The Knowledge of the Earth

November 13. 2011



The session on November, 11 was very surprising to us. No one had a defined idea about the thoughts, feelings and knowledge of the earth. After this session though, it looks like that the earth knows much more about us than we do.

The following happened: we just had finished a topic, when a reptilian-like being appeared. But this one was rather slander and of finer structure. Maybe this was a so-called Naag, like Brigitte Walter had described in the video „Erdwesen“. Certainly this was a being of the earth and we could sense the presence of the earth's soul.

As usual, communicating wasn't easy and we didn't really have a clue, what was going on. Martina felt the energy flowing through her in waves, becoming stronger after a while. Our third person and I felt the energy streams once in a while, too, but Martina felt it the most. The nearness to the earth's soul made Martina cry, because feelings of deep sorrow came from it.

Apparently, again we were being prepared for something. The third man and me as  base and protection and Martina as our guinea pig. This is how it started. Our journey took about an hour and now I cannot fully reproduce it. It was simply too much. We neither can tell, what this journey caused. Yet a lot of energy was flowing so we expect, that it was a healing process. For what other reason should the earth seek for some healers' help?

The first station was a Tower of Babylon.

The next station was a European parliament, which has an astonishing likeness to the tower of Babylon. The next step was that Martina was transferred into this building. She could perceive floors and rooms. She saw a crystal skull. Then she heard the name „Jesus“ which was followed by a terrible, agonizing feeling from the earth.

Then she saw a brittle, burned tree in midst white sand, like in a desert. Why? We have no idea.

The she stood in front the Capitol in Washington, the American house of parliament. Then Martina was a shown a room, which was located beneath the Capitol- a sort of control room with many electrical devices. Then she saw the skies full of chemtrails.

The next station of Marina's journey was a vision of an airplane – a Boeing E-4B, also called doomsday airplane. This plane is prepared for catastrophes, so the president and the minister of defense can control the country while being in the air. This plane was shown in the movie „2012“.

Then a sort of runway appeared. Martina recognized that these was one of the lines of the figures of Nazca, which some suspect to be created by aliens.

Next station: an explosion of a nuclear bomb. The mushroom cloud is formed. Then the explosion reverses, like a video tape. The explosion disappears. Then two more explosions happened, which went normally.

The next stage was a vision of London. Only the city, nothing else.

Then Martina saw another city, where a purple cloud was spreading. Not in the air but on the ground. This cloud infiltrated the whole place. Was this some of lethal gas? A virus? Or simply bullocks?

At the end, Martina perceived the image of a big, green tree. Maybe this was the former brittle tree, but this time in a different condition.

So much about the journey. I repeat: Martina was thoroughly under strong energy streams. Many tears and strong crying fits followed these streams. At the end of this session she felt like needing three weeks of vacation. Me and N° 3 had energy during the whole event. Two times after another, a snake attacked me and caused a strong pain in my left temple.

We were astonished, what kind of knowledge about us is kept by the earth. Martina sensed, that the earth's knowledge goes even much, much deeper than what we had just experienced and understood only slightly.

If you understand this experience more than we do, please let us know!