The Wall

(short but important)

Jan. 8. 2012 (engl. Jan. 15)


This is from a session with a client we have been working together with for some time already. This time he wanted us to focus on his psychic abilities: many years ago he had experienced how he was able to safe people's lives in wondrous manners. Then his ability to do this got lost and now, in the age of 75, after going through very difficult times, he wants it back. Martina and I look up to his strong motivation.

So we started the session and Martina immediately found a realm where his ability was trapped in – not only his ability, but abilities of a collective, of us humans. At least it looked like this. To reach this realm seems difficult. There is a wall in front of it. A wall which has varying denseness for each person individually. No one seems able to pass through it. Maybe only a few can and maybe only in extreme cases?

While working with this topic, our client felt prickles on his head, on his crown chakra. We tried to find out what this wall exists of. We had a very strong energy reaction when saying the word „lies“. When concentrating on this word, Martina and I had streams of energy for about 10 minutes. Our clients head was tingling all over in the meantime.

Well, we didn't come any further with this topic. We tried to find out, why there was such a separation between us and our soul abilities. I asked, if this was a collective decision of our souls. No answer. But then we received the information, saying: „Without cause“.

Oh, oh, oh! The more I think about this, the more my level of anger is growing, I am so mad at the snakes and co. And I realize how my abilities are being liberated and blocks being daffed aside. I cannot assure you, that this information is a 100 % right, but imagine, our age-old slavery has served the purpose of the parasites only, for sucking our energy! Imagine, there is no „divine purpose“ behind this, no collective soul decision, no learning program! Imagine, we could have saved ourselves this painful experience! For most of us, this seems unbelievable. They are too integrated in religious schemes. But remember: the most important part of the walls are the lies. My thoughts to this: the more they make our oppression appear meaningful, the less strength we have to fight it.

I also point to my article „Free Jesus!“ I think, that the soul fragments of this dragon soul is also trapped behind the wall.