2 Prophecies

March 7. 2012


Addendum, march 16:

For what does anyone need prophecies? Are they helpful, to prepare for possible future events? Or do they only spread unneeded fear? If they do not come true, then the second option will be the case. And if they come true, we still might not be able to prepare. I have thought about this for some time, if we should publish our recent perception at all and if it is of any use.

I actually have decided to not publish, if this wouldn't have happened at the same time: march, 1st, I had an abrupt crash of attendance at my website. The usual number of +/- 500 attendants per day dropped to less than 400 per day and this number stayed the average. This has not happened before and was certainly manipulated. Today I have discussed this with Martina and of course we assumed black magic. Immediately, tons of energy were flowing. We literally bathed in energy. That was nice.

I am writing this down, because I want those goofballs, who are cursing my website to understand that for us, it is a pleasurable activity to dissolve their curses. It is almost a pity, when the energy stops.

Well, this incident made me meditate, if someone tries to hinder our most recent „prophecy“ from being published. Since I had energy resonance asking this question, I decided to tell you about our prophetic insights.

The story began with Martina feeling ill for about one week. Se was able to define her condition after a while quite well, it felt like something resting on her. An external burden, somewhere farther from her. Yet, very threatening, terrible and enormous. Now this condition became unbearable to Martina, so she had to cancel some sessions with clients. So we had a look on what was bedeviling her.

We found out, that it's something that is a threat to human kind and what will cause a lot of harm in the near future. It was the prospective suffering of huge crowds of people. We tried to find out more details. Was it the Iran war becoming big? „No.“ The financial crash? „No.“ Catastrophes? „No.“ Something unexpected? Here we got a „Yes.“ For that moment we didn't come any further with our research. So we asked: „what can we do about it?“, because we were clueless. Martina felt ill again and apparently something bad was going to happen. But at this low point, a turn for the better happened: helpful, benevolent beings appeared, which Martina was able to feel strongly, more than I did (as - almost – always). Her condition improved slowly. Then she heard the sentence from the helpers: „We are here, though!“ Some time later, the image of Jesus' face appeared. We did not try to to jump to conclusions, how to interpret this. Was it meant symbolically to show us the quality of the benevolent helpers or was it referring to the real Jesus? We do not know it yet and I guess, everyone will interpret it the way he thinks is right.

However, if this will be the salvation of human kind, it will be in accordance with some old prophecies. And by what we have seen developing in the astral realm these past few months, it's time for helpful forces to get started. The general condition is quite tensed. The dark side is rearming. They are trying to collecting a lot of negative energy and to use it. In the meantime the good side is getting closer to us and is transferring a feeling of pleasant anticipation for something beautiful to come (or return). Martina is able to feel both forces and the area of conflict between threat and anticipation of joy is hard to bear for her. This is one part of the prophecy: that benevolent beings are helping us and are very confident, otherwise they wouldn't say „But here we are!“


The second part is dealing with the actual plan of the dark side! The answer came into my mind today and Martina and I checked it out. The plan is: contagion, epidemic plagues! Both of us got clear energy answers asking this, while war, crash and catastrophes were not giving any energy reactions at all.

These things might serve distracting from the real threat. The actual mess is going inside bio- labs and I think, it happens in cooperation with aliens, who are working in complexes below-ground and in space ships. Yet, these are my presumptions.

So, wherefore do we need these prophecies? Can we prepare? I want to animate you to reflect on this: not survival is the most important thing, at least for our soul it is not the most important point. It might be dangerous to leave ones protected, grounded body in times of astral wars. I have to confess, I haven't thought through this yet to its full extent.


Addendum, march 16:

On Sunday, march 11, we had an experience which made us rethink this article on prophecies. Martina's foreboding of threat didn't abate, it became even stronger. She had not felt well for days and at nighttime she slept poorly. So we did another session on that.

It took us some time to find out anything at all. Apparently we should not uncover the cause of problem. Finally Martina found out that her whole house was stuffed with beings. Grays and other creatures were there. We did the Standard healing and it worked. But something was missing. So we looked for the missing piece. Then we realized that the area around her house was also stuffed with beings. We extended our view until reaching a radius of about 700 meter...the whole space crowded with beings. A diameter of 1,4 km, which would be enough space for many football stadiums. Many many beings were there. Millions of beings, mainly earthy beings of all kind (for example „stone beings“), all of them seeking for healing.


We understood that the threatening feeling which Martina had sensed for about two weeks was caused by the presence of so many beings. So it was no foreboding of threat for human kind, as we have interpreted before. But the presence of so many demonized and harmed beings always poses a threat.

As expected, the healing procedure went very intensely, but quickly. I think these beings needed some kind of liberation, not healing. We felt great relief, especially Martina. She felt better and was able to sleep again.

Referring to the prophecies, the aspect of closeness (timewise) changes: it doesn't seem anymore, that something very bad is going to happen on a global level soon, affecting mankind. This doesn’t mean, that there are no threats, but right now, we do not perceive anything on a global level. The issue „contagion“ is not done yet. It was a special perception. But it doesn't seem as acute anymore.


Healing masses of beings caused agitation among our foes. Right after this they set a cobra at Martina, which got in the way of the first few sessions on Monday. It took us about two hours to deal with the cobra. Martina had to learn that cobras bite very hard. I was in a hurry cutting off all energy sources of the cobra. It looks like cobras can only exist in our dimension when sucking energy from us.

I checked out if the cobra was nourished by a machine. When addressing this topic and approaching the destruction of the machines, the worst snap came, right into the liver. This was hurting, but thereby they revealed their secret. With much commitment I counteracted the machines and finally the attacks stopped.

Apparently they use other ways of attacking Martina. Today many things were chaotic but we had enough time solving the new problems. We hope Martina will be ready for action again.