About the activities beginning May 28, 2013

Part 2 – starting June 2nd, 2013


According to what is happening I will add news here without announcing it.


Working with Wowo&co

I don't know how this collaboration actually works. I make guesses. I believe most of the work is being done by the healed Dracs, Reps, Greys, Anunnaki etc. And the more of them are healed the greater their healing capacities seem to get. Wowo&co work with us, too. For example, healing chakras is something only the Jackies were able to do. It is however possible that their main purpose of this assignment is to back up the many extraterrestrials; to supply them with so much energy that they are not exposed to any harm in these actually dangerous projects. I myself somehow act as a channel for the whole thing.

The order of the projects seems to be well considered. When one project is getting to an end and the next one is to be started most times I am being made aware of it by soft snake bites. It also happened even in the supermarket. The snake didn't stop until I had the opportunity to feel into it in quiet. The snakes also seem to need a little practice as to the dosage of their biting. Today it was fairly tolerable. In three cases Karin was pinched by a Drac where the pinching or stabbing was a little too fierce.

So if there is a new project to be started I have to feel into it and find out what it is about. If I cannot define the project accurately enough it cannot be initiated. I have to grasp at least 80% of the purpose of a project and speak it, which also works by thinking. And I have to approve it because it's about humans and aliens are not allowed to decide this for themselves. So I speak the purpose of the project and assign the Wowo&co officially with the execution. Then I notice by the energy flow it is starting but then it is quiet for a long time till the next project.

Most times I can pronounce the project aloud but sometimes I wake up at 4 o'clock in the night and think I can surely start a new project now which then is really the case. In order not to wake up Karin I don't speak aloud but I define the project in my thoughts, and that is enough.


Changes I can already notice

At the beginning of this event there were attacks on all levels. This is reduced now to one human-made level.

  1. I have to mention that I finally, after 12 years, found the UFO-fleet in the river that makes a peninsula out of my grounds (I mean the river is on three sides). The fleet stretched from the lagoons in Cabarete to the mouth of the Rio Yassica, ca. 15km. The UFOs didn't have an assignment there but were ready to be called. At the same time they deteriorated the energy for us. Since the destruction of this fleet by the Wowos I have peace from Rep-UFOs. Since the Reptilians have been healed there is peace anyway.

  2. Since the UFOs were gone they built groups of bases several times a day and directed them at my grounds. That's why I was not able to work with energy until I found the cause. This and the following disturbances were repeated up to 15 times a day.

  3. They also had bigger groups of bases directed to the beach of Cabarete which we often visit. That, too, was repeated many times after each clearing.

  4. Over and over again they placed installations in the river which they secured from afar. They had astral bodies of humans with them so that the Wowos couldn't destroy these UFOs. The Wowos don't meddle with that and I had to send these bodies back to their physical bodies myself.

  5. They also placed astral installations into the ground beneath our house, equally secured.

  6. In the house and in objects also astral installations.

  7. Frequent blackmagical attacks with various obscuring tactics by Reptilian magicians or human magicians with possession.

  8. Bigheads, sent by magicians. Up to 20 a day.

  9. Bigheads, sent by aliens.

  10. Appearance of Anunnaki who were able to stick insects and/or demons directly into our body, veiled up to 20 times; or they stole a piece of Karin's heart chakra again and again.

  11. And much more.


I already had the following question routine:

Is the air clear (UFOs, bases)?
Is the river clear? (UFOs, installations?)
Is the ground clear? (Installations?)
Is the house clear? (the same)
Is the car clear? (the same)
Is Karin clear? (Bighead, magic, beings?)
Am I clear? (the same)
Cat 1, cat 2 clear?


All that is over now. The air, the river, the ground, the house – all is constantly clear. No influences anymore. No magicians show up any more who are fully Reptilian. They were here all the time before. If a human magician shows up now he is without possession. That has never happened before – magician without possession. Apparently this was actually taken care of in project 52.

Those magicians keep sending bigheads, sometimes 10 or 15 in a row which means there are also 15 magicians. I am bitten by the snakes ergo I can deal with it quickly. The real purpose behind all those attacks seems to be that those people want to get out of their body. I guess their situation must be critical. They all have to or want to get out of their body. Why else would they attack us like lemmings?



June 2nd, 2013

64 07:10 Humans – improve soul connection

concerns many, doesn't have exact definition

65 09:50 Humans – mother essence, sexual energies general energy changes
66 12:15 Healing beings in the Sun see comments
67 17:00 Healing Aldebaranians see comments
68 19:00 4 Saturn moons – healing moon beings and aliens  
69 20:55 Aliens from other galaxy see comments
70  23:30 Demolish HAARP, worldwide – end physical and non-physical radiation on man and climate  

On 66:

Here I guessed around for some time. I had found out “Sun” fast; with “healing Sun soul” I thought the project might get started but the definition seemed not to be right. At “healing Sun beings” it started with full energy flow.

Further investigation showed that sun eruptions are symptoms of artificial negative energy and that they are connected directly to the condition of the Sun beings. Furthermore the negative astral energies of the Sun eruptions have a problematic effect on our weather. So the healing of the Sun beings should soon have a positive effect on the eruptions and thus on our weather.

On 67:

As usual, when an alien race establishes contact I notice it by losing energy flow, meaning the asking doesn't work. Meanwhile I already know it must be UFOs from a new race. So I asked, “Are you here because it's your turn to be healed?” Yes. Are you from our galaxy? Yes. Do I know you? Yes. Pleiades? No. Orion? Yes.

Now I didn't know more nonetheless but the data were sufficient to start the new project. When I got to a laptop later I looked up a map of Orion and on the rim I found Aldebaran. This doesn't belong to the Orion-system but that way at least I was able to find the race that was concerned.

On 69:

In Machines in space I had described something that affects the eyes in a weird way. The following pattern appears on the periphery of the field of vision:

I had exactly this irritation this evening while sitting with friends on their balcony. I tried to find out what it is and how to get rid of it. But questioning didn't work. No energy. Damn it, have they found a sort of radiation with which they can neutralize me? But then I had the thought it might not be an astral machine but a UFO (which is actually the same). Right, it was a UFO. I asked the crew whether they were the next race in line for the healing process. Here the yes-energy came. Then I asked them to keep contact to the Wowos free in order to be able to start the healing process which worked fine.

I know other people are suffering from this irritation, too. I would like to hear whether the problem is solved now.


June 15, 2013

This morning at 10.15 (my time) a new project was initiated. It could have started earlier but it took me a long time to decipher it.

The project is so extraordinary that I don't make it publicly known yet. If it succeeds it will provide a great surprise. It has been on for eleven hours already and will presumably take several days. Until then the logbook will remain quiet.