Sleep and Grounding

February 18, 2012


Hello there,

sorry for this long break. There are enough stories to write about, but sometimes there is no time or the time quality does not fit. A virus on my PC has distracted me for three days and the energy had not been very well in general. Karin has gone through a phase of horrible headaches and I was standing helplessly beside her. Obviously, they are able to reach and harm Karin effortlessly, not because she is being weak, but because they have an energy body of hers. For this problem we haven't found a solution yet.

Martina and I have the impression, that contact to benevolent inter-dimensional beings and aliens was quite disturbed from November, 2011 til January 2012. We even carry some doubts, whether the rescue package from October reached earth or had been absorbed by the snakes. And, was the cobra (who helped us) really positive? Why has it never showed up again? Why has the contact to the Wowos become so short? We are not sure about many things and hope to find out soon.

But how else could we procede? We approach everything very critically and then decide, whether it is benevolent or not. Since we haven't understood the universe yet, we might make mistakes over and over again. But I do not want to claim, that the last rescue package was without success. We don't know though. And at this point I want to bring together the topic „doubts“ and „uncertainty“. These feelings can pull the plug. You start believing, you have done harm by mistake through using your power and skills. This is the moment dark beings are waiting for. They use your weakness and enter you to harm you.

So, uncertainty, insecurity, doubt and feelings of guilt are invitations for dark beings. Do not get all worked up about it, only if it is a karmic topic and has to be solved first. Even if you think you have done wrong, get aware about your doubts, yes, as aware as possible, otherwise you will trail it for weeks. And when you get aware about your doubts it still might take some hours for it to be solved. But make clear to yourself nobody can expect you to understand the universe to its full extent. You exert yourself and act to the best of your knowledge and in all conscience. This is all you can do.

I am thinking of all those demons, reps, dracs, grays, mantides etc., whom we have healed these last months. When we have freed them from the snakes' control and healed/detached programs, demonization, fears and pain, they sometimes stayed, because they couldn't deal with their feelings of guilt. They might have caused harm for thousands of years and now they were allowed to simply leave and be free? Sometimes they find it difficult and we have to convince them by explaining, that they were mind-controlled and had no chance to act in a different way. And by letting them feel our upright love, they are able to let go of guilty feelings.

What is an alien with feelings of guilt good for? They only serve snakes, because the snakes can easily catch them because of this weakness. Only when feelings of guilt are resolved, they are free and true warriors.

I am reflecting on the rescue package now and it comes to my mind, that the Wowos would have been able to switch off the energy when something went wrong, wouldn't they? But, even if this went wrong, I am not allowing the dark forces to attack me. This is a solar plexus theme. Staying strong and being stable, no matter from where the wind is blowing...yet, this doesn’t mean to be ignorant. I think, ignoramus would be well advised to doubt and feel insecure a bit more. But these people usually do not visit my website. You, who are reading this, are mainly open and flexible thinkers, who are able to rethink, anyway. Do not let yourselves be made insecure.

For three to four weeks the contact with those beings, who are fighting with us has improved. When I am thinking „Wowos“, I instantly feel energy. Martina too. She also senses other positive forces and beings coming up to us. But this is only being sensed on an emotional level and therefore hard to couch. Something good is approaching. It is coming closer, that's all I can say right now (when writing this I am choked up and tears are coming, * sob*). Probably there is a connection to (some of) the strange sounds, but this isn't clear yet.

We have also received help from beings, whom we were able to heal these past months. Again I am not allowed to talk about it to avoid endangering projects. By all means we have got more backing on the astral plane.

We also have sensed beings of the earth helping us with healing these past four weeks. This is a great discovery, considering that before, it was only us helping them. Now the earth creatures are able to help, too, it is co-work. The old symbiosis starts to function again.

Referring to this, I want to share one of our most recent experiences. This discovery was activated through my wife Karin, who doesn't like going to sleep, because she always feels pain all over her body when laying down in bed. A few days ago she had the good idea to check out, if the bed itself was filled up with negative energy. So I did check it out and she was right: I found negative energy and astral technical installations. I started to clear it out by including all parts from the bed, the mattress, bed linen, the astral and real space of the bed, everything in the same time. After cleaning it, I invited the earth soul and earthy spirits to move into the space. I think, that the material and astral earth realm is supposed to be occupied by the earth spirits.

So, wonderful results happened: it worked (a bit). Karin could sense it, because her feet and legs became warm. It is extremely rare that she feels any positive results, so I was really impressed. I have to repeat this procedure every evening, but this is quickly done and works every time.

We also worked for Martina, because she has great problems sleeping as well. She feels a thick layer of gel-like, astral substance on her floor, which feels very bad. At home she wears three pair of socks in her slippers to warm her feet, which doesn't work though. We checked out her home and found astral technical installations and other equipments. We detached everything but it didn’t make a difference yet. Then Martina found a dark being whom we healed. Now earthy spirits were able to enter her place and ground it. Martina felt her feet and hand becoming warm in an instant. Unfortunately this positive effect didn't continue throughout the night. She had many nightmares, but this is another topic.

The summary of this discovery is: to sleep well, we have to be well-grounded. And grounding is strongly dependent on connection with earth spirits. We have to be surrounded by the earth soul and earth spirits in order to be protected.