The Anunnaki-Codes Reactions

January 1st, 2013

Translated January 11, 2013


Based on some feedbacks concerning the article “The Anunnaki-Codes” I want to quickly make some things clear that I ought to have explained in more detail within the article.

Not everybody has Anunnaki-Codes. There are more people without codes that with codes. A certain spiritual zeal is of course called upon to have such a code. The Anunnaki-rebels, however, were a minority, no mass movement. Souls coming from other planets usually do not have codes. But everyone has their value. Do not consider it a defect not to have codes.

Reading those commentaries I get the impression that quite some people are keen on activating their codes. And I notice I failed to caution very seriously from doing it. Our adversaries have been trying for thousands of years to get close to those codes and/or the dragon eggs in order to destroy them. That is why we have sealed them off so well that not even we ourselves can reach them in order not to reveal them by accident in an unguarded moment.

You have had that within you for thousands of years. Do not try some quick hocus-pocus to unlock them. I don't think it would work, anyway. If you are not able to make sure whether you carry codes I strongly recommend not to try anything to activate them. I know approximately 50 persons with Anunnaki-codes, and almost all of them still have to wait. Those who have good perception or trusts someone who has may approach this area.

We seem to have gone to great lengths with these codes, especially with the order of activation (strong energy resonance). There seem to be certain basic codes that are already prepared to be activated. I could believe that they, too, need some time to be realized. Based on those the next codes can be activated etc. So please stay cool. Do research, communicate with others, but don't do anything rash. And, most importantly: no magic, no rituals, no religious shenanigans. You would surely only attract the wrong beings and invite them to destroy your precious cargo.


Concerning the subject “how can I have soul parts of Anunnaki and dragons at the same time?” , a friend sent me something she found in the book “Innana´s Return” . Maybe things are right that way?

ANU, the regent of Nibiru, is said to have come to Terra 500.000 years ago.

And at that time on Terra were living

  1. Dragon people

  2. Snake people

  3. Wild creatures that communicated with animals telepathically and were one with all animals and plants (Homo erectus).

The third group's DNA proved most promising to be altered.

The dragon people were afraid that ANU would not respect their peaceful way of living. That is why districts were claimed and a treaty was made. In order to seal the agreement ANU entered into a relationship with ID (a dragon princess on Terra), out of which ENKI was born.

ENKI grew up on NIBIRU with ID, and came back to Earth later; ENKI loved Earth very much.

ENKI loved all women and begot many, many children and offspring.


My thoughts on this: If Anu begot Enki half a million years ago and took him to Nibiru, Enki certainly had some hundred thousand years to beget offspring. Those would be Anunnaki with a bit of dragon, wouldn't they? The children that were begotten here on earth would be Nefilim.