Part 12

September 4, 2013

Topic-Related Bigheads (TRBs)

As I mentioned in Logbook 11 I don’t find a bighead on many persons; there are only some on a few persons still. If I use a person as an example where I haven’t found a bighead, and I ask, “Are there bigheads against their project of opening a shop?” it is possible for me to find a lot of bigheads. It is even very likely.

This means that there may be still a huge amount of bigheads hidden in mankind of which I had no idea until now. I investigated further. The good thing is I didn’t have to find the topics. I could ask, “How many TRBs are there on this person?” The most frequent answer was “500”. Acquaintances, family members, at least 500 TRBs everywhere. I really didn’t expect that. This would mean that many billion bigheads have to be eliminated yet . . . and so it was.

By the way, if I ask for the number of people on the planet Earth it says 4.8 billion. The energy goes away at 4.9 and higher numbers. Officially it is supposed to be 7.1 billion.

Yesterday, on September 3rd, I checked some special people. Barack Obama has (had) 20.000 TRBs. No wonder he can’t think straight (or couldn’t). Oh, I forgot to say that I can also take a group of people together and ask for TRBs. US congress had 80.000, the senate 50.000 TRBs. The Israel lobby 50.000. Of course I had them (the TRBs) eliminated.

Yesterday many small groups of bigheads were brought to me. I think it was complicated to remove them and apparently no TRBs. TRBs are after all easy to remove and in large quantities.


3. September 2013
k=1000, M=Million, G=Giga=billion
40k 10k 10k 20k 30k
15k 10k 20k 30k 10k
30k 10k 60k 25k 60k
10k 30k 45k 25k 15k
100k 150k 200k 500k  

Now it changed from bigheads to TRBs:

10M 15M 40M 40M 50M
7M 40M      

4. September 2013

50M 50M 200M 250M 500M
800M 1G 1.2G 1.4G 1.8G
2.4G 2.6G 2.8G 3.2G 3.4G
3.8G 4G 4.6G 4.8G 5G
5G 5.4G 5.4G 5.9G 6.2G
6.4G 7.6G 8G 9G 9.2G
10G 10.5G 10.6G 11G 12G
12G 13G      

Until here the progression went as I was able to manage. From here on it obviously wasn’t as easy to find large numbers.

3G 700M 120M 500M 200M
30M 100M 260M 500M  

New bigheads are coming again and again. Maybe tomorrow this will go on. So far it is a little more than 200 billion.

Yes, all this was a surprise, but it might explain why the exchanged rebels haven’t changed yet. However, I won’t rejoice too soon. We need results.

September 5, 2013

A Moment’s Impression

12 noon (6pm German time)

The collecting of bigheads is going more slowly since yesterday and the quantities are quite different. Yesterday another 100M, 200M, 500M, 19G, 800M, 700M, 700M, and 8G came along. Today it is quite similar.

About noon I checked what things look like in certain institutions:


Der Spiegel










Listin Diario (Dom. Rep.)


Dom. Newspapers


Dom: TV


Dom. Government


Dom. Church


Dom. Finance/banks/rich people


Dom. Law


Miami Herald (available here)


New York Times


German TV stations


US TV stations


Deutsche Bank




Dresdner Bank


Netbank (mine)


These are only a few random samples. I destroyed the respective bigheads. In any case, you can see the proceeding was selective.

September 6, 2013

The End of the Bigheads

This morning shortly after midnight (at my place) the last bighead has fallen. More than 100 billion TRBs.

Shortly after that the dissolution of MVPs started. This went fantastically fast and I wanted to go through with it but at 2.30am I was sent to bed. This morning they were done within an hour, a total of ca. 20 trillion.

A little later MVPs came knocking again. I got the word “shielded” ones (ca. 40 billion). They were done in 10 minutes.

There might be more MVPs since the final energy rush hasn’t come yet, like with the TRBs.

All details about these activities will be written down today as soon as I have the time.

This evening, half a day later, MVPs turned up again. They could not be dissolved. I found out they were encoded. I didn’t have to find out which code that was but it sufficed to say “decode and dissolve!” There were more than 110 billion but it only took 15 minutes total.

Commentaries are delayed until tomorrow.

September 7, 2013

Clearing Places of Magic

So much has happened that I spare myself the effort of reporting the details I promised above. What is there to write about things that don’t exist any longer?

When the last MVPs were eliminated it was already (yesterday) evening here. I was curious whether I would be given a new task, and so it was. The next topic I decoded as “Clearing places of magic”, and of course in large quantities.

For all who think, the guy must be nuts – firstly, they may be right, or secondly, it is apparently the case that my healing channel has been widened over the last months through tedious detail work to an extent that I am now able to let large amounts of negative energy run through me. It would be quite unreasonable not to use this capacity so I get one mammoth-job after the other.

In the end this means endless work from morning till evening. I am working like a dog, sometimes to the limits of my ability, and I feel like a piece worker and not like a world saver. I don’t even know what a world saver is supposed to feel like. And at times I ask myself whether I am only being toyed with and being incapacitated by a diversion. But then again all that is happening is so masterfully orchestrated and I am feeling very closely what is going on.

So the phase “clearing places of magic” started last evening and went on today. The list is relatively short and that’s why I’ll present it here:

Number of places in the order of appearance:

100 100 4k 12k 45k
110k 200k 300k 450k 600k
700k 800k 1.3M 1.8M 2.4M

the next morning:

3.3M 4.2M 4.8M 5.2M 5.8M
6.7M 7.3M 7.7M 8.3M 8.7M
9.6M 10.2M 11M 12M 13M
14.5M 16.5M 19M 22M  

These are about 200 million places with black magic. I didn’t get more, so now they should be clean.

The break didn’t last long and the next job came along:

Clearing People of Magic

It was however about humans and animals. When this is done there will be no more magic in 3D. I’ll write the list down because I want to keep track and also show how small and carefully planned the progressing steps were. Twice it was too much for me and I felt it in the heart. Then there was a forced break.

There were other breaks, too, that is, nothing was delivered. These were situations when something else had to be done, as I found out. When I had solved the problem the program proceeded. The list:

Amount of people and animals per round:

Anzahl der Menschen und Tiere pro Arbeitsgang:

1k 2k 4k 10k 20k 35k 45k 50k 50k 55k = 272k
50k 50k 50k 45k

Forced break

= 195K
50k 60k 80k 90k 100k 120k 170k 250k 450k 850k = 2.22M

from now on all in millions

1.3 1.8 2,5 2.6 3 3.2 3.4 3.6


= 21.4M
4.6 4.9 5.3 5.5 5.5 5.8 5.9 6 6.5 6.8 = 56.8M
7 7.1 7.4 7.8 8.4 9.1 9.6 10 10.3 10.8 = 87.5M
11.6 12.1 12.4 12.8 13.2 13.6 14.1 14.6 15.1 15.6 = 135.1M
16.1 16.7 17 17.9 18.7 19 19.4 20 20.7 21.2 = 186.6M
21.8 22.5 23.5 23.6 25.8 27 28.3 29.1 30.4 31.7 = 263.7M
32.2 33.5 34.9 36 37.4 38 40 40.8 42 44 = 377.8M
45 47.4 49.6 53 56 59 61 65 69 77 = 582M
80 85 90 95 101 106 111 116 123 129 = 1036M
135 141 147 153 160 167 175 189 191 198 = 1656M
205 213 220 227 235 243 251 257 266 274 = 2391M
284 290 296 305 315 325 336 347 358 369 = 3225M
370 381 393 325* 405 417 429 442 450 464 = 4076M
475                     475M


*My mistake

      circa 14.5 billion

 Ok, Saturday evening 10 o’clock – enough for today.