Draconian encounter


July 9. 2012


Last week I had a session with a person who had previously worked in a mine which not only harmed his health vigorously but on top of that he got caught up in extraterrestrials. Beneath this mine there were more tunnel facilities - created by aliens. When I had a closer look at it I could see a black creature from deep down looking up at the workers of that mine. It was a Draco. I could feel that this Draco was senior to the others. Maybe he was the chief of the underground base . He said to me "This planet has been promised to us!" I was able to recognize at a glance how he felt.
It felt like, "Why do so many of your kind still walk around?" It seemed to me as if he has been waiting for ages to regain a planet for himself.

--- A couple of weeks ago we had freed a Draco - we healed his enormous pain - it was the destruction of his planet. Martina was able to witness this downfall due to his immense agony. The planet shattered with one huge explosion. This shock was deeply felt in all Dracos and hence their strong desire for an own planet.

Back to my encounter with the Draco. The Draco was waiting to take over the earth!

[By whom? By whom was this promise given? By the snakes (or who/whatever is above them)? I do not think they will keep their promises. But I believe that the snakes make concessions as long as they can use other beings as mere tools. If their work is done, Grays, Reptilians, Dracos, but also
Illuminati, Freemasons, banksters, etc. will be reset to their enslaved condition. What does the dark side want? They crave for souls not for planets. Their plan on earth is to cut the grounding connection of all living creatures that is the reason why they have destroyed other planets. And thinking about it, they want to destroy planet earth and our souls should serve them as food forever. If they were interested in planets they would not have destroyed them. But I may be wrong.]

Together - the Draco and I - went through the healing process. As expected I experienced a deep pain seated in the heart chakra which took a long time to be healed. When this was done something wonderful happened. --- Even then, a few weeks ago Martina witnessed the paternal energy of a Draco. This energy seems to be characteristic for Dracos. I was not able to perceive it before but this time I experienced it myself. --- I do not know how to describe this paternal power. The moment where I felt it, it was beautiful and I knew it was the original form of paternal power in its highest concentration. Overwhelming and beyond words because we are not aware of that power which was probably long gone. We therefore, have no comparison.

Hey folks! Now while writing this, I can feel the tingling all over. So if healed Dracos should feel like I perceive them now, then I would be happy if they stayed here.