Snakes and Drugs

 Dec. 25. 2011


Some of our experiences may appeal to you, as if we were saving the world. Superman and Superwoman in action once again. I regard our situation a bit differently. Most of the time, we are sitting lazily in our armchairs, in front of our notebooks, with eyes closed, waiting for the inner images to show up.

Independent from us, many changes are going on, which start on soul levels and in the astral realms first. Some processes are well prospered and need a little ignition only. To be able to give this last ignition for them to take effect, we are being pulled into the necessary situation; we found out, that this is happening to others as well.

By the way: the superheros Franz and Martina are not living in situations they wish to have. In 1997, my wife Karin and I opened a center for spiritual seminars. We wanted to work together the way Martina and I are working today via the internet. I know that Karin has a similar potential, but instead of unfolding it, she has been getting more and more blocks over the years.

Equally sad is the story of Martina and her boyfriend Marthy. You can imagine how both our partners feel like, while Martina and I are working the way, we actually wanted to work with them.

The situation of all four of us is not pleasant at all. Some may think, we earn a lot of money with these sessions, but truth is, we can scratch a living only. The reason is, that we can only do a few sessions per day, to keep up the level of quality. And it would be much easier, if we weren't under constant astral attacks.

Karin and I are living in a half-finished house because the completion has been blocked for years. Even cleaning and tiding up is heavy, because the energy drains us. We are living chaotically and every time we want to do something about it, we get blocked. But the worst thing is, that Karin is being blocked by forces, which we are not able to cope with yet. These forces destroy her physically and psychologically and all I can do is witnessing it.


I just wanted to share this with you, before presenting our new heroic epic called „Snakes and Drugs“:

A friend who wants to stay anonymous, told us during a session two days ago, that he was being placed in the same spot five times after another while doing astral traveling. He didn't want to be there, though. He describe the place as being underground, with big halls, corridors, tunnels and small rooms.

Inside the halls, there were people, who looked like homeless. He also saw Jamaican dreadlocks and gypsy people. Most of the people there were pacing around and appeared like being in a zombie-like condition. The place looked old. Inside the other rooms, there were technical devices and cables. Tools were laying around, everything was a mess and incomplete, like in an old factory. There were no guards, no overseers, no staff, as one might expect it to be.

We decided to have a look at this place. Martina found this place very quickly in the beginning of the session. First she discovered that all the people there were on drugs and in trance. Something started to rotate, a spiral, and behind that she saw the reptile eyes of a snake. This was like trying to hypnotize her. This had no effect on Martina, but thereby we found out that snakes operate with hypnoses techniques. We were unable to find out, whether these people were here in their physical form or if they were astral soul fragments.

Nevertheless, we had to do something about it. Whatever the snakes have built here, it had to be destroyed and the snakes had to be eliminated. We said the necessary commands and it worked. The snake, which Martina could see very well, was very angry and helpless in the same time, so Martina had to laugh. This was an easy and quick victory for us. But we still had to destroy the huge astral installations and now Martina was able to perceive a lot of darkened reptilian beings there as well. They had to be transformed.

Healing the reptilians went very quickly. This worked mainly by breaking down the hypnosis. In this case, we didn't need to heal the usual issues such as traumas, magic, demonization etc. Martina described the reps as being very clear and upright now. Their charisma was fearless and purposeful, really impressive and strong beings. One rep pointed at the installations and said: „Leave this to us!“

Joyfully we handed this job over to them. Martina watched them. After 15 minutes the activities slowed down. There were no humans left in there any more. The cleansing seemed to go beyond the facility. We do not know how big this whole cleansing was going to be, if it contained even other facilities. Of course we hope, that this healing session has an impact on other drug addicted people as well.

I want to make clear, that this facility was ready to be discovered and cleared out, before we showed up. After all, our friend was being pulled there for five times, so we could find it all together and heal it. The work it self was doozy. We didn't have to make a big effort, we were not in danger, even though it was a huge snake facility. Obviously, things had happen here before we came there, what made such an easy job possible.