Strange Sounds

January 25. 2012


Due to recent events I prefer discussing this topic before others on my list.

Strange sounds had been witnessed all over the world these past few days. If you want to hear them, you can search „strange sounds“ on YouTube. There you will find a great number of recordings. Some of the sound-videos are certainly faked, but I think most are real. It is interesting that these strange sounds had been heard all over Costa Rica, which caused ten-thousands of comments and questions on Facebook. So this is one more proof, that these sounds are not fiction.

David Dee's pictures are free copy
This is a map with places, where the sounds had been heard:

These strange sounds from the skies have attracted my attention and we have tried to find the source of these sounds. In the course of a session we haven't found any clear conclusions though. We checked out, if the sounds were artificially produced through Haarp or similar technics. We didn't get any answer to this question (which mean „no“). So, it is clear that the source of these sounds is no artificial or technical facility. This was being confirmed later over and over again.

It could be a very extensive trick, which also manipulates psychic perceptions and feelings, but I don't think they are able to produce something so complex.

A few nights ago I wasn't able to fall asleep for hours and I didn't know why. I tried to relax but it didn't work. Finally I had the idea to scan the energy and myself. I asked: „Are spirits here?“ - No. „Problems of the earth?“ - No. Then I suddenly received: „These strange sounds come from another dimension!“ Wow, I haven' thought about the sounds at all, but after I found it out, I fell asleep quickly. It appeared to me, that this information wanted to get through to me and didn't let me fall asleep, until I was aware enough to receive it.

Since I published this information in my Forum, two friends who work with „Remote Viewing“ added this information from a remote viewing session. The analysis has been done on this video:


Most likely these sounds are not faked. This intention could not be found during the session. The perceived data were so powerful and surprising for the viewer, so a fake wouldn't fit. When feeling deeper into aspects of the intention, he didn't receive any negative aspects (like Haarp, project Bluebeam or others). The source of these sounds seems to be a very sublime and pure consciousness (apparently not human, or at least not to be classified).

The intention of these sounds include aspects such as „purifying“ (something damp shall be replaced with something warm/cold), „occupying“ (what is belonging to the source of the sound, but this doesn't mean physical or structural spaces) and „leaving a mark“. The last information means something like „imprinting“, „upbringing“ and „a hint into the right direction“. Furthermore, the description of the entity/source of the sounds („through what/whom?“) aspects such as „female“, „wise“, „soft“ and „non-human, because so perfect“ came up.

. . .basically I (the remote viewer) had the feeling, that this target seemed a bit intimidating on the surface. But looking deeper, I could sense a deep security and peace, as if something absolute was talking. The depth of this empathic communication let me draw the conclusion, that this was not human of origin. It was like an embrace of my mother.

So far from our remote viewing friends. I think they do not mind, that I took some of their text passages for this article. Their statements accord with my feelings about the strange sounds.

My next consideration is, if these sounds are giving signs that something is on its way. Is something coming here? Many people think about God's trumpeting of the apocalypse. This is not my way of thinking, but I can feel a bit of energy, when thinking about it. But only a little. So this might mean, it is something like that, but not exactly. When we find out more, I will let you know.