June 14. 2012



Perhaps they might be known also under a different name? No idea! I had a lot experiences with bigheads in the last two weeks and would like to tell you here.

Firstly I don't know to this day whether all bigheads are soulless. I tend to this belief. Perhaps they have framed us at previous meetings and feigned a soul. There may be some with soul and others without, as it were a biological robot version, like some small grays. The answers are still open.

Secondly, I do not know whether they have all the same body shape. The shape of the head seems to be at least very similar. It may be that there are some with bodies which have arms and legs, sometimes even more than two arms. Others have energy hoses like tentacles.

Thirdly, I've discovered a portal in the body of a bighead. From pure logic, I suppose that all have one and that they can send stolen energies into another dimension, for example.

If I now put up the picture here, that a friend has drawn for me, then that should not stop you from seeing them different. This is how I saw one, but I am not a certified psychic.


Important in the picture: the big head with a small face, the portal in the body and the energy tubes for manipulation and energy-sucking. They manipulate and suck men and women (in the image unfortunately only women), as well as animals and perhaps other spirits.

What represents the image very well is that the bigheads can handle the people like marionettes. They manipulate, change feelings, create misunderstandings, create narratives, provoke events etc. and that completely unnoticed. Also the bigheads are very difficult to detect like the snakes. Perhaps is it because they have no soul? If you as psychic or healer want to find them, it's good to know how they act. Here some examples:


A spiritual project.

A group of people has a spiritual project that should be stopped by the side of dark beings. So a bighead pushes himself quietly and unnoticed over the project; all those involved and those which might have an influence on the project like the members of the project, their spouse, all their enemies, competitors, suppliers, etc. . These people can be geographically dispersed, but in the Ethereal they are close because they are subject related. The bighead sits astrally above about them and connects a power hose to everybody.

And then the show begins, or better said: nothing goes, the project does not move forward. Only expenses, no results. The competition is causing trouble, the enemies perform black magic, the spouse is constantly looking for dispute etc.. This is a very typical bighead action.

I am just remembering some free energy projects....


Second example: Monitoring gifted people (psychics)

Bigheads can be used to control specially gifted people. Their skills will be blocked. That makes them feel depressed or aggressive, the family does not understand them, they make therapies that do not really work. In such a case, family, as well as all doctors and therapists have been tapped and manipulated by the bighead. Wherever he goes, nobody can really help him. I suppose that the skills of these people are either sucked or remotely used or used for dark purposes via "Mindcontrol". In the latter case, also those who control him are controlled by the bighead.


Third example: Suppling top-NWO people with life energy

So where do you think they get their energy from? Of course from powerful women (perhaps not exclusively). Poor women! They may be sick, without power, in any case they won't feel good. This group of Illuminati or Freemasons I could perceive, performed black magic rituals every now and then against their female victims, what delivered new energy to them.

The bighead takes care of the transfer of energy to the men, but this Illuminati were probably also very heavily manipulated by the bighead. I noticed this when I removed the bighead of the whole group, victims and perpetrators. There was something like a deep breath, a relief, or even a joyful feeling between those top managers. I have never expected something alike. The further development of this story is yet to be seen.


How to discover bigheads and what can I do against them?

I use my soul channel for healing and the power of decision of my solar plexus, to destroy soulless beings or astral machines, because you cannot heal them. Certainly other methods can be used.

I rarely see them. I discover the bigheads mostly through conjecture. When I suspect there could be one, then I ask my soul, whether that's true and I get the answer as energy reaction or accordingly none. For positive response, I take away all power sucking hoses by pronouncing this intention. It is useful to find out who else is tapped.

Good luck!