Update, October 14, 2012


There would be enough things for me to write about, but most of the time I am lacking the time or the energy to do it, especially because of the many sessions I do. That is I why I want to give you at least a little bit of information here about what is going on in the sessions.



In phase 3, I had said that snakes do not appear as frequently anymore. Since then there have been a lot of snakes showing up again, whether they are in the form of either a snake nest or a single snake. Single snakes I have found explicitly behind the upper part of the spine (see below for more about this), whereas nests have mostly been found in the second and/or third chakra. You read correctly, I said “and/or”, because up till now there have been maximum 2 snake nests in a person. The maximum amount has been 2 snake nests and one single snake at the same time.

When a single snake is with a human being, then it looks like it has been using this person in an earlier life (and perhaps even still today) in order to influence others. In earlier times, namely in ancient Egypt, they were openly using this method. If you do a picture search in the web for “Pharaoh” or “Egyptian priest”, you will often get pictures with one or two snakes on their headgear. Apart from that though I found nothing about snake gods in Egypt, but by means of clairvoyance I could see big snakes landing in Egypt on a big square of a big city.

I think that these (alien) snakes let themselves be worshiped as gods. Pharaohs, priestesses and priests were honored if they could serve as the mouthpiece of a snake. The snakes would dock themselves to the upper part of the spine and would in an astral way through the head use the third eye of a person, in order to hypnotize and manipulate the masses. I think that many “sleeping sheep” of today are still suffering from the after-effects of these hypnosis.

I also noticed that you first have to heal the damage that such a snake has caused to others using a psychic gifted person before you can really get rid of the snake. In this connection it is not a matter of this person being guilty, even though he/she might appear guilty in the eyes of the other victims. The priests were just as deceived by the trickery of the snakes and were just as well victims as everybody else. The snakes just chose them because they were more suitable.

Concerning the snake nests, I noticed that persons with snake nests were sacrificed to snakes in earlier times. I do not know if that is the case in general, but I assume that it once needed a ritual of intensive energy, in order to plant the nests into people. It is also becoming evident that once snakes and snake nests have been removed, they do not come back. Maybe snakes can only be reinstalled by performing another snake ritual. I think for that to happen one has to be abducted.


Alien insects

I find alien insects now more and more often. When there are certain symptoms present I test for the possibility of insect beings. They are hard to be found any other way. One can readily observe the results of a successful healing: After the healing and the removal of the insect being, energy will again flow through the once affected part of the body which will be noticed in a pleasant way.

The record lays now at 7 insects in one person. Four of them were in the head and were blocking diverse regions of it. I think that the attachment of insect beings is brought along from former lives. Insects can be freshly attached to a person by means of black magic, as I was able to experience this personally. An insect being was attached to me four times in a row, and each time I healed and removed it again. This however is rare and would require top-class black magicians – best regards, by the way!


Big heads

Big Heads also continue showing up. There is a connection here to allergies. In places where you permanently find a Big Head-tentacle, allergies can develop, especially skin allergies. There also seem to be Big Heads that take care of one person in particular and draw them into sickness (including allergies) and weakness by docking a lot of tentacles onto him/her.