January 4 2012


The following episode has inspired me, to do some research about the so called „Satan“. I am interested in the topic „demonization“ especially. I found what I was looking for. There are varieties of stories from all kinds of epochs of ancient times with similar topics: among the Gods (who have always been aliens), there have been beings, who have not gone along with the graceless repression of human kind. They took sides with humans and thereby were rioters against the reigning gods.

Such fair aliens have been defeated, among other things because they have been demonized through black magic, so they appeared to humans as being evil and dark. Plus being defeated, the conquered good beings were demonized and banished through black magic for eternity. The actual benevolent rioters were being made the scapegoats, the root of all evil and being called Satan. From the time when being demonized, it was impossible for these benevolent beings to appear positively. In my eyes, this is a cruel fate.

Against this background, I can tell you a story, which we have held back for months, worrying it could be misunderstood:

Martina and I made a session for ourselves, when a dark being appeared. Martina could see a group behind this being. We expected that these beings came for getting cured. So Martina approached this group of about one hundred dark and creepy creatures. Thereupon, the beings knelt down, with their hands brought together in front of their bodies, downing their heads lightly. This appeared humble and we didn't want them to do so.

So Martina said: „Please, get up!“, but they didn't move. Only one of them from the back of the group stood up, a giant draconian. He looked differently than the others and appeared very straight and self-assured. The others were not humble at all on closer inspection, as we first thought. They were meditating.

The draconian made a few flaps and flew over to Martina. Very impressive. His appearance, his charisma was so transparent and clear, he had nothing to hide and we could sense him via our hearts. Through this heart connection we received his message: „You call me Satan!“ Of course, we were confused and careful to begin with. But there was nothing threatening at all. Only a loving contact through our hearts. To amplify this connection, the draconian touched Martina with his chest, he even dived I bit into her. Martina describes this experiences:

I was so astounded about what I felt and saw. I have rarely, if at all, met anyone who was this open and unbiased. I haven't sensed anything hidden or secretive. I felt streams of energy and so did Franz. I always let Franz look over me to adapt to both our experience. And in this case, we both had heart-to-heart-contact and a deeper insight. An encounter on the same level. Nothing scared us or caused uneasiness. No dissonance. Both of us cried. This always happens automatically, when feeling a deeper heart contact.

He (the draconian) neither demanded anything nor did he prattle. I had the impression that this was the most earnest being I have ever met.“

Because him and the other beings had an appearance takes getting used to, we expected they wanted to be healed, for example getting rid of the demonization. But this was not the case. They liked themselves the way they were. When asking them, what they wanted, they answered: „We want to help you.“

Before this happening, I had read a text on the alien Sumerian „Enki“. The text talked about, that Enki was not pleased with the way, his kind was treating humans, using them as slaves. When Enki took sides with humans, the others demonized him and made him to what we call „Satan“. So I asked out visitor, if he was Enki. He negated, but said Enki's story was quite similar to his one.

Since the word „Satan“ has a very negative meaning for us humans, we flipped it over and called him „Natas“. He agreed. Natas stayed with Martina for a while. Martina told me about an event the day after our acquaintance with Natas and co.: „I could feel him the whole day around, I was walking around with him. When my friend Marthy and I were driving through town, passing a crossways, we saw a huge crucifix with Jesus. Natas screamed and both him and I had to cry our hearts out. Marthy was driving, I would have been unable to do so. I felt so much pain and suffering, streaming through me. The next day, Natas presence diminished until I could not sense him any longer.“


There seem to be a couple of beings who have been demonized and then were called „Satan“. The intention was, to make people loose trust in the benevolent beings, who were actually helping them. This seems to be the main principal of the snakes' deception. They did this to the dragons, they do so to Gaddafi and to Putin as well.

I do not say, there is no real dangerous „Satan“ or beings. But through this experience we have understood more about demonization. Even before this happening, we have found out that so called „satanists“ do not connect to one Satan, but to (dark) reptilians and via them to snakes.