Psychic Healing


My way of psychic healing
Course of a session
Understanding reincarnation
Typical causes of problems from former lives
The effect of the soul


My way of psychic healing:

My particular, healing method, without physical contact, developed itself through my good contact with my soul. Through my soul, I can easily establish contact with other souls and find access to the causes of psychic and physical problems of other people.

With the help of my soul I also can initiate very intensive healing-energies through the body of the patient, what causes pains and other symptoms to vanish in a few minutes, for example. The patient lies in a relaxed state on a day bed, while perceptible changes go on in his body.

Through the work with many patients in the course of about fifteen years, I could find out that illnesses and problems of all the type frequently have their causes in events of former lives. Some patients could even experience again the feelings and images of former events, through what the corresponding problem-topics came off. But the re-experiencing is not necessary, because I can carry out the cure of these things directly on the soul-level what is accompanied usually only by slight physical reactions.

Whether connected with former lives or not, all illnesses, injuries, depressions, negative circumstances, relationship-problems etc. can usually be healed faster and more thorough from the soul-level, than with medical or other therapeutic methods

It doesn't play any role, which problem or which illness one has. Neither does one need to believe in my healing-method in order to be treated successfully. It was established as well that belief is not necessary in the religious sense. For a lasting cure, it is however very wholesome if the patient brings along an inner attitude to want to change. The contact with the soul during the healing-session frequently causes that blocked powers and specifically metaphysical abilities become free, because what appears metaphysically for us, is normal for the soul. That is, clairvoyance and/or healing abilities are discovered, but also positive changes of the personality are stimulated by the soul-contact. However, whoever would not like such changes, or whoever is programmed on his everyday life to firmly, possibly is not accessible to a lasting cure.

Whoever perceives a strong wish to change himself and his life doesn’t have to become sick in order to take a healing session. He is cordially welcome.

The sessions can be carried out in German, English or Spanish.


Course of a session:

After a few minutes of talking about the problems, the session already starts. The patient makes himself comfortable and relaxes. From now on, he must do nothing more then now and then report what he perceives, that means, what changes he senses in his body, what he feels or even sees (even by clairvoyance).

I then open the contact through the soul, speaking some sentences, which can be ignored by the patient. In few minutes, or sometimes immediately, the patient can perceive that something happens in his body. Perceptible energy flows, that might move to the sore points of the patient. The healing-process can become painful, but only for a short time, when old painful traumas are being healed.

The patient is not in hypnosis. He is constantly fully conscious and simultaneously in connection with miscellaneous levels of his soul.


Understanding reincarnation:

A good comparison is if one imagines the soul, like the mother of many children. Each of our lives corresponds to a child on that occasion; that means we can have completely different characters in the individual lives. Everyone lived already as man and as woman. Also animal-lives are among the experiences of a soul. As well, existence-forms in other realities and other universe have appeared. The number of  lives is completely individual.

To the difference to a mother with children, however, the individual lives are also part of the soul and interweave to a soul-matrix. Applied abilities in former lives, practiced activities are available for a new life, but also the power of negative experiences potentially remain, if they were not "digested" in some way. Tortures, forcible deaths, painful separations, humiliations can block whole soul-areas. The abilities of these areas then are no more available for other lives. If big soul-areas are blocked, then only remains a very much restricted life the human being. The life appears hollow and pointless and this inner condition is avoided by occupying oneself with outer things.

Wrong ideas over the re-incarnation disturb the free development of the soul-powers in the human being. Some people believe, one would have to rise spiritually from live to live and one should make as few mistakes as possible on that occasion. These people are forced to cut themselves off from their true feelings, because they assess these as faulty, and so they lose their soul-contact. The soul works mainly over feelings namely. 

Others believe, as long as still incarnate on planet earth, they are not yet ripe for the paradise. Others even think that incarnation is a penal system. That is soul-poisoning mischief. The earth is no practice-planet and no penal-colony. There is merely too much negative energy on it at the moment. But this condition can possibly be changed.


Typical causes of problems from former lives:

How much an event shapes the soul-matrix, depends on how much energy is in it; that means energy in psychic-astral form. For us human beings feelings are manifestations of this energy. Logically strong pains contain a lot of energy. Whoever was burned as a witch / warlock doesn't need to be surprised if her/his metaphysical powers are blocked. The painful execution was used for the purpose to block the power.

Fear has very much energy. The cruel executions of the inquisition-time planted fear into many souls. Many people renounced their soul-powers and went under the apparent protection from church authorities. Many of them, that are incarnated again now, are having a boring live. It is the big, incapacitated mass, which do not even know, that they lack something and what it is they lack.

Many people in the dark times moved over to the side of the oppressors. They could choose between being tortured or playing along. That makes it comprehensible that many became oppressors. This subordination under the power still is active with many people and they serve dark powers and entities in an unconscious manner. For people, that have to do with these persons, this usually has a damaging effect. The person itself can have advantages (privileges) or disadvantages through this old relationship. It is not at all so crucial how many human beings he suppressed how much damage he has caused. All this can energetically be fixed. It is important, that the relationship to the dark side is solved.

Rituals, that open miscellaneous doors into the astral-level, can also become so high in energy, that they have an effect to the soul-matrix. That can be rituals of black and white magic, protection-rituals as well as inauguration-rites of many sects and secret-societies. Through the ritual the membership works as long as it is discovered in another life and deleted. But till that happens the group (sect) has an energetic access to the person.

Vows, promises and oaths from former lives can influence  the current life severely. Already almost standard, one can dissolve with everyone pristine chastity and poverty-pledge from monastic lives, as well the promise to help the poor and sick persons. Silence-vows, promises of eternal love and fidelity of a certain person, etc. – all these former demonstrations of the will can later provide servitude and relationship-problems.


The effect of the soul

Two forces determine our life: The intents of our soul and the blockades in the soul-matrix. The negative energies in the soul-matrix generate similarly negative events again in magic way in our life. That is no wickedness, that is, as it simply works. The soul admittedly is no computer, but where somewhat is programmed incorrectly, somewhat runs just crooked.

The surroundings influence us, but negatively only there, where there is shortage of soul-power and positive, if we allow the influence, because we like it.

If we could free all our soul-powers and use them through our body and our consciousness for our life, we would be very powerful beings. In particular, we would have the command over our own life, our health and our fate. The liberation can even generally go so far, that the soul becomes one with the currently incarnated person. The miracle-powers of such a being would be huge.

In this article I will get involved in the question why our souls are blocked so much, why there are so many negative energies that our souls almost suffocate in it. Quite obviously, there are huge forces, which hinder our liberation. And that most people know nothing at all about it and keep sleeping in their everyday-hypnosis, hinder those, who would like to change. Anyway; I am firmly decided to continue to free my soul-powers and would like to stimulate others to do the same.