Snake nests inside the Earth

Jan. 6. 2012

(original Dec. 18. 2011)

A reader sent me an email referring to my article „The knowledge of the Earth“ with the following text:

Hello everybody,
While reading this article last night, I was getting strong heart aches and freezing hands and feet.
Then I perceived a film in high speed.
Beneath the buildings, which Martina had seen during that session (I also perceived the vision of the Statue of Liberty and some more capitals, such as London and Amsterdam) are black caverns. When looking closer, they turned out to be snake nests. Like a pupated caterpillar, there was some sort of cocoon surrounding the nests.
From the outside, they look like seared clumps in midsummer. Each cocoon had three holes. One entrance, one pipeline and one exit.
In the inside of the cocoon, black „working snakes“ where swarming. Through some kind of combustion process, they were absorbing all the light, colorful energies of the local group soul, which they had drawn into their cavern.
A small amount of this digestion process keeps the small snakes alive. The main part of the stolen energies is being merged into a „black mushroom cloud“ and passed on to the exit, where it is being transferred to deeper departments of the cavern. Sorry, at this point I miss a piece of my vision.
Another fragment of my sight showed me a general map of the nests, which possess the same pattern. Entrance, pipeline and exit. A huge network inside the earth.
- lack of memory–
I heard an earsplitting cry for help from the earth, which makes me shake even now, when writing about it. Extreme cold in my inside, as if had swallowed an iceberg. You can imagine how I was feeling.
Well, before I freeze to death, I send you this mail.
End of the letter.

Just because someone is writing this, it doesn't need to be true. I do not know this author personally. But I was energized from the first til the last sentence while reading her mail. This stream of energy is a sign from my soul to me, to pay attention to this text. As far as I get it, it is not only my soul taking effect, but also the soul of the earth.

Another allusion to the existence of such snake nests is coming from the place where I am living. For years I have been wondering about the low state of energy of this place and the people here, east of Cabarete. And for years we would have denied, that Karin feels extra-bad when being inside our house. She is totally exhausted without doing anything. But it is obvious- once we drive to other place a few miles from home, she feels better. And I? I do not feel it as strongly as she does, at least I am able to do the sessions and my work on the internet. But once I try to work on our house, like fixing things (which I really like to do!), I can sense the resistances that is opposing me.

For years we have been working on this issue through sessions. We have found out something a couple of times, coming through the ground and sucking the people's energy. We associated it with the in-ground factory of the grays south from us, but this didn't lead us further. The energy problem remains. So what shall we do about it now? We have bought this estate, built a house on it, which we haven't finished down to the present day. Selling is not easy, so we have to find a solution.

After we have received the email above, Martina and I held a session in order to find out about potential snake nests at my place. It seems like snake nests, just like snakes in general, are hard to reveal, since they know how to camouflage themselves well. We had to concentrate on finding them intensely, removing their protection shields and so on. Then they were noticeable. We have fought them, asked for help which we could feel, but we cannot say for sure, what happened at the end.

I reminded Martina, that we had to search deeper inside of the earth. So we did and found a nest. We fought the snakes with support, yet again we have no certain result. Even though it looked like we had removed the nests, the energy at our place had not changed.

But some important thing had shown up: when working on the deep nests, Martina was able to perceive the earth's core. When paying attention to the earth's core, a network of energy lines started to flash up, starting from the core, like the nervous system in our bodies. The snake nests sit inside of the lines like parasites. Well, there must be a reason why this word exist.


I am not sure how often such nests are placed beneath such small towns like where I am living at. This might have strategical means. We should be alerted about the system of these parasites, wasting our planet, and that these nests are located beneath our cities. Though reptilians and grays are undergoing a healing transformation and are less of a threat to us, I regard the snake nests as an acute risk, which I haven't found any solution for, yet.

I cannot evaluate, if the snakes' presence can cause a new world war. But I recommend, that we and other gifted people on this planet should deal with this topic.

The snake nests are not the last problem. Soon I will write an article on manipulative (ethereal) machines in space, who are influencing us.