Belief Systems


I’ll make this quick. I know there are many people on this planet, who believe that they have a good belief system and that they have a good connection to the divine source. And I think they will be horrified to notice that their faith possibly was not strong enough to resist the reptilian/NWO attacks that might come soon.


A good example to begin with, is Reiki. Part of the Reiki teaching is, that they say the solar plexus chakra is the seat of our feelings. This is more than garbage; this is a dangerous trap. Feelings don’t have a control center, they are everywhere in the body. But giving the solar plexus this assignation, the real meaning of the solar plexus chakra can not be seen.


What I found out by doing a lot of healing sessions with other people, is that the solar plexus chakra is the most divine energy center we have. This chakra is supposed to contain your personal divine will. If you are looking for guidance, looking for divine help, you’ve got to clean up your solar plexus (explain later). And then look there for help and not anywhere else in the universe.


Anyone who heals has to be connected to this chakra. Gods will is inside of you and you have to know this, especially when you heal. This is the only safe way to keep other beings out of the healing process. Reiki teaches the opposite. They tell you to personally stay out of the healing process. Just let the “higher” beings use your arms and heal. Poor patients. No one knows how many beings found access to Reiki-patients in this way.


I know that Reiki-healers heal. No doubt. But if someone is able to heal, that doesn’t mean a thing. A lot of spirits, who offered themselves to help people, can heal. And they do it to make people trust them. And if the spirit is not to greedy, he might keep the positive illusion for many months. But the day will come when they suck your energy and the energy of the group of followers you might have meanwhile.


The next fatal error is the believe that you need initiations. This is exactly what you not need. Think about it, what else can an initiation be than a binding to a being? Believe me, I deleted quite a lot of initiations of Reiki-healers. They all felt a lot better after that. I think initiations have been used for many thousand of years and we can be sure that we bound ourselves to beings and gods in our past lives. All this has to be deleted by energetic healing or similar methods to make you Reptilian-proof. By the way, can you imagine where in your energy system you can find these initiations? Yes, in your solar plexus.


So this is a part of the solar plexus clean up. Delete all initiations. Further delete all membership rituals of sects, secret groups, religions and stuff like this. There might be a lot of groups, where you once belonged to, that still have access to your solar plexus. And that is the reason why you can’t find your divine will.


You might have noticed till now, that for me Reiki is a pure Reptilian design. Of course the Reptilians want to control healers and an easy way to do it is, to have the healers in big organizations under their rules. I think Reiki healers are easy food for the reptilians and they should hurry to delete their bindings, to finally develop their personal healing abilities.


If you like healing and you want to develop your solar plexus, I recommend to not follow any rules about healing. The more you don’t do what healing philosophies tell, the more your solar plexus will like it. Just heal how you want to do it, that’s my secret for maximum healing power. If you see a healer or guru dressed in white, taking his watch off, turning on candles and spiritual music you could as well watch the muppet show, because what you look at is a muppet.


Behind Reiki and other believe systems, is the believe that there is something outside of you, that is authorized to tell you what you have to do. Or at least you think there is someone who can teach you. This is what we have been programmed for many lives and what is not easy to remove. Even if you decide to think different now, it’s still there. For this reason Reptilians moved into human bodies to appear as gods, who told normal humans what to do. And the official and unofficial churches have been teaching the same. I am not saying that you can not receive useful information from other dimensions, but finally you have to check with your heart- and solar plexus chakra if this information is good for you. 


This summer people came to me with a four year old boy in bad health conditions. They told me, that in a dream he saw an angel who promised to help him. The boy was happy, because of the religious family he lived in, he knew angels were something very good. But in the next weeks the boy became sick and sicker, till they finally visited me. I told the people that this was a fake angel and took the spirit out in an instant. The boy improved by the hour and returned to a healthy condition the same day. A week later, when the whole family got infected by a virus, he was the only one who resisted.


Well you see here, don’t trust angels. When you hear the word “angel” your defense might go down subconsciously because of your past life programs. If you would see an angel who tells you that you are chosen, you might feel proud, I guess. I think I would, in the first moment, but then I would have to say “Sorry, no time”.


I can not talk about all the different types of Christianity. For sure the Vatican is a deep black organization. I have seen a lot of Reptilians below that place, where they store thousands of souls, captured during the inquisition. Most churches do not empower their people but keep them like a herd of sheep.


What about saints? There are no saints. That’s a human invention. Either no one is saint or all of us are saints. By the way, when you are done with my article read: “Mother Teresa, John Paul II, and the Fast-Track Saints” from Michael Parenti*.  I also recommend his article about Tibetan Buddhism.


What about Jesus? That’s kind of difficult. I think he’s a great soul. Many years of my life I loved to feel myself close to him. But some day I’ve got the impression, that I should concentrate on myself, like I’ve grown up now and have “to be Jesus” myself. I hope you don’t understand that wrong. I mean everybody should develop himself with his psychic abilities and his own authority in his solar plexus “to be Jesus” and not to be a follower. Therefore I believe he won’t appear here to save us. I think he would be bored of us, that we haven’t got any further.


Here on the Caribbean island where I live, there are religious groups, that try to get people into some kind of ecstasies, where people fall on the floor, mainly. They are made believe that they contact the spirit of god or the holy ghost. God does not work this way. Nothing else but spirits get into that people and they even might do some healing, just to keep the show going on. When people report the healing they received through that religious practice they find more people to join.


In some healing sessions I found out that there  is a problem when people adore spiritual leaders. To adore somebody means “you give some of your energy to that person”. Sometimes this can be a lot of energy that you might loose. You even might establish a constant connection to the guru, which in turn might keep yourself in a permanent follower condition. That means you won’t advance anymore.


Now let’s talk about the Ego. Do not try to kill your ego for the purpose of enlightenment! Your ego might be a part of the divine will in your solar plexus. Of course there is Ego, for example, like the need to be important. This need substitutes your blocked abilities and the importance you would have, if you were freed. There is also a lot of Ego because of fear. This kind of Ego needs healing of the fear and of the blocked abilities. You can not just try to not have that Ego. But Ego might have or not have to do with your material and physical desires. Material and physical desires might be part of your divine will. As I described in my article “Alien Influence” the human design includes to live in abundance and sexual fulfillment. If a religion or a spiritual philosophy tells you otherwise you can be sure it’s a Reptilian design.


I believe, if somebody is freed to have full access to his divine will, he will have quite a lot of desires and would want to cause a lot of changes in his life, his neighborhood and on the planet. In no case he would only sit around and smile.


There are groups of people who believe that psychic abilities have to do with the DNA. If you are not born with the right DNA, you won’t develop psychic abilities. Some groups think that you have to be from a certain bloodline in order to be one of those, to be taken away by extraterrestrials before things become to bad here. In both cases I think that the physical heritage doesn’t mean a lot. If the DNA should really matter, I think that the DNA possibly changes when you develop forwards. But possibly the DNA doesn’t matter. The bloodline-believe reminds me very much at racism. I don’t like it.


I know there are other groups waiting for extraterrestrials to take them away, or to help them to ascend into a higher dimension. It’s a nice idea. I think I would like to be taken to a nice place. But I fear it’s a trick to keep people away from developing their solar plexus. If the teachings of the group you are in come from the white brotherhood, you sit in a trap. The white brothers are Reptilians. I am not going to discuss this, this would require another whole article. If you follow channeled instructions you are lost too. The reasons you find above in this article and in my article about the Mayans.


I think it is a fakt that there were people invited by aliens to come into their spaceships. The first thing the aliens say in these encounters is usually: “you humans are destroying your planet”. If you read this you already might know it’s a show. Meanwhile we all know it’s the Reptilians destroying our planet and making us believe that’s us. These “friendly” encounters are dangerous mind manipulation.


Sai Baba is a Reptilian Human Hybrid and if someone practiced or practices his meditations you should hurry to take out his influence by energetic healing. I have done this with people and the evil influence was quite obvious. 


In large forums about spiritual and NWO topics, there are always Reptilian Human Hybrids working as spies. As you can’t see the one who is writing, you don’t even know if the writer has five fingers at one hand. Hybrids and aliens can hypnotically program the messages they post, although the message itself is harmless. Friends of mine have a lot of experience about that.


There are more and more websites coming up that show that more and more people are coming closer to the truth. But don’t make the mistake to feel safe because you have a big Anti-NWO-website and you see things clear. I think in this article I have given you a lot of hints what you should look at, especially in your subconscious programs from your actual and your past lives. At least the act to step out of the common ignorance field and to put yourself into a new direction is quite good for your solar plexus development.


I possibly could write endlessly about these things, but I want to post this article soon, because I think that there are many people with faith and good intensions but they cannot win the Reptilians because of their erroneous believes. But we need as many people as possible pulling at the same rope. Human beings do have a lot of energy, or why do you think the Reptilians want us as batteries?





(I did not mention the heart chakra in this article but in my article about “Alien Influence”.)

Feel free to ask questions about things you think I should have mentioned here. If there is enough input I might write a “Part II” of this article. 


(* = Michael Parentis articles at www.michaelparenti.org)