About the activities beginning May 28, 2013

Part 3 starting June 3rd



June 3., 2013

71 10:15 Secret project may possibly be made public later

June 5., 2013

72 10:15 Heal/release black magicians

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Juni 6. 2013

73 11:45 Get astral bodies out of facilities and insert in humans. Healing of bodies will happen in a later project  

 June 7.

74 12:00 Healing/releasing Bosses and heavily protected magicians. This project is running parallel to no. 73

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    June 8: Before midnight the limit of 1 billion astral bodies was crossed. By the way, at first only astral bodies are being brought back.  

June 13. thru 17.

75   bringing down NWO Structures

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June 17.



  Getting back mental bodies  
77   Dealing with NWO-Members - but this time without me  


On 72:

This was primarily about magicians who were guarding the facilities. Most facilities are unguarded now but there are exceptions. Presumably I will learn how this is going to be dealt with. However, also magicians who wanted to change sides voluntarily have been treated. There are still black magicians and NWO-leaders (who are actually also all magicians).



I could not bear it any longer. Now humans and Reps with multiple shields and every protective structure imaginable came knocking. There were up to 20 shields by human magicians and this on and on. The constant snake bites became painful. But I can't just stop the deal with the snakes because then the magicians would pile up here without me noticing. . . or noticing too late. Besides, I was hardly able to concentrate on my work because of the constant interruptions.

I went on strike. You alien guys have to deal with those magicians and bosses, too, otherwise I cannot go on anymore. I allowed the aliens again and again to do this work with my authority but apparently it didn't go too well because magicians kept arriving here repeatedly. However it is better than before. In any case, the project has been running for a day now.


On 75: Project 74 obviously didn't go as well as I'd wished. Within the last days I had already been shown some bigger boss-structures. Maybe that served as preparation for these five days from 13th to 17th June. During these days I was presented with ca. 75 mass-structures with a total of 10.8 million humans and 800 000 Reps in human bodies. Then there was the Moon base with approx. 850 000 Reps. I had to analyze all structures, that is, find out how many humans were involved and how many Rep-hierarchy-levels there were with how many Reps each.

That is how the over 50 000 helpers were able to work with them. I don't know exactly what they did with them. Many humans are being healed and/or awakened. I think that for the Reps and the non-curable humans a process has been initiated that will bring them back to their souls in a short time. There is no other solution here.

I was under the impression that this project was very urgent. I had to cancel all sessions and couldn't go through my mail. I didn't have any energy left for that, anyway. I think one reason for this is that in August new Reps were to be transported to Earth from the Moon base. If the 800 000 so far were able to cause so much chaos, what would a supply of another 800 000 do?

All this was such an intense experience. I can hardly imagine that all this was only a bluff.