The Portal

November 25 2011


Yesterday’s experience was very impressive. It was so great, so important, I am just not able to give you the right impression. Already during this session, Martina said: „this is important, you have to publish this quickly!“

The following happened during a session. Martina was being pulled to another place in the universe. In front of her, there was something big and ominous. Somewhere behind her, there must have been planet earth. The thing in front of her was a gateway to another dimension, a portal. This portal seemed to suck energy from earth into another dimension. It felt like there was a lot of energy aspirating through it. Was this possibly the main gateway? In any case, things would be very different (better) here on earth, if this thing was eliminated.

Martina could perceive, what would happen if this thing was destroyed. It would implode, collapse back upon itself and disappear completely, as if it had never existed. We also perceived, that this gate can be destroyed, but not yet. Something has to happen before: a special date? An event? Knowledge? Support? We couldn't find out, what was lacking to be able to eliminate it.

Martina called upon the beings who have promised to fight with us. We call them „the legion“, because they are so many. These beings showed up slowly. It took some time, while Martina could feel, that they were forming up behind her. She could feel their backing. Thereby a protective shield was being created behind her. That was strange, why behind her and why was she outside of the shield, which was getting stronger and stronger? That cleared up: the protective shield was for the earth. This was more important at this point and Martina didn't feel endangered anyhow.

This was very impressive already, but what happened then knocked us for a loop once more. A lizard being appeared. It felt very positive and looked well. It had a human like body and the head of a lizard. Then it opened its wings which were not visible before. The wings were like a fan, going from bottom to top. „We will fly for you!“, he said.

This touched us deeply because it came with love and energy! Martina and I cried tears of joy again and the feelings and energies gave us a good shaking. I can almost feel it again, now while I am writing this. This was a beautiful closure. I believe, one day we will live together again with these beings.