Orgonite and a Whale

In "Alien Influence, Part 4" I mentioned that orgonite works but it did not make a difference to us. The following article, which I had posted in February 2007 in the CB-Forum demonstrates that orgonite seems to cause a reaction on a whale (what I consider an animal with great psychic abilities). I also believe that orgonite has an effect on the weather and other positive effects. But working with orgonite can not substitute past life healing. We can not delete our ancient reptilian connections by putting enough orgonite around us. Karin and I struggle with this old influence on our souls and we felt and still feel blocked at a certain point, so we could not concentrate any longer in orgonite production and distribution.

The main message of my website is the call to repair your fractured soul. As this often puts people in contact with old unpleasant events and feelings, they invent a lot of things to avoid this confrontation. One of the best inventions I heard, was that there is no past life. The comment I can give in this case is: "Feel the difference in your life, when you have cleaned your old garbage". If anyone tells you, that past life healing is nonsense, you can be sure he has no practical experience with the topic. It's only a theory from a brainwash institute.

Well, think about it. Meanwhile you can read a more pleasant report here.


Now the article from February 2007:

Although we are already living in the Dominican Republic for 6 years we couldn't take a whale watching tour till now. On march 6 we went out into the bay of Samana.

(Islands right before the whale area)

I got the permission from a crewmember to throw the TBs (Orgonite Tower Busters = Muffins) into the water and from the harbor on I dropped a TB every 500 meters. After approximately 30 minutes of trip, we came into the official whale area. At the horizon right, we saw the fountain of a whale and kept closed on it.

When we had reached him, we followed him for half an hour.

We actually always saw only a small piece of his back, that appeared now and then . 

Only when he dove, we could see the tail fluke for a few seconds -
a problem for the slow digital cameras. 

Again and again I dropped TBs into the water and maybe that was the reason why the whale changed his behaviour.

He lay down on the side and waved at us with his flipper. 

Next, the tail fluke came up, just like before diving, but - everybody was amazed -  the tail fluke remained beside the boat for the next 2 minutes - exactly beside my seat. The digital cameras chirped without omit. 

A crewmember came to me with perplexed expression and asked whether the whale does this headstand because I throw this "things" into the water. He had never seen something similar. I approved his question and as a result I had to give away some TBs to the crew. 


(Whales can be identified by their marking on the tail fluke. This one we called Smiley. You see why?) 

The tour leader was quite excited and explained us, that it  is already some years ago that he saw such a headstand. As the whale came up again he waved at us extensively  again and began the second headstand. This time even longer; I estimate 5 minutes. This time, he probably relaxed, because he dropped his tail fluke in a horizontal position. Again right in front of my seat.

Finally, he made a third headstand, but this time, to the astonishment of everybody, far over ten minutes. Possibly the whale would have stayed even longer with us, but now  the captain directed the boat to the harbor, because we already had exceeded this trip a lot. 

(Karin and I throwing orgonite)

We got a brochure about the whales to take home and I would like to publish some information. Of course I looked after the meaning of the headstand and I found this following information: If whales sing, they do this in the headstand. They extend their flippers on that occasion. Normally this happens in a depth of 20 to 35 meters, but there we could not have seen him. I therefore assume that he sang some song for us. Unfortunately, we couldn't hear it.   

Information from the brochure:  

- Whales come into the Caribbean every winter (Dec, March) for reproduction. They live here without any food - for months. From February/April, they move again northward to the large fish swarms to finally eat. 
-In the bay of Samana and surroundings, approximately 10 000 humpback-whales come annually . Those become 15 meters long and a weight of 40 tons. (Blue whales are bigger: 30 meters and 140 tons. Not present at Samana.) 

- The whale songs are composed from sentences and topics. Sentences are sound groups like "Uuuup uuup jap", that they repeat a couple of times. Similarly sounding sentences are grouped to a topic, from those exist 3 to 9. Sentences and topics always are sung in the same sequence. 

Songs can last until 40 minutes, the length depends on when the singer must get air. So, the song of an adult singer can last double the time, as this of an adolescent, who needs to breath every 15 minutes at the surface. However both sing the same piece and breathe at the same point in the song, however the one repeat each sentence more often than the other one, that's the only difference.

All singers of the western North Atlantic sing the same piece. The mating time is started with the hit of the last year, and then moves on to a new piece. 

The whale area in the Dominican republic is a protection area and I understood that whale hunting was not allowed in the Atlantic for the last years, but this seems to change now. Japanese got the rights for whale hunting already from some Caribbean islands and the massacres should start soon.  


Smiley's reaction reminded me of an extrasensory perception, that I had a long time ago: If we succeed in removing the negative energies again from our planet, the relationship human-animal will alter completely. A harmony and communication, hardly conceivable for us, might come back again. Mosquitoes and parasites will probably vanish or change their habits. And as well the relationship human-plants can change completely. Communication and cooperation could be possible. 

Karin und Franz