Mayans and the Reptilians


(This is a reduced version of the German original but it contains all important statements)


At the end of the last millennium, about 10 - 20 years ago, I sometimes met people, who loved the Mayans and visited Mayan related seminars. I was not interested, because as I already mentioned in other articles, my attention is not on seeking, what someone else found out. I concentrate on what I can find out from me and my work with other people. Therefore, I rather feel an aversion to take the knowledge of any early folk as a reverence for me.


At healing-sessions with patients, I could perceive some scenes at the Mayans and also with the Incas. And with both appeared one dominant topic: "The Gods." With some perceptions fear played a big role, fear of punitive Gods and a hierarchical system of power. By all means, the strong presence of powerful beings was perceptible. Therefore I look at traditions of old folks with a great distance because I think that the reptilians at that time sowed a consciousness on purpose, that they can use today for mankind's further confusion.


For a long time people believed that the Mayans had an exemplary, peaceful culture and a high spiritual development. On the other hand I found the following statements amongst others in the internet:


Author: Helmut Brasse


...On the basis of the many findings of art, the culture of the Mayans was romanticized a long time. A peaceful civilization that lives for art and observes the stars – so it appeared. Only with the deciphering of the Mayan-scriptures, this picture was strongly corrected: The Mayans turned out to be very different than peace-loving. They fought wars among each other constantly; sacrificing people was a daily agenda. The heads of conquered enemies were cut off and were collected as trophies. Also, the wars were not done for land, but it was about taking prisoners, that could be tortured and finally sacrificed.



Torture and sacrifices - clear indications for the reptilians. Only people that have been manipulated from the reptilians are able to torture. In order to be able to torture, a human being must already have lost all contact with other people, including himself. A completely locked heart-chakra is condition. And sacrifices? What kind of God wants sacrifices? These are our well known soul-eaters, who offer advantages to their disciples, if they serve them enough souls.


Today fans of the Mayan culture should think about,

-         that the astronomic knowledge

-        and the highly-precise calendar of them was able through the reptilian-contact

-        and that the meaning, that was put into this calendar, was also inspired by the reptilians.


Of course I would wish that 2012 everything becomes better. But I mistrust this Mayan-Information.


The Mayans anticipated that at the 21. December 2012 our sun stands exactly here:


That means exactly in the rotating level of our galaxy "Milky way". In order to calculate something similar, a very good mathematical knowledge is required, for example trigonometrical knowledge. Therefore functions like sine, cosine and tangents would be prerequisite to the calculation of elliptical orbits. Then, the question comes up: "If they had to do so much with circle-calculation, why had they not yet invented the wheel?" I can’t take the excuse seriously, that there was too much gravel around and one could therefore not use wheels.


It appears more plausible to me that hybrids (reptilians in human-bodies) as God-kings gave this time-base and correct data over the constellations in the year 2012 to their people, but with big likelihood intentionally wrong information about their meaning (if calendar-data and star-constellations have any meaning at all). Statements that are used to mislead a part of today’s (many thousand of years later) spiritual people, which are willing to ascent.


I am here talking to the group of persons that waits for the planetary ascent in the year 2012 due to the Mayan information.


I believe that just a few entities can control a large number of spiritual developed people by channeling announcements about their coming ascension. People with paranormal gifts that could help us and should help us, to defend us against these beings are used for their purposes.


I think of the alien being Ramtha (typical reptilian-arrogance), Kryon and spaceship-commander Ashtar, for example. When they once and a while tell us something about our ascension, they find willing listeners, that also like to carry out the meditations that were given to them by these beings.


I was alarmed when I heard that groups met at certain crossing-points of energy-lines to meditate to enable the spirit Kryon to change the grid of the earth in the sense of the ascent. Nobody knows what these spirits really did there. Maybe they weekend the energy-grid of the earth to make more catastrophes possible? "Dear spirits, we do everything, you want because you work for our ascension!" If I were a spirit, and I would have the order to bring people under my control, then I would choose such a job. This would bring some fun into the astral-life.


But fun aside, I wish that some readers, who until now helped to give access to earth and mankind to seemingly allied spirits, now help to defend us from every, really every spirit.


If one day gracious helpers should really appear, I am sure they will find ways to identify themselves. How very much I also would wish changes to happen in the year 2012, it is possible that this concept is a trap.