Karma Fraud and Soul Recycling



Many years when working as a healer, like many other spiritual people, I was convinced that karma was a rightful thing. My healing-sessions were based on that belief. It was in 2000 in a discussion with a clairvoyant when I suddenly knew I was wrong. I understood that there were (many) cases where karma could unjustly be added to a soul.


In the article (see links) about Susan Reed’s book “The body snatchers” a Reptilian called “Ettish” reveals that the Reptilians have at least two criminal ways of altering human karma. He talks about the “spirit-capturing-net”, which stops highly developed souls from leaving the planet in order to recycle that soul into a new set of earth-lives by adding new karma. The second fraud is that they can alter our so called “Akasha-records” (they need the aid of other beings to do that). Well, Reptilians love to lie and we can never trust them, but these statements just confirm what I found out eight years ago.


I am not able to put more words down here to convince you. When I understood it, it just made click in my head and I knew. And that’s the way it works. I have a lot of comments about this topic, but I will post them apart and some time later, because I don’t want your consciousness to get lost in too many details.


Just be aware of:


If you find yourself or other people in deep shit

that does not automatically mean that you or they deserve it,

because of things you did in former lives.


It can be this way and it can not be this way.