The Matrix and its Master

Part 2

27th April 2012


The Money-Draining-Machine („Rockefeller Machine“)

Indeed, there exists at least one machine (computer) which is specialized to misguide e.g. financial flows or to simply take care for you staying poor. Martina found this machine, after I told her about an accumulation of weird circumstances having a negative effect on my finances. Together with this machine the name „Rockefeller“ popped up. Possibly the underground base for this machine is beneath the Rockefeller Center in New York, or Rockefeller himself has it in his hobby room or he is the responsible spirit for this machine?! In any case there is a connection towards him.

Martina saw some important details about the way it works: this computer stored past events, former negative episodes concerning money. This means, it doesn't make up new happenings, but uses past events to replay them over and over again. This replay causes something we call „overlap of reality“, so it manifests in the 3D world. Probably the other matrix computers work this way too. In this case of this money draining computer it works this way, but we cannot generalize it. Interestingly, when appalling this computer and trying to delete its programs, we had a lot of energy. I did so for the following days twice a day and every time energy flowed strongly. My financial issues have been solved in a very harmonious and nice way as well. Yet I am not sure, whether my latter manipulations on the machine were necessary or not. It reminds me on my experiences in the article „sleep and grounding“, where I had to eliminate astral installations for about 8 days, so they finally stopped showing up.

I hope this example is not too boring for you, because you certainly do not have financial issues (smile)


General facts on our/my attacks on the matrix computer

Intervening the Rockefeller Computer has brought good results. The effects from attacking other computers, underground bases and central space ships vary a lot from each other. Some times there were none, other times immediate reactions. We are not able to give any statements on long term results. This is very new to us. So please help us research on this, if you are able to do so and send us your findings.

These computers seem to overlap a lot, which is in the dark side's way. Like people trying to free themselves, their media of communication (like Internet) or critical websites and forums.

We have had a surprising discovery, when trying to find out, whom or what was blocking me and Martina during a healing session. Nothing worked. No perception, no energy, brains somehow shut off. I said aloud what I supposed: „underground bases“. Immediately energy overflowed. It helped us to get deeper into this topic. Martina entered some kind of dimensional bubble, which kept many souls (soul fragments) trapped inside. They were suffering horrible pain. Freeing these souls (of humans, as it seemed) went along with many emotions and energy. We were impressed and I can imagine, that such dimensional bubbles are the basic energy storage for the matrix computers and underground bases. In the next days, we had the impression that we were under higher attack than usual.


Mobile Strike Forces

These evil programs, which are set on single persons, can be supported by mobile strike forces existing of (distorted) reptilians, dracos, grays, mantises and so on. Therefore one or more of these beings is positioned near by the “target human“ (in this case I call them „ground staff“) and one being, usually a mantis, is the supervisor, energetically closer to the computer. In sessions first the ground staff shows up and a bit later the supervisor appears, too. As I have reported in chapter 1, the supervisor hints towards the computer, by which he is influenced.

The Master

This is still a big question mark. Often we think it is a super big head alien. Sometimes we meet big heads, who seem willing to get a healing. Though the healing results of big heads have not been very obvious yet. Right now, this seems not that important.