Networks of Evil

Part 21

Franz Erdl

April 28, 2013

Translated and uploaded May 14


Destroying Energy Pools

This week I had to deal with 9 energy pools and I have learned some things about them. I found two basic points of differentiation:

  • Pools in bases with seals or open pools

  • Pools on (rather in) the Earth or other planets.

None of the pools had an external veil.

The Pools are guarded

Some other healers have been working on a pool and they noticed it might be dangerous. Maybe the reason is that they hadn't healed the guards or something else I don't know yet.

I had also experienced a surprise; after cutting a connection to a pool on Karin she felt cramps in her diaphragm – quite typical for Earth snake bites. So I healed the Earth snakes at once and it was quiet. In the next pools I looked for Earth snakes at once and yes, there they were. And not just a few. In every pool that followed there were more guards to be found. In the last pools there were approx. 3000 Earth snakes, and some of them very big. That took me more than an hour of work. Good thing that I wasn't presented with this one first.


Healing the Guards seems to be the Main Work regarding the Pools

In pools on other planets you don't find any Earth snakes. They use the analogous planet’s beings, that is, beings which normally have guarding functions as well. In this respect I have found as guards Earth snakes, analogous planet's beings and demons so far – all of them beings which in healed form are also guards.

Logically I found demons in pools from time to time but only in addition to the other guards. Once there were just a few demons but there were also more than one hundred.


Internal Veiling/Obscuring

At one pool I removed some snakes and demons but it seemed to me that some were still missing. Right, there was a slight veil put over the rest of the guards. This was dissolved with a few words and the rest of the guards became perceivable.

At the last pool with the 3000 snakes I bit on granite. I just was not able to perceive anything. There was no external veil, nor an internal one. It felt exactly as if a UFO was present. You simply cannot perceive anything. Are there guards? – Answer “No”. Are there no guards? – Answer “No”. Typical reactions for UFO-presence but there was no UFO. I found it in the end. They had the same devices near this pool like the UFOs, two of them. When found you can destroy them fast.


Clearing out Pools

When I had healed the guards I couldn't perceive any danger anymore and was able to clear it out at my leisure.

Other healers told me you may find astral copies of humans there. So I give the command “delete all astral copies” and I notice some energy flow. I never noticed much on “erase contracts”. Maybe the respective beneficiaries have to deal with that. “Cut connections” and “give back energies from the pool to the victims” works in so far as the pool is emptied. It does have to be empty in order to be able to destroy it.

The destruction has to deliver an energy reaction, otherwise you forgot something. If the pool is on a base you also have to dissolve the base into nothing in the end.


Other Topics


Hand-Veiled Magic

Speaking of all these obscuring techniques I quite forgot that you don’t always have to have a base in order to obscure something. Magicians are able to put a slight veil over their deeds. That is barely an obstacle but you just don't see the magic on first glance.


Attacks with Everything they have

I had days and weeks here where the bad guys threw everything they had into battle in order to affect man and woman with their magic. They tried three times to openly attack me but I feel that immediately – feeling bad, heart stumbling etc. – and then I pull the possessing being out of the magician and there is an end to the attack at once. That is why they mainly work by sneaking in covertly. Their main goal at the moment seems to be to stuff beings into my right thigh. These beings have the task to send me false energy impulses.

My legs are important sensors for me. Energy impulses begin in my feet and lower legs and are tripled in intensity in my thighs. So I sometimes notice impulses coming from my right thigh and I already know it is wrong. When I put my hand on it however, it stops. Of course I have to pull out the beings again and thus I discover the tricks they are using at the moment.

Veiling and double veiling is nothing new, after all. Lately they get B-fields approved. There are no new C-fields, anyway. They use bigheads regularly again which are difficult to localise. But the bighead seems to serve only as a distraction for when it is gone I find veils or B-fields and that is when you get to the contents. The contents are different every time but it is the usual selection of beings. Once there was an Anunnaki; these are exceptions.

Nice detail of today: I had false impulses in my leg again and went looking. This time it was a double veil. First base destroyed normally, I then went into the second base. There, so much joy came towards me, these guys obviously had been waiting for someone to get them out. I was happy with them, it was really infectious. They waited until I had found the seal number and the base was destroyed. Then I could feel them again. I asked whether they would like to help me with my work and there was another rush of joy. I interpret that as a “Yes”. Or what do you think?


Insects – Erase programs

Insects are far more manipulated than we might think. I had the following incident: We have many ants in our house. They seem to go to sleep quite early though. In the evening I mostly don't see them anymore. But a short while ago I found a big ant on my mosquito net above the bed every evening, practically in plain sight when I lie down. 4 or 5 evenings I just flicked it away. The 6th evening I grew more attentive and I noticed it was crawling about exactly in my view.

I thought it tried to get my attention. I then made a healing for all the ants in my area. Nothing much happened at de-demonising and healing emotions but while I spoke the words “erase programs” my heart stumbled twice and energy followed strong suit. The ant has not turned up since.


Healing Earth Snakes

While I was writing about the ant attracting my attention something pinched me softly in my diaphragm. Yes, this was an Earth snake. Necessarily, in order to get rid of the pinching, I had to deal with it. And lo and behold, there were many Earth snakes on my grounds. Getting rid of possessions, erasing programs, that was what they wanted. This rushed through for several minutes.

This has developed into a habit already. Every one or two days I am pinched and snakes are lining up for healing. Mostly they make themselves known when I'm lying on my terrace but it also happens in other places. I find it quite nice every time.


Bases where Snakes are programmed

Oha! I am writing this title and they are pinching and pinching… Ok, people, I'm back in a minute.

. . .Ok! That was a programming base with 4 locks on the seal number. Earth snakes were being programmed there but also other Earth beings.

Insects were programmed there, too. Just so I am understood correctly: Astral bodies of the insects crawling and flying around us are programmed there. For further clarity: Earth snakes are not those slithering on the earth but, like dragons, the first beings created by Earth.

What more shall I write about it? Help our Earth beings and insects!


New Races out of Time and Space

I cannot imagine an existence beyond time and space for real. However there even seem to be several different races. Aside from Wowo2 two new ones have turned up. I notice them while I am looking for the soul origin of a person. In order to be able to identify them I name them after the first person whose soul origin I found them to be. According to that there are now the “Jackies” and the Michies”.

Contact with the Jackies was quite exiting as it turned out later because the Jackies healed two other persons during the short contact who have the same origin and were on my emergency list. Those persons live on different continents. Both thanked me for the healing which I had not done yet for lack of time. It turned out that both were Jackies.

Within two days I had two clients originating from Michies. Nothing spectacular happened there. Apparently I didn't have Michies on my list. When I established contact with Michies and each person both felt a feeling of joy, and me too.


Emergency List

Because of the nature of my internet page not only persons who want to find contact to their soul write to me but also people in emergency situations such as victims of black magic or alien attacks etc. Since I don´t want to keep those people waiting for six weeks I wrote notes in the beginning or printed out the mail. After some time this became a mess because more and more such cases came along. Now I have written down an emergency list so I don´t forget anybody.

So I try to work on the list when I have the time. But you can imagine that this causes me stress. So I cannot guarantee to keep any appointments by this list. If I promise anything I am often not able to keep it. I regret this but it is not possible any other way.

I was really glad that the Jackies took over two of these cases.


Addendum, 3 Hours later

After uploading this article I had a look at my cat Miko who is also constantly a target for magical attacks. Once again I found two souls of deceased people on him which he, being a cat with a lion soul, would normally heal. However in most cases they stay attached to him because he is constantly being blocked.

I released the souls and found nothing more, which I could not quite believe. I had the notion there might be a small veil, and really there was a reaction. Ok, now I expected to find beings with him but there was nothing, no magic, either. But there had to be something. What would the veil be for? I found it; it was an obscuring base. New tactics again: a slightly veiled strong veil.

I entered the base, healed aliens, found and healed three demons, next called the being with the seals and started the automatic program. Waited, and waited and waited. Nothing happened although the seal number was said to be freely accessible. In such a case there are often still unhealed beings on the base. It took a while until I found more demons. Then came demons after demons after demons. It was a demon-programming station. This was not a coincidence today when there was already something about programming sites.

To sum it up I was busy for approximately one and a half hours with healing demons. Surely there were over a thousand of them. Then I noticed that there were still more beings. I checked for the usual suspects but no hit. Then I had the idea: planet guardians! So I was on another planet. During the healing of those guardians it crossed my mind this planet might be the moon. This was correct. It was good to know this because otherwise I would not have checked for human souls.

There were humans in the base. I cannot simply heal them out of the base like the other beings. But only the astral part of the base is destroyed if it is a 3D-base. So I only had to get out the astral parts of the humans and then I could actually destroy it. Oh, that was a lot of work.

I finally got to a dozen insects in Miko´s body. (He still looks terrible, and whether getting out the insects will make a difference I don't know. They attack him on a regular basis. They send UFOs frequently. When this happens he scratches his wounds open in seconds.)