Astral Machines part 2

Feb. 21. 2012


I received the following two letters from a reader in France. She had read my articles on astral machines and started to research on it. Her perception seems good and helpful to me:

Letter N° 1:

I have worked on this difficult problem and achieved some good outcome for myself. First thing to know is, that there are two kinds of astral machines.

The most „powerful“ machines do not only store one, but two persons, two opposite polarities + and -. These are energy bodies of the same person, split in two parts, incarnated into two different people, the so-called „twin souls“. The energy bodies
of these people are trapped inside the machines on the ethereal place. Energy + and – is what the machines need to function!

Sometimes they only store the female or the male aspect inside the machines, because they can be freed separately. The machines is not as powerful then.

Actually, a fraction of aliens has created these machines. They serve, amongst other things, „healing techniques“ such as Reiki to get their energy. I have seen one of these machines above a Reiki Center, and the people received the energy from it. The „Reiki-Master“ pumped down the energy to „heal“ people. Those two persons, who were trapped in the machine were emptied then, of course.

The healing work I did for myself:

Somewhere on earth; I saw a giant hall and saw the energy of my twin soul as light as a bolt, an electric current trapped in the middle. His energy was pumped down to load a whole network of activities. It's not only a soul fragment caught inside the machines, it is a
whole energy body!

==> Around the hall, where the energy bodies were being trapped (or only one body was being trapped) was a round mirror, surrounding the whole hall.

The mirror reflects the energy and multiplies it unto ten times. This energy is enough to make the machines work, which are loaded from the same energy of the hall. It is self-supply.

==> Once they have turned on a machine through an energy body, they do not need to touch them at all any more, they can work for decades. The can steer it through the aspects they have chosen before.

==> The only solution I have seen is to
put a cylinder on the machine's centre. A huge cylinder has to be placed in a certain way, so it is like a huge energy pillar. Then the whole machine stands still and the energy body can be set free.

Programmed, giant crystals of the earth are the reason why the gadgets for entrapping energy bodies are kept up. These are, in turn, connected to the zodiac signs. This constellation contains everything, also clericals of the Tibetan Buddhism, who are supplying their world with our energies.

But careful, because indeed satellites locate everyone who is trying to free himself and this satellites will try to restart the machines. Therefore they will try to regain the freed energy bodies through abduction. After liberation such attacks are frequently and numerous, especially around the head.

Kryon tried to implant everyone who has „opened up“ once it is possible to him. I think, Kryon and the grays are colleagues, they collaborate. Since the grays were the ones who gave us humans technologies, these satellites and other equipments are built by their means. Human military is involved, too.“


Second letter:


The problem with machines is complicated, and even though I have seen quite a bit, I am still looking for answers.

I propound reading this article which says:

"a mirror, which is subjected to relativistic movements, could transform virtual photons directly into real photons.

With this sort of technology they are keeping up a whole bunch of control systems on mankind. They abuse/use us and thereby we are 'the machines, functioning on free energy'...versus mankind, ourselves.

Four different clairvoyants have perceived that cylinders are a possible solution. The best thing is to wait and see, when one is able to act it out. Sometimes people do not sense machines around, but a cylinder shows up as an answer, and they find out machines and can process it.

I am very interested, if these clairvoyants have found out any news. I have been attacked at my head three hours after writing the mail. In such cases I have to defend and fight back. I shot energy to the source of attack- in space around the earth. A few seconds later I saw an extremely bright light, and the energy which I just had shot turned this light off.

The day after I was getting attacked again. I saw a parabolic mirror, which was turned against me. I sent energy towards it and waited for what shows up next. Then I saw a second mirror, which was placed on the first so a sphere emerged, which was just existing of mirrors on the inside. As a result, I wasn't attacked any longer. An hour later I saw a green-grey, giant and angry lizard, whose head was trapped inside the mirror-sphere...the one I have sent energy to.

I think the reptile was observing the whole event and was „playing“ with turning the attack ray towards me. It got trapped apparently.

My spiritual guides told me, I was doing a good job. I do not know, if this is connected to you (Franz) in a way.

I am still looking for the source of this construction. We have to have an eye on the crystals and on the thing, which is controlling them.

Sometimes I am catapulted into space to close a vortex. Sometimes they are working through military bases and succeed in destroying their material. We have to stop the ones, who are building the machines, so this servility is coming to an end! Thank you for publishing your information, I am very interested in it.“