Part 5


July 24, 2013

The logbooks mustn't be too long, otherwise it gets too uncomfortable for the dear translators. Therefore now no. 5.


There were misunderstandings about the phrase “the code-bearers don't have an advantage there”. I meant by that they don't have an advantage to other people but they have the same benefit from the activation.

The Anunnaki-rebels who are coming here now by exchange are mainly Earthlings with a dragon part. They were, like myself and many others, born on Anu and therefore have an Anunnaki part. Other than us they have been Anunnaki much longer. They might like to come back here because of their Earth origin.

Before going to sleep quite something happened yesterday:

First of all 20 Dom.Rep. - politics

During the day we already had bigheads but in the evening there was another massive bighead-operation going on, always two at a time on Karin. Until I had found the second one two new ones were already there. And all this was accompanied by toothaches. We asked the Wowos whether they could do something against the bosses who were ordering those attacks. I got an affirmative and waited what would happen.

About 20 minutes later I see someone before me. Very distinctly, silly face, ears sticking out – Prince Charles. Now what? What shall we do with him? First of all, out of the body. But shall someone go in there? Who wants to put up with that? It's enough if he drops dead, isn't it?

Just wait what will happen. Next 35 persons came whom I had to get out, mainly people from Belgium. Only after a while the replacement for Prince Charles arrived. Well, in he goes. And then the 35 came for the exchange. Questions were repeatedly confirmed that those 35 and Charles were responsible for the attacks.

Either things don't work that fast or there are more bosses because today there were many attacks again. Karin had some extremely painful dissolving of attachments in the abdominal region today. She is lying down with miserable feelings and then bigheads are coming into that on top of it. So today it is/was really bad.

Exchanges today:

Confidante reports 9. I can confirm that. It's 9 Austrian politicians.

120 USA – NSA

80 Dom. Rep. - economy and finances

200 Dom. Rep. - influential people, TV and press

16 Switzerland – finances

200 Dom. Rep.

100 Japan – economy

100 Egypt

80 USA – military and intelligence agencies

That makes 720 important exchange persons already for the Dom. Rep., ergo more than for the US or Germany so far. It is getting clearer and clearer that they are up to something here.


July 25, 2013

I checked now how many elite and middle elite people have already been swapped during the mass exchange proceedings. In that phase I didn't check where the smaller groups belonged.

USA: 600

Germany: 500

France: 500

Great Britain: 200

Italy: 100



The A-rebels who are coming in are bringing soul-, mental- and astral body with them. They also bring the upper chakras, beginning from the third. They take over the first and second chakra from the host body. These chakras however could not be used by the former owners so they are also not burdened with their karma. Principally only the physical body can be full of interfering energies.

So the physical body needs energetic cleaning and the two lower chakras need to start working. They haven't been used in decades. As far as I could find out it takes the new ones one or two weeks until they can make any changes in the outside. So we still need a little patience (grrr).


The Deltas

In each Logbook 1 and Logbook 2 a race from another galaxy was healed. One of them are the invaders whose walk-ins are being removed right now. The other race has been enslaved by them. Since I don't have a name for them I call them Deltas after the Greek letter.

I have been meeting many Delta-walk-ins lately, in private and through clients. Most of them are of a positive mind and can be accepted into humankind. This is what I did. Even one who has been doing black magic until recently was accepted by the Wowos. I had doubts about another person but he also was accepted. It is obviously the case that those persons are forced to provide themselves with energy and this isn't always possible in a clean way. If they didn't have those problems they would act differently. One person was not accepted, though. I would have refused them myself, too.


Exchange Program

Late in the evening of the 24th: 150 for Columbia – government

On the 25th:

My confidante reports from Austria:

20 – Austria – politics

15 – Italy – banks

For me:

80 Switzerland – economy

100 New Zealand – economy

100 Switzerland – TV and press

220 Dom. Rep. - banks and finances

70 Mexico – drug bosses and bankers (these seem to be strongly connected)

30 moon bases

Who would have thought of that? I searched the whole Earth and found nothing. Finally I got a reaction for space. For further results I had to remove some veils first. Then I found 10 bases with a total of 30 walk-ins and 10 humans. I found weapons systems as the purpose but nothing more specific.

I got no energy for radiation weapons, nor for rockets or ballistic weapons. I got a little energy for atomic bombs and dropping them from UFOs. But it was not 100% convincing.

I can perceive these 10 bases and the Reptilian breeding facility, nothing more.

80 Great Britain – economy

I am expecting a goodnight present.


July 26, 2013

My goodnight present were 200 Mexicans – government

Today from Austria:

9 – press

30 – banks

The following exchange program took place here:

100 – New Zealand – economy, industry

90 – Russia – billionaires, banks

30 – Spain – press

250 – Austria - general strike: TV, press, economy, banks

81 – moon bases

I found 9 bases with 9 crewmen each. The bases seem to serve for surveillance. So there are more but I had to dissolve veils in order to get a little through to the purpose of the bases. I guess it was because of the veils why I couldn't find them before.

45 – moon bases

5 bases with 9 persons each. I can perceive the purpose only vaguely. Maybe they have lasers there to take out satellites, maybe also for defence purposes against unexpected attacks? I am very unsure here.

200 – space bases

These are 10 space bases with 20 persons each. Possible purpose: bomb storage (nuclear, I think). In case of operation they should be deployed by UFOs.

Moon- and space bases show a connection to the Pentagon which will surprise no one. The Russians and Chinese would have been rather surprised indeed about unexpected attacks from space in a possible serious scenario.

I just went looking for more veiled bases and found some. So far I found 10 more moon bases and ten more space bases. So in the evening some things are bound to happen.


July 27, 2013

In the evening came, as expected, for the exchange:

200 – in 10 more space bases

The morning of the 27th:

100 – in 10 moon bases

30 – secret – no information was given to me intentionally

57 – Guinea, Africa – government

40 – Philippines – banks

Guinea and Philippines. Quite unimportant countries. But this exchange has to do with two friends of mine but I don't want to publish any details.

100 - China – government

80 – Great Britain – government

40 – again secret

40 – China – banks, finance system

52 – Saturn moons

4 Saturn moons, 13 persons per moon. Also see Logbook 2, point 68. It says there that on June 2nd extraterrestrials were healed.

I finally wanted to know what was going on on these moons. They turned out to serve as prison. 620.000 Anunnaki were imprisoned there, and with their physical bodies. They also exist without physical food like the physical Greys on Earth. Otherwise they would have starved on those moons a long time ago, I think.

Since June 2nd they are free but they were not able to leave the moons. I don't quite understand that but the problem seem to be the 52 walk-ins. I got the info that through the exchange it will be possible to leave the moons. Hey guys, come visit us one of these days! Culture shock!

I tried to find out what the Anunnaki look like but I don't know more than them having two arms and two legs. There are Anunnaki with a dragon part, that is with Earth origin, and normal Anunnaki. Those look probably different. After all, there are descriptions that Enki looked a little like a dragon. So it is possible that the appearance of the Anunnaki is quite different.

90 – under water facility – Indian Ocean (also see <link>)

On June 28 I found almost 20.000 humans there who were used as energy source for cloning. The 90 walk-ins were able to hold those people there until now. Finally they will be free (and tell the story?). Exactly a month ago I was told they would be set free (I am writing this after midnight – ergo already on July 28).


July 28, 2013

In the evening 60 – secret


150 – Venus

I discovered on May 30 that there were humans on Venus. Now I found 12.000 humans there. It is possible that experiments have been done there for programming facilities for humans. Not sure.

17 – secret

14 – different under water base in the Indian Ocean with 500 humans. I think their magical powers have been used.

80 – USA – Federal Reserve Bank

140 – Dom. Rep. - press, TV

40 - Netherlands