Update January 12


Rave Festivals

A friend (F) of our anonymous friend told him, what ethereal incidents he had witnessed on a rave festival.


Wikipedia: Rave, rave dance, and rave party are parties that originated mostly from acid house parties, which featured fast-paced electronic music and light shows.[1][2] At these parties people dance and socialize to dance music played by disc jockeys and occasionally live performers. The genres of electronic dance music played include house, trance, psytrance, techno, electro house, drum and bass, UK Hardcore, breakbeat, dubstep, hardstyle and many others with the accompaniment of laser light shows, projected images and smoke machines.

Generally known, the use of the Ecstasy (drug) is very common on rave parties.

F“ told our friend, that he saw a giant cobra on such a festival. This cobra sent reps and grays among the people. This should animate people to have sex and do certain dance moves. The reps and grays sucked the energy from the people and passed them on to the cobra.

While telling this story, he was being attacked by snakes and suddenly he felt very sick. We had a session with him a few days later, which went like this:

Behind „F“, 5 beings showed up; one with a sustained head (conehead) and 4 Nordics (this is the first time we ever met Nordics – finally we know, that the blonde and blue-eyed aliens do exist indeed). These 5 aliens were inactive during the whole time, apparently they were not conscious. Behind these beings, there was a draconian, who was dominating them, and behind the draconian was the snake.

We started with detaching the snake from the drac. This time it wasn't that easy. We had to struggle for it for some time and Martina was bitten by the snake a couple of times. These bites really hurt, by the way. A very mean bite hit her ellbow and the astral poison went up her arm and downwards in the same time. She felt it flowing into her lower arm and then into her hand and fingers. One finger started to become numb. Then the poison went up into her shoulder and from there into her Solar Plexus.

This situation started to become awkward for Martina and we tried everything to help her. She called her friend Marthy for help, but we couldn't do anything about it. Then the drac, who had been healed in the meantime, showed up and said to Martina: „Look into my eyes!“ . He was quite tall. This help worked. The poison lost its impact. He said, he knew this kind of poison. This is why he was able to deal with it. The conehead and the nordics stayed in their passive condition, and in the end they faded slowly until they disappeared. How strange!


Foreign Problems in our bodies

Martina's elbow had been an issue for many weeks. The pain disabled her arm, she couldn't stretch and therefore couldn't use it any more. Just two days before the snake bit her, we were able to bring bettering about. The snake bite weakened it again, even though the poison had been removed.

Well, the elbow had been aching for a long time, but since one week it had become worse, Martina's general physical condition had become worse. Especially her lower body and her legs were aching a lot and this pain became worse, from day to day. She couldn't find the cause of it. When making a session together, she was able to see the cause immediately. She said: „There are many arms, reaching out for me.“ Everywhere she looked at, she saw arms, reaching for her, begging for help. „It is a whole nation!“

Then, there was not much more we had to do. One of us said: „We want to redeem and heal these souls!“ and the energy started to flow within us two. This took its time, of course, but then the soul fragments had left and Martina's body felt very relieved, even the elbow.

Unredeemed traumatized soul fragments like these are not only a problem for the people, who lack their trapped soul fragment, but it is problem especially for the earth. Millions of traumatized soul fragments are a heavy load for the earth. The pain Martina felt came from below, through her legs, from the earth.

I want to point out, that we are able to feel the problems of the earth in our own bodies, since we are a part of the earth in a way. I remind you on „rain making experience“, when Martina's lower back started to heal finally, when she fixed some energy lines of the earth. Something similar happened when we met the whale „Update November, 21“. Before that, Martina felt sick for two days, because the energy grit of the atmosphere was broken. When Martina's energy system is weakened, she's also much more vulnerable for astral attacks, especially at night. But that is another story. Most important thing of this chapter: „Do not forget, that you might have the earth's problems in your own bodies!“ These can only be healed, when they are seen as what they are.


Shortly before I wanted to post this article, another event happened during a session, which I want to share with you. This morning I noticed, that Martina was not feeling well. We didn't have time to do something about it, because the next session was about to start. And a session often helps us, too. The session didn't help her and Martina was thinking about taking pain killer for her headache. I recommended to let both of us have a look at it, since she had been feeling sick for a few days already and now she was having headaches on top of everything. We were looking for a while but couldn't find the cause. But then, after a while, when asking „earth issues“, we felt a lot of energy. The cause showed up slowly. Martina saw many tortured women. More and more showed up. Quite many at last. They were being rounded up and abused. Pregnant women's wombs were slit open.

These women lived during times, when they still had their „mother essence“ without restrictions. This made the trauma especially terrible. Such a violent act had not been unknown until then. And the healing process took a long time. These women and the earth had been suffering a lot, I guess because the mother essence and the earth are strongly connected. During the healing process we found out five women we know, who had lost their mother essence throughout this bestiality. Full of expectation we will witness these women, because all of them have had great problems until now.

I think the pain killer wouldn't have helped Martina!