Part 4

July 18 -23

Logbook or journal. I want to write down things in here which would not be enough material for an article. I am writing them down for myself, too, in order not to forget the small events.


July 18, 2013 (Events of the 17th )


All Betas healed

Though the event is not small it didn't take up much of my time. I asked how many Beta-pyramids I would be able to work on at the same time. A limit of 500 was the answer. However, this only worked with the cooperation of 5000 Reptilians. Yes, in this case Reptilians helped. I think it was their job to find 500 new pyramids every time.

All I had to do was to open up the pyramids and address the healing of the Betas. As usual the healing went by itself – the Betas do that by themselves within the pyramid. About 45 minutes later I asked if all of them were healed – which was “yes” - and then destroyed the pyramids. Then the next 500 were on.


There were 4500 pyramids. In each pyramid there were 10.000 through 100.000 Betas. There were also Betas who were not in the pyramids. Healing those took a little longer but I didn't have to do anything for it but asking if they were finished.

All this took place from Tuesday evening till Wednesday noon. Since then there are no more evil Betas but healing is still running.

Exchange of Walk-ins

This morning 500 were delivered to me for getting out. It has become usage that I am being made aware by bites in my liver by Earth snakes. Nevertheless I don't know at first if it is a magical attack but this turns out quickly. About 15 minutes later the Anunnaki rebels are already in the bodies and need the “yes” from me for having their chakra connections made. In most cases I remember it myself but sometimes I forget someone is waiting. If I forget for too long the biting starts again.

This evening on the beach there were bites again but only 10 beings were exchanged. When the rebels were inside there were very beautiful waves going through the heart chakra for a while. That doesn't usually happen. I asked if these were special beings and this was confirmed. It was elite for Germany.

While I am writing this another 30 Anunnaki rebels came for the exchange. Also elite, this time for Israel.


Planet Anu

All those months during which I have been dealing with Anunnaki topics I never had a positive reaction to the name “Nibiru”. Now I found out that the Anunnaki called their planet “Anu” from which they took the name of their king as well as their people.

I found out that Anu had 4 children with the dragon princess Id – Enki and three daughters. Anu had 24 children with his Anunnaki wife Antu, among them Enlil.

On Earth there was a dragon couple. They did however not have any offspring (dragon children). Apparently this was not their task. Id was not their daughter but was appointed princess because she had the required abilities for it. The royal couple, like Id, had especially strong chakras and thus enhanced the entire life energy of their people. One could live without those additional sources but life was extremely beautiful with them.

The giving-away of Id was a loss for the population of Earth. Anu probably knew exactly he had taken a big treasure with him and the question remains whether people were pleased about it here.

July 19, 2013 (happened on July 18th )

The Royal Couple

In the Psitalent-forum somebody asked where the royal couple might be now and I answered rather hastily they were here. This was however incorrect. The two of them were captured on another planet, through robots, like Anu and Enki. The liberation went fast thanks to the help of the Betas.

I thought the two would come back to Earth quickly but no, they are now with Anu&co and are probably being informed about the situation first.


Exchange of Walk-ins

At noon there were 20 persons, elite in the US financial system.

This afternoon 6 persons. Again US financial system.

In the evening 15 persons for Great Britain – without further information.

The 10 for Germany and the 30 for Israel yesterday evening were also finance-related.

It seems to be about quality now, not quantity anymore. Just for fun I asked, “Has Rothschild been exchanged?” and it unexpectedly said “Yes”. “Rockefeller?” “Yes”. “George Soros?” “Yes”. I don't even know many more of those guys. But I found out that a few more billionaires have been exchanged.


Attachments of Feelings


No feelings can be attached to the teeth, nor to the jawbone. But the teeth are not solidly connected to the jawbone but through thousands of tiniest tissue strips that work as a springing. The springs are horizontal and if pressure is applied to the teeth they stretch a tiny bit downwards.

To those bits of tissue exactly it is possible to attach feelings. I found that out via tense jaw muscles. The muscles don't store anything, neither do the bones. I hadn't expected the cause to originate from the teeth but the reaction was clear.



This is a project for myself. I cannot believe that one's eyesight gets worse with age. I am 61 and I need glasses on the laptop. And it bugs me.

I found in Wikipedia that this was normal because the cortical substance of the lens keeps getting thicker in time because new fibres are superimposed on the old ones; but the old ones are not transported off since there cannot be any blood vessels in the eye in order for the eye to remain clear. When I asked if this was possible differently there was a clear “yes”. If the energies within the eye are balanced this effect does not occur and the skin of the lens can be thinned out again by removing the faulty energies.

Naturally I go and try this on myself. The energies of 5 living persons have been attached to me and for three days I have been digging something out again and again. No end is near yet. And my eyesight hasn't improved, either. I'll keep digging.


July 19, 2013

I corrected the handling of the date. Up to now I used to date ahead because I wrote the reports mostly after midnight. From now on I use the date when the events took place.

So, the following happened on July 19th:

Exchange of 15 persons for the German press. Meanwhile I don't know much about the German press anymore but “Spiegel” and “Focus” I remember. There have been exchanges in the elite level there. Something must have happened in TV-stations as well.


Exchange of 15 persons, financial elite, Dominican Republic.

Later yet:

Exchange of 25 persons, Dominican Republic, press and politics.

40 persons for such an unimportant country? Wouldn't it be more important to swap people in the US or other European countries? I have been feeling however that here in the Dom. Rep. something special is planned and that I will be a part of it.

It is possible that there will be more today. I'll add that then.

A short time before 11: 100 persons for Afghanistan. I'm surprised.


July 20, 2013

Just before falling asleep another 8 persons were swapped: US-industry. I think Bill Gates was among them. I could perceive him.

On occasion, I felt into the Bilderberger-conference. I found 10% legal humans, 90% walk-ins and of those 90% of the invading race. There were no Reptilians. So there meet those who wanted to take over Earth.

Ok, then after getting up today:

30 people – USA – press

Later: 42 for Russia – no further information

then: 46 for France – finances, banks, rich people

then: 26 for USA – military-connected

There were 3 magical incidents today. I could hardly call them attacks. They tried to get me into an insensitive condition so I wouldn't be able to feel the impulses for the exchange work. This is quite in vain since I ask questions so often that I immediately notice when there is no energy flow anymore.

5-6 times fears popped up within me today. Quite suddenly really and without reason. The fear is there in a blink, heart bumping and stress. This is helpers bringing this stuff to the surface, and every time it's attached groups which the helpers work on then. Depending on how long it takes the next fear pops up within an hour or so.


More about the attachments of feelings:

Your torturers were keen on imprinting certain feelings and beliefs into you intensely. What it is depends on what they want to block in you. In the course of time you make these beliefs and feelings your own. Such beliefs of one's own may also be found in the tissue- and fat cells.

I think this is not new. But you shouldn't be looking only for foreign feelings but also for your own – even if they have developed through foreign attachments.

Examples: I never get anything. I will never be healed. I am not good enough. Well, things like that.

10 o'clock in the evening: 8 persons, USA, oil companies

When I want to sleep there are surely going to be more. I'll write that tomorrow.


July 21st, 2013

In bed even two groups came. First, 25 Japanese bankers.

And before I could sleep another 10 came along. These were assigned for Syria, government opponents were exchanged.

This morning:

50 for Slovenia – industry

30 Syria – foreign powers in Syria

I looked through my notes again because in the time of the large exchanges there were smaller groups here and there. I didn't even write them all down because sometimes I didn't have anything to write with me, somewhere on the road.

For example, on July 7 I had, aside from 30.000 Greys and 10.000 others, a small group of 300. July 8 there were 60.000 and then 50.000 and a small group of 60. 200 on July 11. And, like I said, there were some groups I didn't write down. I asked now; among those small groups there are power positions in USA and Germany and others.

Afternoon and evening:

10 for Peru. Finances and industry... a little unclear.

30 for Egypt – government-related

35 for Australia – finance-related


July 22nd, 2013

A short time before sleeping: 5 persons for Egypt

A confidante of mine who at times gets bitten by Earth snakes as well told me that they had sent her 29 walk-ins for exchange. It was about Austria and the financial business.

More from me:

8 for Canada – finances

15 for Dom. Rep. - senate

20 for Portugal – finances

10 Dom. Rep. - politics

This was interesting. Since it had been the senate's turn shortly before that I checked if there were any black sheep (evil walk-ins) among the politicians. And I found some. So someone must have read my thoughts and granted me my wish for clean politicians.

6 for the Philippines – banks

10 Dom. Rep. - industry, companies

Obviously the Dominican Republic is being preferred strongly, compared to the rest of the world. I'm almost embarrassed because it looks like this is a gift for me. But I am sensing that something special is planned here and that Karin and I are here because of it.

I also researched the following today:

The Anunnaki walk-ins are aware that they are Anunnaki when they are in the new body. They don't forget everything like in a new incarnation but they have a wider consciousness. They recognise each other. They also recognise those who have woken up.

The code-activation has happened but I have to check the topic or topics again tomorrow. It seems to be a little different than I thought.

July 23rd, 2013

The code-activation happened only on July 23rd and not only in 4 but in 10 million people. The topic “truth” is correct. Yesterday I got false impulses because they had piled veiled magic on me which I didn't notice at once. They are also very generous with bigheads nowadays, especially for Karin. And they used up to 50 protective structures for some bigheads.

The activation changes the collective energies. The code-bearers don't have an advantage there.

Further exchange:

Yesterday evening:

200 for Dom.Rep. - TV and influential people

today at daytime:

30 – Great Britain – finances

40 – Japan – industry and economy

15 – Switzerland – industry and economy

25 – Egypt

36 – Malta

38 – Greece

25 – Philippines – TV

58 – USA – politics

Many countries are still missing where exchanges would be necessary. After all, this is going relatively slowly, ca. 8 through 10 groups a day. It would not go faster if more people like me could work on it. It seems not to be all too simple to get those groups prepared for getting out. Like I said, they don't come willingly.

The Anunnaki are working together with all four races out of time and space for these activities. The setting of the order, the priorities, are coming from the four races out of time and space.