E-mail inquiries:
Please write me in a short way, what you want from me. I do not have time to read long letters or to answer in detail. I can not give written advice in advance, as it costs as much time as a session.
I answer every post. If you have not received an answer within 7 days,, please write again, because then I must have made a mistake.

I speak German, English and Spanish. Inquiries in other languages, I'm going to watch it on my google-translator or talk to a translator if necessary. I apologize for incorrect responses. For sessions in other languages ​​interpreters are needed, which may be available. Please inquire.

Prices and services:
The duration of a session is typically 60 to 80 minutes and the price is 100 . For obviously unsuccessful sessions, I don't ask for money.

Conduct of the meeting:
I work on Skype (+ interpreter if necessary). If no Internet available, I can call you thru Skype to your landline phone. In this case, please specify phone number.
Calls from computer to computer via Skype are free and with excellent sound quality. Costs of Skype calls to phone in Europe, USA and Canada are about 1 per hour, so insignificant. However, calls to cell phones cost 10 and more. This is to be added to the price of the session.

Working hours:
I generally work from 9 am to 3 pm Dominican Time. Check your time difference, please.


Do not pay in advance. Who knows that he will take several session need not pay directly after each session. Paypal or by bank transfer to my german bank account.

Or use your Paypal account and send to franz.erdl@hotmail.com



Account in Germany:

Franz Erdl
Kto-nr.: 2038 730
BLZ:     200 905 00
Swift: GENODEF1S15
IBAN:  DE30 20090500 0002038730
Account in Dom Rep:

(due to extra-costs don't use this account for small amounts)

Franz Erdl
Acc. Nr.: 4800233
Scotiabank Dominican Republic