Astral Machines in Space

Jan. 19 2012


I am far from being able to say anything about the status of our liberation. On the one hand, many good things have been going on, but on the other hand there is so much we haven't understood yet and these unsolved thing are still blockades in our way. Even though thousands of dark beings and traumatized soul-fragments have been freed, there still might be millions who are forced to work for the dark side. We also make out the powerful position of the dark side through the lack of help, which means most adjuvant parties do not dare to interfere yet.

We have met many positive parties, and most of them work masked and carefully. There are armadas of UFOs, some very huge ones, which are working on our side. Yet there are armadas of hostile UFOs. And our planet's still full of snake nests and other installations. If our friendly armadas were opening the fire on them, we would sustain a huge loss and earth might become uninhabitable. One of our friendly parties told us, that a large scale operation is not possible yet, since the evil and the good forces are very mixed up on earth and even inside human beings and that such operation would be at great expense. So these good and evil aspects within humans have to be separated carefully like in a dignified surgery. I think anyone who is too anchored within the negative forces in case of a large scale operation, will be used as a living shield by the dark force.


But now the actual topic, which we are concerned with:


Astral Machines in Space

This is a difficult and blurry topic. Since no healing session could have helped my beloved Karin, I have lately scanned the possible reasons of Karin's healing failure. I found out: astral machines, which are somewhere in space, far from earth. Soon after this, Martina found these machines, but she couldn't do much about them. During one attempt of fighting these machines she had been heavily attacked, so she withdrew from that astral place.

A psychic friend of us tried to attack the machines, which are working against Karin. He said, these machines swallow healing energy. So he worked with fire energy, to cause destruction. Yet the core of the machines was preserved and this core was made of one of Karin's soul-fragment! This is the source of energy for the machines and thereby they are able to re-arrange themselves over and over again. Our friend could work against the machines for a short while only. A later attempt to fight these machines together didn't succeed either.

So there seem to be something like machines out there, working with astral energy. Lately Martina found out, that the machines attached to Karin are also connected to some inter-layer of the earth, where many soul-fragments of many beings are trapped in. It is very difficult to reach this inter-layer. But to destroy these machines, we have to redeem the soul-fragments inside the inter-layer first.

We have found this out about three weeks ago. A few days ago we discovered the layer with all the trapped soul-fragments. We could help them a bit, but we were not able to fully free them. At night they seemed to free themselves and came forward to me through my cat, which was behaving abnormally. Then I felt the energy coming quicker than I was able to speak. If this has to do with the machines, we might find out some of these days. But until now, we were unable to do anything about the machines.

We still know very little about the machines. Every new information is welcome. Brigitte Walter has written three books „Erdenwelten“ (= „worlds of the earth“) and tells about machines, she has found in space as well. She describes a sort of flying cube, which is sucking people's energy and thereby is feeding gray snakes.



Beside the astral machines, which we haven't found any cure for yet, we have found some „real“ 3D objects in space. They look like satellites and use parabolic mirrors for concentrating rays. We discovered one of these satellites, when I was telling Martina about a sight disorder, which I have suffered from for four times already. This sight disorder persists of a couple of parallel lines in a certain pattern, which I see from the corner of my eye.


Like this, but the lines shine brighter and some are a bit colorful.

The disorder mostly appeared, when I was sitting at my notebook for several hours, but only four times within few months. Martina found the source in form of a satellite. The satellite received a ray from space and sent a ray towards the earth through the parabolic mirror. When we fought against this satellite, my sight disorder stopped instantly. Somehow these things correlate with the internet.

Today, we discovered more 3D-satellites, because these were influencing some client's crown chakra negatively. We were able to stop this instantly, too, maybe by turning it off or even destroying it; we are not sure, what happened actually. But at least the annoyance at his head stopped.

It took us some time to seek for the operator of the satellite. We found out, that it was produced on earth with humans' joined knowledge. After a long quest we felt energy resonating when saying „Kryon“ (and others). It became clear, that these satellites steer the Kryon-disciples through their implants. We are not sure, how far these steering satellites influence other humans as well. The person we were working with in this case has felt the influence without being a disciple. Furthermore we found out, that there is a whole network of satellites. We tried to turn it off. We had high energy resonance for a few minutes, but we are not sure if we fully succeeded.