Networks of Evil

Part 5

Franz Erdl
February 10, 2013
Translated Feb. 14


The empire is crumbling

That is how it looks like for me. One Anunnaki fortress after the other falls. Without fighting, without resistance. What drains me is the amount of concentration I need, to clear a base completely. Each detail has to be found and eliminated in an adequate manner.

In the beginning I was a little shy of the Anunnaki and I kept encountering them with caution, but that has ceased. Now I start healing them immediately just like the other aliens. They all seem to be under mind control and they are happy when they get rid of that.

About a year ago Martina and I had researched what it was that was missing to us in order to win. Was it love? More power or abilities? No! It turned out that it was knowledge we lacked. We were not prepared for that answer and neither did we fully understand it. At the end of December I got the information that the dragons were not yet safe because of the underground bases. Again, I asked myself why and what I should do about that.

Meanwhile there is no question anymore. It is the huge system of bases that the Anunnaki built over the last thousands of years in apparently tiresome hardship and that can now be taken apart again. I may be wrong but to me it looks like they haven't got much more than that. If an evil being appears invincible, it is because it is protected by the system. Find the protective shield and shut it off – and look, the evil being can be healed suddenly.


What to do about the Black Magicians?

What still gets in the way are black magicians, shamans and co. Other than the inflexible system of bases the magicians are very flexible and are used as a joker when all other cards have been played. For example: a person has a certain problem. I find the cause in an underground base and eliminate it. But shortly after, this person has the same problems again. This time, however, it has been created by magic. The surveillance system immediately activated a black magician. Whether this happens depends probably on the priority level our enemies put to the blocking of this person.

Who wants to help eliminating black magicians should at least have their dragon part with them. Dragons are the best remedy against black magic. Here a short recommendation:

Ask whether the magician has a protective shield. Most of them don't have one. But in case he has one, this may mean you have to eliminate one or two stations first.

If he has a shield or you freed him of it you have to check if he magically bound beings. You have to check for each of those:

  • Humans (human sacrifices, or some deceased ones for themselves)

  • Animals ( animal sacrifices or negative shamanic use of animals)

  • Earth beings (just discovered: Peruvian stone magic uses Earth beings)

  • Entities of all kinds including extraterrestrials

  • Demons

When all beings are freed your dragon can start and dissolve all black magic. Do not forget to address magical objects.

Magicians are often possessed by other beings. You have to pull them out (or have it done) and heal them.

Then the magician should be “neutralized”. I always see three possibilities:

  • He can be healed; then he should be healed.

  • His healing process would take too long but he is not allowed to do magic any more from now on. This means that the dragon and other helpers block the magician which will probably render him weak and/or ill. That way he gets a chance of being healed.

  • He is in too deep. He cannot be healed or he would get killed as soon as he gets out of his club. In these cases the soul (part) is taken out of the body which means a great relief for it. It did not get a say in this body anyhow. Mostly healed Dracs or Reptilians perform this release. To put it very clearly: he will not have long to live.


Of course I am not able to verify what really happens to those magicians. All I get is energetic resonances to my questions. They are correct in many cases but there are also mistakes.

Demons have the reputation of being evil and dangerous. However, demons are quite dear creatures which were demonised and programmed by a black magician. Since they are powerful by nature, they become dangerous by black magic. I have found magicians who exclusively work with demons because they know how dangerous they are.

The whole secret of the demons lies in black magic. Solve the magic, best with help of your dragon, and the demon is your best friend. This can happen in a few seconds. In my earlier research about what demons really are, I came to the conclusion that they are “dimensional guardians”. Apparently they see to it that the various dimensions don't get misused. This appears to be one reason to abuse the demons: in order to do whatever you want in other dimensions, I assume.

At this point I have to make it clear that black magic is a very powerful tool. It is not only possible to turn dimensional guardians into demons, but also to force aliens of all kinds to do one's will. You might often believe that aliens are using the magicians but it is rather the other way round.

Magic can only be generated in our 3D reality. The physical element is necessary. That is why objects are used frequently. Magic gets a lot of stability by the binding of forces to matter. Extraterrestrials cannot do that except they possess a magician, and therefore that is what they like to do. I am really not 100% an expert and some details may be a little different, but one thing is important: magic is dragons best food.


Now about the cleaning activities of last week:


Case 1:

Station on another planet – I cannot find access – looking for a station that shields this one – I find station 2.

Station 2 is accessible. I heal the aliens. This station was a lot involved with the abduction of women in order to create offspring. No further details known. Station was eliminated, as well as protective shield for station 1.

Back to station 1. I immediately find access and contact to the alien tripulation. The contact is extraordinarily friendly. I want to close the station but I receive the message to leave this station operational. The aliens are able to help us in a positive way with this station. Such a thing has never occurred to me among all the ca. 300 stations I found until now. But the feeling was just right, so I left the station intact.


Case 2:

A station in another dimension with a storage with 8 containers.

From now on I will use a normalized, simplified presentation of the storage facilities with abbreviations that can be used in several languages. Used here:

N = Nefilim
D = Dragons
G = Feelings, thoughts, brain manipulations
      (In german: Gefuehle, Gedanken, Gehirnmanipulationen)


1 N 5 G
2 N 6 G
3 N 7 G
4 D 8 G

So the energies in containers 5 through 8 consisted of thoughts and brain manipulations. The purpose of this facility is unclear, but I also found a special machine for brain manipulations in this base.


Case 3:


H   = Human
EB = Earth beings
A   = Anunnaki
G   = Feelings etc.
1 H 5 EB
2 H 6 EB
3 D 7 A
4 N 8 G

At this station there were special facilities that affect the financial system, especially the impelling of the financial crisis. After clearing out the containers there was a very good understanding with the alien personnel to go on using the station, but from now on in order to work against the financial crisis.


Case 4:

Underground base, found during the search for a dragon part

T   = Animals (german: Tiere)
D   = Dragons
EB = Earth beings
G   = Feelings etc.
1 T 5 D 9 EB 13 D
2 D 6 D 10 G 14 D
3 D 7 D 11 D 15 D
4 D 8 EB 12 D 16 G

The animals in container are probably used for distraction so that the dragons cannot be found immediately.


In this case there was also an Anunnaki space station:


G = Feelings, thoughts, brain manipulations
H = Humans


1 G
2 H*

One soul part was found in container 2 but one was still missing. I looked in all known places but could not find it. Then there was a reaction to the question “other timeline”, for the first time yet. However, there was no station and I was able to free the soul part without any further details.


Case 5:


This session was about the separation of soul partners. One part of each partner was on the station.

G= Feelings etc.
H = Human
T = Animals
D = Dragons
E = Energies – here especially for separating men and women
A = Anunnaki
1 G 5 D 9 H 13 E
2 G 6 H* 10 H* 14 E
3 H 7 H 11 H 15 E
4 T 8 E 12 A 16 E

The female partner was in number 6, the male in 10.


Case 6:

Even if it's getting boring, another example: 2 stations with 16 storage rooms in one session. That is as much as I can take.

Underground base number 2 (the first one was shielded by number 2 but without soul storage)

H   = Human
EB = Earth being
ES = Earth soul
N   = Nefilim
A   = Anunnaki
G   =
Feelings etc.


1 H 5 H 9 H 13 H
2 H 6 G 10 H 14 H
3 H 7 G 11 H 15 H
4 H 8 EB 12 H 16 H

An Anunnaki base was the second station with 16 storage rooms.


1 A 5 A 9 A 13 A
2 A 6 ES 10 A 14 G
3 G 7 G 11 A 15 G
4 G 8 D 12 N 16 G

Although all the soul storage rooms were emptied and all Anunnaki were healed I was not able to close the base. The reason was that there were shielded Anunnaki who did not show up in questioning. They were 12 individuals and I had to work with every single one of them; that means every time solve the shielding, heal the being. After these 12 runs the station could be taken down.



I have a lot more variations of storage but now it is getting boring even for me. I once wanted to find out why the facilities always are the same model, and I got the info “same producer”. Since the storage facilities always have 1, 2, 4, 8, or 16 containers, one might assume that the Anunnaki-mathematics is based on the dual system. How clever!



I was looking for the reason for tinnitus because I am sometimes affected by it myself. My recent results are only part results but I want to present them here anyway. The reason for tinnitus seems to be that someone wants to shut down our ability of communication with other beings. It is an influence on certain brain areas in order to interfere with telepathy and astral acoustic perception. The sound is probably a side effect or additionally helps wearing people down. In order to generate the communication disturbances obviously insects are used (not in the body but on the bases) and special brain manipulations.

I have been looking for stations that cause my ear noises:

Anunnaki base 1

I = Insects
G = in this case mainly brain manipulations
1 H 5 G 9 I 13 I
2 G 6 I 10 G 14 H*
3 G 7 H 11 G 15 I
4 G 8 G 12 G 16 I

I found a soul part of myself in container 14 among many other soul parts. I was astonished because I was convinced that I had already found all my soul parts. But something of me was still there. The container should speak for itself.

More and more I come to think that the soul parts in those containers are being used a little like voodoo dolls. Maybe all humans who are manipulated are in those containers.

Two more bases were very similar to this one, that is why I won't go into that any further. It is interesting that in all of them there was something of me. I checked how many more bases I need to take down until my tinnitus is gone, and the answer was 7. I have not had the time for that yet.


Demons on bases

Some things just strike me as nasty tricks, created just to waste a lot of time with searching and figuring out. On several bases there were demons. These are easy to heal but you first have to find them. If you don't, you cannot close the station.

What you do not often find in containers are nature beings. That also struck me as if they only were in there as a trick. Earth beings are rare but they do show up sometimes. There are also Earth soul parts; more about that in part 6. Once I found Sun soul parts.


At the end here are the security measures for a bighead, consisting of

a magician
a space station
a station on another planet with 16 compartment storage device and
a snake's nest.

The storage device:

NB = Nature Beings
E   = Energies
M   = Mantis
A   = Anunnaki, etc
G   = Feelings, thoughts


1 H 5 A 9 N 13 H
2 H 6 A 10 G 14 M
3 E 7 H 11 G 15 G
4 E 8 G 12 NB 16 G


This week I have more interesting topics about Karin and our premises but that is too much writing for this weekend. I come to an end now, part 6 is coming soon.