December 30, 2012

Translation: January 10, 2013



The Manipulations

On our planet there are scriptures and stone slates about an extra-terrestrial race called the Anunnaki. Meanwhile, I have come to be sure that also large parts of the Old Testament relate to the Anunnaki. Many passages of the Bible where “God” is mentioned mostly mean the extra-terrestrial “God” Enlil and sometimes his half-brother Enki.

For me, it is not about the accurate history of the Humans-Anunnaki-relationship. This would mean research without end (for me). But I want to define a few points that are important to understand the latest astral changes.

The Anunnaki were so superior to humans that the expression “God” seems not to be exaggerated. Apparently this relates to the fact that the Anunnaki are said to have “created” the humans. According to interpretations of tradition, Enki is said to have designed the human body from genes already existent on earth (apes? Neanderthals?) and Anunnaki-genes. The trick in creating humans was to make them by far inferior to the Anunnaki and thereby they would be useful but never become a threat to the “Gods”.

Trusting one's enemy is one's own mistake and the winner writes history. That is why I am sceptical about all delivered material. Maybe all happened quite differently? Maybe we were already further developed and they downgraded us? However, one thing is for sure: they did manipulate us thoroughly. So, against my own belief, I had to acknowledge that we were limited in a way that stands massively in the way of our development. A wall was built around us that we cannot easily overcome. Those many spiritual teachings that tell us that everything is possible for us (in theory) are simply wrong – at least for now.

The first subject that I want to define now is the manipulation that limits us all. This manipulation works on the level of reality, e. g. in our physical body, as well as on the astral level and maybe in other dimensions, too.

Our bodies have been limited to an artificial un-perfection. Certain weaknesses were built into us by way of our DNA. These weaknesses make us prone to illness, let us regenerate poorly and therefore our lifespan is short. To look old after only 100 years is simply a joke. Maybe easy ways of access were created into the DNA where dark creatures can latch on etc. Manipulations of DNA are not limited to humans. They influence all life on the planet. That means animals and plants are not what they could be, either.

The next point concerns communication. I don't mean talking but an understanding and cooperating between humans, animals, plants and earth. To put it differently, it is about the forms of communication that makes symbiosis of all parties possible. And like I discussed in “Beings of the Earth” this symbiosis had to be destroyed so that alien beings were able to exercise power in the first place. I think manipulations of DNA of all living beings involved were done for that purpose and a great number of energetic programs were installed. These programs (codes) cannot be disabled simply by saying a few words because they were made by beings many times superior to us. I think there are areas still blocked for us. We lack access.

Here are a few examples for what would happen if the original condition were re-established:

Ants would not be living in my wardrobe and eat holes in my clothes. They'd understand that this is bad for me.

Spiders wouldn't constantly mess up my walls and ceilings.

Mosquitoes? They have to bite in order to survive, don't they? I think such life forms are allowed to simply disappear. What doesn't fit into symbiosis has either to transform or to go.

Birds can sit on our shoulders again because that's what they like.

All animals would be friendly. I have no idea how this works with predators. Do they become vegetarians? Or are there other solutions?

Animals would fulfil their “purpose”, their “task” again. They'd have abilities far beyond what was usual up to now. They will assist us with pleasure in our endeavours, just as we´ll understand their intentions and can help them.

The world of plants will be extremely happy as soon as its blocking programs are deleted and plants are able to fully communicate and work with us again. They will produce our food with pleasure and ease. Quality and taste of every fruit and every food product will optimize – because the plants are happy when we are happy.

However, the manipulations of the Anunnaki don't only affect physical beings but also astral beings up to Earth's soul. The many billions of earth beings that are normally helpers and executive organs of Earth's soul have been practically disabled by “divine” programs. Things are similar for spirits of the plants. It is barely imaginable how things will be when all these creatures get back their abilities and possibilities of communication.

Here we have reached the next point: “abilities”. To my readers it is quite obvious that they lack abilities. I think I don't have to go into this any further. But I do want to mention that we have to get back our ability to change our bodies according to our wishes and energies. I am sure that our DNA can be altered by energy and that it happens all the time. But certain basic programs of the Anunnaki we cannot yet rewrite.


Good and bad Anunnaki

In this year’s June I had an unexpected astral encounter with a female Anunnaki. There was no verbal communication, but the encounter must have had an effect which led to a series of revelations concerning the Anunnaki. The Anunnaki lady was part of a group that I call the “Anunnaki rebels”. The Anunnaki in power dealt entirely heartlessly with us humans. Apparently they lacked any kind of sympathy. (According to interpretations of the scriptures the Anunnaki came to take away gold from Earth and used humans as slave workers. I think this is nonsense and deception. I rather believe that they wanted soul energy [life energy] and they accomplished that by putting souls in bodies that they deliberately designed to be weak and easy to manipulate.) This robbing of souls is going on right now.

There were (are) also Anunnaki who had a heart for the humans. And these Anunnaki rebels looked for ways to improve the fate of mankind. There was a conspiracy from which arose the Brotherhood of the Snake, a community of love. But the brotherhood was infiltrated and dissolved by evil Anunnaki. The brotherhood and its members were demonized and depicted as Satan. If you look up the brotherhood of the snake on the internet you find satanic groups. I don’t know what else happened to the other members of the group and how they were punished. In any case, many may be incarnated as humans. I am quite sure of that because Karin and I are among them and many others that I had the fortune of meeting during the last six months.

The Anunnaki rebels have one great secret. In order not to reveal the secret I did not report anything about it in the last six months. These humans carry inside themselves the correction-codes which could bring humankind and the entire planet back into order. I could feel the hectic and fear these beings felt back then as they built these codes into their bodies and sealed themselves off energetically. I cannot reach those who have sealed themselves off well. Healing energy does not flow and I cannot help those persons at all. Others, who are not sealed so perfectly, I can help. I think it depends on how important the various codes are, but we still lack lots of information.

Interestingly, humans who did not feel any energy in an hour long session with me would sometimes be startled by a strong burst of energy at the question of whether they were Anunnaki rebels, even though they did not understand the meaning of the word and I had to explain it to them afterwards. This happened noticeably often. So there is something engraved deeply into them, something they did not know of, though. The same happened at the question: “Do you carry Anunnaki-codes within you?”Although the persons do not feel it for themselves, by this time I am sensitized enough to recognize Anunnaki rebels with high energy reactions.

There are also humans who were not Anunnaki back then but still carry codes inside them. I think that this is caused by close friendships. The human-friendly Anunnaki often maintained close relationships to the humans.


The Nefilim

There are various interpretations for the word Nefilim. My interpretation is that the Nefilim are hybrids between Anunnaki and humans, come into being through a sexual act between human and Anunnaki. When questioned, there were astonishingly intense reactions about that subject, too. For example, I ask about the installation of the codes, “were you an Anunnaki at that time?” – no reaction. “Were you Nefilim?” – very strong energy wave. So it always gets an extremely strong answer. The Nefilim were, so to speak, half-gods and because of their in most cases human mothers they probably sided more with the humans. The Nefilim, though, created offspring with humans, Anunnaki or with other Nefilim and that way many different hybrid creatures with various abilities came to be. But all of them were superior in their abilities to what those in power considered tolerable or manageable. Because of the manifold variety of beings the powerful decided to abolish mankind as a whole, which they almost achieved by the Flood. The story of Noah (who has different names in other traditions) and the Flood can be found in many cultures on the planet, so it can be assumed that it has some truth in it. By the way, the one who warned Noah was an Anunnaki-rebel.

If lost parts of souls from former lives are attached to people I always have to ask extra for Nefilim. Some people only have Nefilim with them. I think the delivery must be true that Nefilim were killed even before the Flood until they noticed it would be too much work. I also think that their soul parts have been especially locked up and banned and that their release has to be addressed separately.


Dragon eggs

Yes, they also play a part in the Anunnaki-codes. First of all, there is a point here that I don't understand regarding souls. There are people who were once Anunnaki and also dragons although the Anunnaki are not from Earth, the dragons, however, were created from the soul of the Earth. I believe I am thinking too straight in that matter because this fact is proven over and over again. Of course these Anunnaki are “pro-human” and therefore Anunnaki-rebels. Furthermore, humans of this kind carry a dragon egg inside. In these cases the dragon egg is used to shelter the Anunnaki-codes as well. I consider it possible that the codes in the egg can only be activated until the egg is brought to a safe place. We will see.


Activating the Codes

We (people from the forum and I) have been working for six months to activate the codes or simply find out more about them. We were not successful until a few days ago when the first codes could be activated in a person. The person was flooded by a quite strengthening feeling. I have no idea what sort of codes those were. Then I tried to activate codes in Karin and myself, but nothing happened. It is possible that there are codes that create a basis for the activation of more codes. All new and unknown territory. But the answer to the question whether more codes are generally ready to be activated was a clear “Yes”. At least that's something, after six months with a “No”. Well, what's six months, considering those codes have been sealed within us at least for 5 to 6 thousand years.


Closings words

I am releasing this information now because our adversaries know all about these subjects anyway, probably better than we do. Since the time for activation seems to have come I think it better that those who carry a code without their knowledge get a chance to find out the truth about themselves. Maybe some readers feel an energy flow during reading and find out that they carry codes inside themselves that get activated sooner or later. It is high time because people who are completely blocked by these codes feel extremely bad most of the time. And they cannot be helped except by activating the codes.