November 21. 2011


Hints about the creators of the Snakes

During the past few weeks we got hints, that there might be an alien race behind the snakes, who possibly created them. The first hint was in a dream Martina had; in this dream she perceived a vision of a galaxy, which had an eye in its center. From this eye, a white ray of some kind of „light“ radiated and hit Martina's eye, which was very painful. Martina escaped from this ray. She realized it to be very dangerous.

Furthermore we found out that three clients, whose energy is sucked into another dimension. Yet we haven't found an entrance to this dimension, so until now we can't help this people fully.

We got the following information up to date:


  • The race behind the snakes appear to be those beings, which we call „bigheads“ (I 've already mentioned them in my article „experiences with alien beings“). Now, we also have figured out, that the beings are soulless. This fits the soulless snake race.

  • For sucking our energy, they use machines. They suck the energy from people with a high energy-potential and they also use humans to suck out the earth' energy. But right now, we do not know more about their techniques.

  • Martina was able to see parts of their complexes; one of the sections was producing bio-robots.

  • Probably they control the whole galaxy.


We expect that we receive new information soon. This doesn't change our job to detach snakes, though. Once we find means to fight the bigheads, this might ease our anti-snake-operation. This will probably stop the ongoing supply of snakes.


Other topics


There are more“

In our recent sessions, many reps show up almost daily, who are ready for getting healed. It happened two times, that the healed reps said before leaving: „There are more (who need a healing)!“ We always answered: „Yes, we now.“


You haven' t watched out in Atlantis“

When liberating reps, they were still somehow evil until the moment we healed them. Once they were healed from all programs, traumas and magic, many of them felt very guilty. Then we always mention these guilt and dissolve it with love and understanding. Then afterward, we usually get a very enthusiastic wave of their love before they leave.

In one session though, when mentioning the guilt, the rep was slightly peeved. He told us: „you haven't watched out in Atlantis.“ He left us in a puzzled state.


Reptilians having a (false) God

When healing one rep, we received the information that he was connected to a god. Until then, we didn't know that this was also the case for reps. Of course, this god was a snake. When this rep was liberated and detached from the snake, we guessed that there must be more than him, who are bound to this snake (god). So it was. These other reps showed up immediately. Again, we had a mass healing session.

Then a wand with a snake on top showed up. Through this snake, those reps must have been controlled. When the reps were liberated, they wanted to destroy this wand. But I think they were not in the right dimension (to do so). Then a dragon showed up and destroyed the staff without touching it.

The snake was still around, but it couldn't do anything. So until then, it appeared to only be able to operate through the reps. Martina recognized that it wasn't able to intrude the earth' aura. I have never thought about, that earth had an aura which is protecting us from some evil (not from all evil though).


The Whale

Martina was feeling unwell for about one day. She was actually feeling so bad that she thought about quitting her job (of being a psychic healer). When we met for a session with a client, we had some time before to look for the reason of her problem. Then a whale showed up, who was very pushy about something concerning the earth. We couldn't do much to help him, because the session was starting. But the whale kept on insisting. We had to delay the session, so we could help him.

We have known for quite a while, that whales are working on an energy grid for the earth. This one was one of those workers. There seems to be an energy grid in the air, which exists between the material earth and its energy lines and the aura of the earth. This had to be fixed somehow and that had to be done urgently.

All we experienced was a stream of energy. We couldn't perceive what was going on, but after half an hour the whale was satisfied and left. I can imagine that the energy grid in the air has to do with the weather.


Symbiosis with Animal Spirits

In some healing sessions with a couple of clients, apparent demonic beings changed into animal spirits like eagles, wild cats or dragons and one time even into a unicorn. These beings stayed with the healed persons, like the shamans' Power Animal.


Demonization of one's own Power

One client was afraid to leave the house at night time, because every time he did, something dark was chasing him. The person could perceive this „stalker“ as a dark energy twister. Finally we found out, that this creepy twister was the client’s own power, though demonized. After solving this demonization, his fear was solved.


Stuck Trauma

Sometimes we discovered trauma, which we couldn't solve because it didn't reveal fully. We were working on such kinds of trauma for hours, but nothing happened. We believed, that these trauma must have been too terrible to show up. Then I had an idea, by saying the snake who is attached to this trauma should let go of it. This worked: the stuck trauma came up easily and also all victims involved showed up, too. So, in this case it actually dissolved easily.