Aliens' Problems

Feb. 25 2012


Destroyed Worlds

A few times already the same topic has showed up.


Monday: We found a dark being, catched it and healed it. By dissolving its demonization its true form became more clear. It was some kind of reptilian with a tail, kind of like a standing lizard. Healing its emotions took some effort. Normally it goes easily, because reps, dracos and dragons do not have as many layers of repressions from past lives as humans do (we think so). We humans collect a complex of layers from life to life.

This lizard needed a deeper healing of his emotions. We saw the invasion of his planet. It was total chaos. We expect that this planet was destroyed and the lizards enslaved. We also think that this lizard brought us to this event so we can heal the collective trauma. We gave our best, send a lot of energy to the victims of the invasion and to the planet's soul, which caused a great stream of energy. We might have enhanced quite a bit of the situation, but hardly healed the whole planet.

Wednesday: During a session, a huge black draco appeared. He was abnormally broad. We found out the reason for his broadness. He was charged with many soul fragments. The more we freed, the thinner he got. We had already experienced similar effects when healing other beings and detaching the soul fragments. When he reached his normal size, we could start the standard healing procedure. It went without problems, but he was full of sorrow. Within this sorrow Martina could perceive a picture of his destroyed planet. But we couldn't see that event from a closer perspective.

At this point I want to patch, that dracos are a bit different than other beings. Most beings which are demonized are ugly and scary, but after healing they look kind and sometimes even beautiful. Dracos though look ugly and scary before healing and after healing. The best description is „devil“. Giant, massive beings with horns and wings. It needs getting used to to see a healed draco and sense his loving heart and righteousness in the same time.

Thursday: A session with a client. Right from the start a group of aliens showed up, which belonged to him. They announced strong need for this person to be freed and grounded, so they can get active through and with him. Searching for the reason of his problem proved to be troublesome. Attaining the cause was being made difficult plus a gray and a rep were hindering our research for it. But Martina made it through the blockades two times. And she saw another destroyed planet, ruins and bones. (interesting, that these beings had bones as well). Our friend was sitting in the midst of the ruins and was deeply despaired. We could only refer his main trauma briefly though. Healing this needs much more.

Such an extraordinary week in which we come to know about three destroyed worlds. And the victims are abused to destroy our planet now, too! Such perversion! What conflicting emotions must be preying on their minds! And then one had to listen to such crab, saying there's a galactic federation waiting for us out there in space, not intervening until we have matured enough. Obviously reps, dracos and grays were not mature enough to be saved?!? Well, I should not be too fret about this and continue writing, because there is more tough stuff to be told.

Most wanted: Mothers

This could be the title of an advertisement published in our newspapers by grays and other aliens. To beget children by natural ways these races lack women and female energy. They have been deprived of their planets and all female energy. This is applied to many aliens who have showed up during our sessions. One time only a gray couple appeared, handing us their barely viable baby. We understood that they wanted life energy from us, which we gave them. Where do these three live? No idea. They surely have to watch out not to be caught.

For the first time we noticed their motherlessness and childlessness when discovering a case of abduction during a session with a female client. In that case, the aliens were not grays, but similar in their look, small beings with expanding heads aback. What did they do to that woman? They abducted her and implanted her something, which became a fetus. Months later, before the woman could realize anything, they abducted her again and removed the grown fetus. They did so very carefully and as free of pain as possible.

Again, after a while they picked up the woman for a third time. She couldn't remember anything, because they have removed the reminiscence of this occasion, but Martina could see clearly that they welcomed the woman respectfully. They needed her for the baby and needed her to hold it. Apparently the baby lacked mother energy. They left mother and child alone for a long time (?) and sent the woman back to earth without any reminiscence.

Lately we had a similar case again. This time a woman was abducted by real grays, actually small grays (by the way: now we know for sure that only small grays with deep black eyes are bio robots, absolutely deadhearted beings). Without being asked they picked her up as a surrogate mother, enforcedly so it seemed. Oddly enough both women were not angry about the abduction. Neither this experience passed them by without a trace. It appears to me that the dark side has interest in these women and is acting up. Maybe they want to avoid more babies?

These kind of abduction is not comparable to the cruel and destructive manipulative ones, based on evil intention. Nevertheless these are involuntary acts. Wouldn't it be great, this could be managed on a voluntary basis without deleting the memory? I know, there are barely people who even know about your (grays) existence and most would jump out of their skin. And you might be only few and still have many enemies, even of your own kind. But please, if you can somehow manage it, try to manage it on a voluntary and conscious basis.


The empire strikes back

This might be a bit exaggerated title, but what else should I write? Apparently the snakes do not appreciate us to free their slaves. In most cases healing them works without any difficulty, but not always. Once we tried to heal a team of grays, which was deployed for abductions and manipulation. When we started healing, something pulled them and they were gone. The same we experienced with a mantis. They simply were pulled away.

The newest trick to hinder healing sessions has hit us recently: a demon had an implant inserted which made it impossible for us to heal him. This was the first time it didn't work. I am not sure if this method hasn't been patented as expected, because an invisible helper appeared and removed the implant and we were able to heal the demon slapdash.

Days later we met a mantis, which we began to heal. I remind you that mantises and grays are more complex than dragons, dracos and reptilians, so the healing procedure took more time and the snakes kept an eye on him, so we wouldn't heal him. Especially the mantises are very precious to the snakes.

We were very far in healing this one and he was very willing to come over to our side, when a demonic being entwined around him and kept him trapped. We were not able to heal the demon, so we attacked it, which didn't effect it much. The mantis was suffering much from this stranglehold. He was feeling so sick so that his form collapsed. In the same time his astral body slipped out of his form and came to us. He died in a way. But this meant liberation to him. He was happy to have escaped the control and about being able to be free with us from now on. He left his dead body gladly behind.

I hope I was able to bring some clarification about the situation our alien friends/enemies are in, and thereby also about our own situation.