A Weapon from Atlantis

Dec. 9 2011


Just in between, I want to inform you, that I am publishing only parts of our experiences. For different reasons I cannot tell you about some things, though they are very important. But generally spoken I can tell you, that many positive things are going on, more than I am telling you about right now.

Many beings are working on liberation, have projects and missions, which we cannot talk about for reasons of safety. Some events are so extreme, that they would shock or provoke some people. Many events during private sessions are having effects on a global level, yet we cannot talk about them either, to protect the people involved.


But this story I can talk about:

During a private session, Martina was directly from the start being pulled into space, where a spaceship was placed. During the next ten minutes, a couple of aliens showed up, among them a mantis and a gray. Those beings were friendly. Yet we didn't know, what their appearance meant. The word „caught“ came into Martina's mind. This didn't make any sense, yet. Slowly it became clear, that the spaceship had been caught in a time-space-grid.

Martina was moving along the time-space-grid until she reached a time-space-bending, a sort of chute, which was connected towards the earth. She was heading towards the center of the chute, relocating herself in Atlantis. Apparently, there had been a machine installed in Atlantis, causing this time-space-grid, to stop spaceships from entrancing earth. We think, it was only set at ships of benevolent aliens.

Such an insight! This machine has been stopping positive aliens from helping us since the times of Atlantis. Apparently, it is functioning independently of time. I mean, that it probably doesn't exist any more, yet it is still working back in Atlantis. We are not sure though.

During this session, the word „reflux“ suddenly came into Martina's mind, too. At the end of the session, the word „reflux stop“ came up. We couldn't figure out what it meant. Then, the place of the machine showed up: Bermuda Triangle. This was another „aha“! Martina saw sea ships passing by. My association: This disappearance of ships in the Bermuda Triangle was a side effect of the space-time-anomalies caused by the machine. It was unavoidable.

By then, a gray had showed up helping us. Martina was getting closer to the machine. It was placed inside a great hall. The walls of the building were covered with gems and other things. Martina stood in front a big tube, of which some parts had been bowed down. Apparently this was the core of the machine. All together, cooperating our destructiveness, we destroyed this thing successfully. The word „checkmate“ came from somewhere.

The destruction of the core caused the break down of the hall, too. Martina left it, though it wouldn't have harmed her in her ethereal state. Being outside she could witness the break down of a rock.

I know, this sounds like a very bad fictional story, but this is exactly how we experienced it, with all emotions and energies, making this very real to us.

Whatsoever this is all about- some results have to be seen or felt. Are positive UFOs able to help us now? Or was this Hollywood, only? Or was it real, but there are other obstacles that keep our friends from helping us, so nothing will change? We will find it out.