Part 9

Since I am referring to yesterday’s article logically I have to start a new logbook, otherwise the dates get mixed up.

August 15, 2013


What has not accelerated is the work on the requests. At least I got until half of August 8. That took some hours.

Milabs only turned up once this afternoon, but then 100.000 at a time. By the way, I could learn today that they come voluntarily. I think they don’t like the new energies. However they are being collected by helpers and then I am presented with a large group.

I can say at this moment that for some time now there haven’t been any attacks. No magic, no bigheads any more. There is still magic to be found but only if it has been done some time ago; but no new attacks any more.

Walk-ins in the Environment

Today we went looking for walk-ins in our area, for example befriended families or hated families. In the beginning I identified the respective walk-ins. Then I asked concerning a large family “How many walk-ins are there among them?” I got 5. Then I sent them out together. Of course I tested whether they have to get out.

The acceleration came by asking, “How many walk-ins are there in our village?” It said 72. All those had to get out, too, which happened in one rush. So this is still developing. However I had other important topics.

Getting rid of attached Groups – Acceleration

In the beginning the helpers worked on one group for an hour. Today I arrived at one second. I did report about my “home-problem” and took out 70-80 groups during the last days. But it didn’t look as if it would ever end. Today I found a faster technique thanks to Karin’s discontent with the progress.

In mine and Karin’s root chakra obviously 1000 groups have been attached over the years. First I count in steps of tens how many can be found already. I get about 30 through 150. When I know this number I can go through them fast. With each number I move my hands upwards over my whole body and I feel an energy rush every time. This however only takes one second per group. Then the group is really gone.

In the second chakra there will be as many groups but I haven’t got so far yet. In any case my energy maximum in the power chakras (Kmax) has increased from 30 the day before yesterday to 33 yesterday morning, this morning 40 and this evening over 45. I am also very curious about how things will go on with Karin.

August 16, 2013

I know now that the walk-ins who are sent to me in 50 and 100.000 have really been Milabs until this noon. I presume that special walk-ins have been summoned to Earth in order to be Milabs.

Since this afternoon however big groups of walk-ins are coming who are no Milabs, ergo simply some that have to get out. This went about so:


The last five groups came within 5 minutes. At the moment it is quiet but oh, when I relax…

The hurt Rib-bone

Yesterday I had extracted ca. 1000 attachments from my first chakra and 500 groups from the second. Then I only found 60 more in the sixth and got them out. This means, in the 3rd, 4th and 5th chakra there was nothing. However this was wrong, as I found out today.

1st antecedent:

Yesterday I had hurt my lowest right rib. Normally it doesn’t hurt but when I touch it it does quite. I have to warn you: energy increase hurts.

2nd antecedent:

Yesterday I heard a song in which the word “dream” occurred. And the phrase “the dream of a free world” formed in my head. And then I started shaking and I had tears in my eyes. I thought something had to sit deep within my soul which kept me going all this time.

Later I told it to Karin, and when I said the phrase out loud it really started to shake me up with sobbing and tears running down my face.

The main story:

When my cat ran over me today he trod exactly on my rib. Ouch! Since I was just lying on my recliner I researched what the meaning of a rib might be. I found that the relation was heart chakra. Since the right side is the giving, active one I got the notion that the direct emission of my soul energy is prohibited. And this is exactly about this “dream of a free world” which seems to have a lot of power.

So here the direct emission was missing. I imagined it like my intention could be felt by those who still have a spark of it in them without saying a word, and that this spark can be enhanced, too. It would be right like this. And by understanding the subject 500 groups turned up which I got out immediately.

About the attachments there is to say: many are only discovered by finding the right topic.

Well, and before the upload another 150.000 walk-ins came in one rush. So, some more will come this morning since it is already 1 o’clock.

August 17, 2013

Another 150.000 came in the night. Today it went on. I will just list the numbers because today I have taken notes again:

200.000, 100.000, 200.000, 200.000, 200.000, 100.000


At this point, at about noon, the thought of asking for an Anunnaki-code-activation grew very strong in me. So I asked if there had been any activation and there was an intense “Yes”.

This time however it was not about truth energy like last time. Also, only 200.000 persons have been activated. I found out that this activation will create DNA changes in those 200.000 persons, and this change affects an ability of perception. I asked everything I know, clairvoyance, clairaudience etc. but I could not find it. It is about a way of perception we don’t know yet because we didn’t have the right DNA for it yet.

Sadly this activation only concerns the respective persons, ergo presumably the Anunnaki rebels among us. It is unfair but what do you want to do?

After that it went on boringly with getting walk-ins out of their bodies:

200.000, 100.000, 200.000, 100.000, 200.000, 30.000, 30.000, 30.000, 30.000, 9.500, 20.000, 10.000, 20.000, 100.000, in all 1,88 million today and the day is not yet over.


Boring and tiring but has to be done. 200 groups on my left knee, 100 on my thigh; Karin had 500 groups on each knee.

August 18, 2013 (written on the 19th)

The walk-ins who had to leave their occupied bodies were taken out today (18. 8.). It is now the few people’s turn who are allowed to stay. They are being brought in small groups to get their chakra connections fixed.

Therefore my offer to do the same for all who wrote to me is obsolete. Within a few days the whole walk-in agenda will be finished.


Those who may stay as walk-ins will feel to be “connected” at once: as I already mentioned it is extremely pleasant. Those from whom walk-ins have been removed don’t notice anything at first. For them the 14-day process begins – ergo from day 4 the karma of the walk-in will dissolve slowly (see
Cleaning works part 15 – Exchange and Karma).


Yesterday evening: 200.000, 500.000, and 500.000

This morning: 500.000

From Austria: 1.9 million that were hanging on more than 2500 bigheads.

Next I was presented with very small groups. From this moment on only groups of walk-ins come who are allowed to stay. They are getting their chakra connections. Obviously this is much more complicated than getting them out. 2000 seems to be the maximum which the helpers can work on at the same time. And it takes time because the next group arrives after at least one hour. I also ask for repairing missing chakra parts every time. This, too, may take time.

Here are the numbers: 7, 6, 40, 100, 200, 300, 500, 850, 1500.

Yes, all very boring. That is why I will provide you with some probably interesting facts about plants:

I wanted to know, “How many souls does a meadow have?”

  • One single grass-tuft has a soul body.

  • A complete meadow has a soul body.

  • A single flower has a soul body.

  • A meadow with grass and flowers has one soul body together.

  • Meadows situated close to each other have the same soul body. I don’t know the exact definition, for example if it is only the difference that matters. Well, 50 meters was still ok.

Fruit trees

Fruit trees have the intention of delivering food. This is at least one of their intentions. If you pluck a ripe fruit the tree is content. If you pluck a green fruit the tree is confused but it will live.


It is very clearly the intention of a carrot to supply food. Each carrot has its own soul body. There are spiritual beliefs which say we shouldn’t eat carrots because by pulling it out of the soil and eating it we kill the plant. This stands opposite to the apple where the tree still stands.

My information was quite clear. The carrot wants to be eaten. Its seed which provides further existence is after all in the upper plant.