Time To Rethink

January 27. 2012


On Tuesday, January 24, we had a brilliant session. We were four people and started the session without a defined goal, to see if important facts would come up. Immediately a giant „dimension-bubble“ appeared, in which many beings were entrapped. These must have been special beings, because this bubble had been held in space in a strange way and was being defended strongly by dark forces.

These beings belonged to earth. But they were being irradiated with a frequency by a facility installed on the moon. This frequency was too high and therefore it was impossible for these beings to return to earth. The facility on the moon was just a relay station. The actual radiation came from somewhere else and had been bypassed and maybe modified via the facility. However, we had to fight the facility and the facility fought back. We got to feel this physically in an uncomfortable way.

We felt that we slowly progressed. It cost time and energy and pain. Luckily, two slender, tall beings appeared and helped us. One of the beings concentrated on Martina, the other one focused on the „dimension-bubble“. Possibly these beings came from the sun. Another reptilian being was sticking around, but couldn't attack us. At last we were able to free the entrapped beings. Martina saw how they were spreading all over the globe. Later we met one of these beings.

One of us psychically perceived a huge, dark planet, which influenced our planet through other facilities on the moon. It sucked our energy. This planet appeared very close, but in a different dimension. It is also possible, that the connection between the moon and dark planet functions through portals, wormholes or something like that. Here is a graphic of the perception of the dark planet:

We still have to find out if this planet is the cause of all evil.


Another session on Friday, January 27: Again, we do not have an aim. Martina could perceive a gray, negative energy surrounding earth. This energy was annoying our session. So this energy became the theme of the session and we searched for its origin. Then Martina perceived precise visions. The cause of this energy are snakes and they gain strength for creating such negativity through all kinds of religions on earth. All religions which propagate spiritual ascension and worship the pure divine, the detachment of the physical, striving for so-called enlightenment, praying to gurus, gods and masters are a result of serpent influence. These religions have been made up by snakes, which constituted the ideal of the non-material being, so they would have an easy access to our 1. and 2. chakras. But you know this already.

So what shall we do about this? Most important thing would be to make humans understand this. So we willed that our souls produced such an energy, which would reveal these lies and help human kind gain insight. When we started doing so, one of the beings we freed on Tuesday consorted with us. The most important energy that came from this being was what I call „mother essence“. This is an energy that charges the lower chakras. This being helped us in its own way to spread this awareness energy.

Martina noticed this: she saw a paddy farmer somewhere in southern Asia. He was working on his field. She could perceive how this farmer received and understood this energy. He started to realize and this energy became so strong that it was irrevocable. This energy floated into his house, to his family too. There it couldn't transpose immediately. The farmer was strong enough with his new awareness to instruct his family members though. Moreover he was the head of the family.

If the result of our session was only a rethinking paddy farmer in India, this would be a bit too little. We understand this perception as a symbol, a sign for a collective movement. I think, not only energy of the five of us was working, but also the energy of the thousands of the freed beings, which had spread all over the globe now. Their presence multiplied the energy.

It is hard to imagine that people start to rethink. But maybe there are special forces who can cause a change in the people's views and consciousness. Over and over again religions are an insuperable barrier. Snakes and reptilians perceive their energy from millions of devotees. We cannot shut off the supply of energy, like in other cases. Once we got a slap in the face when we tried to disempower a female Indian guru, who has millions of devotees all over the world. When we tried to do something about her, 20 Reptilians attacked us, so we wouldn't continue interfering with their dark business. We couldn't help it and drew back. The reps were way too grounded through the guru's devotees.