Part 11

August 29, 2013

The End of Black Magic

Yesterday evening I found some highly interesting topics in me that were all blocked by series of 12. They were about telepathy, claircognizance and foreknowledge. That kept me busy until 3am. In the last hour however there were interferences. I noticed 20 veiled magic packages, coming from 20 magicians. When I had eliminated those another 20 appeared. When Karin came to me two times 80 magicians came via her before sleeping.

This afternoon it started again, 20, 20, 50, 50, 100 and rising. I knew by then there were going to be many – and so it was.

I researched for a long time what was going to happen to those magicians. Will some be healed, others pulled out of the body? The answer I got was: all will die over the course of September. If that is true, it will certainly get noticed.

Furthermore I found out that is not only about professional magicians but all who are still trying to gain advantages by means of black magic. For example, there are 31 persons in my neighbourhood. Obviously this is not an average amount for a small village because here a lot of magic is being done.

Here is the list of the respective work, organised in ten lines. The time between two groups was 2 through 5 minutes average, slowing down in the end:


20 20 80 80 20 20 50 50 100 250 = 690
500 1k 1,5k 2,5k 5k 15k 15k 20k 25k 35k = 120,5k
40k 50k 55k 55k 60k 75k 75k 85k 85k 95k = 675k
105k 130k 145k 145k 150k 150k 160k 200k 220k 220k = 1,625M
240k 260k 260k 300k 350k 370k 400k 400k 420k 450k = 3,45M
500k 550k 550k 600k 650k 650k 700k 700k 800k 850k = 6,55M
900k 900k 950k 1,05M 1,1M 1,2M 1,4M 1,4M 1,6M 1,6M = 12,1M
1,8M 1,8M 2,1M 2,5M 2,8M 3,2M 3,2M 3,5M 4M 4M = 28,9M
4,5M 5,1M 5,1M 5,7M 5,7M 5,7M 6,1M 6,6M 7M 7M = 58,5M
7,5M 8M 8,6M 9M 10,8M 12,2M 14M 15,5M 16,8M 16,8M = 119,2M



That was 231 million people who are doing black magic. It started so insignificant this morning and turned out to be an 8 hour job. Now it is 3am and I’m trying to get some sleep.

August 31, 2013

Others are cleaning up

Some people are sending me information what has turned up with them. For example something for the walk-in exchange program:

Hello Franz!

Here are data for your website.

I have considered for a long time whether to write this to you. In the beginning I didn’t know what all this meant. Did get the ok though, so here I’m sharing my results:


40 – France
50 – Germany
Did not ask at the time what areas


20 – Russia, economy
10 – China, military
20 – moon base


30 – Russia, military
30 – USA, military


30 – North Korea – economy

There was also Egypt shortly before falling asleep but I forgot to ask again. Until now it is quiet again, my guardian isn’t visiting anymore.


Someone reported that more than 12 million bigheads have still turned up after my bighead work was finished. The person was able to destroy the bigheads. I can confirm these statements.

It seems to me that some cleaning works have been saved for some persons. Cleaning up in large amounts widens the soul channels, so this is help in getting forward. Only a side effect?


There also still seem to be UFOs. Most of them have robot crews. Some seem to be controlled by humans. I assume they are in there astrally. These UFOs are obviously being used for stealing astral bodies again.

There haven’t been any UFOs with me but I feel the statements are correct. The persons where the UFOs show up are able to destroy them. So again good practice.

Black Magicians

The next evening after my cleaning work 15.000 magicians were brought to me once more.

Masses of UFOs

Six hours after writing the above information something strange happened with me. Once again I was just dissolving attachments when I got sick. Black magicians? – No. Hmmm . . UFO? – Yes. Wow! Haven’t had those in months. Next question – how many? There were 5000, unmanned. I only was to give the order for destruction. But then it continued. Most of the time Karin was pinched by snakes when new ones arrived. Here is the list:

500.000 . . .always tenfold, obviously there are to be many
5 M
50 M
500 M
5 G
50 G = 50 billion
Then it was quiet for two hours until Karin was bitten again, again there were . .
50 billion

More than 100 billion UFOs. This reminds me of an experience more than a year ago. Martina had found a planet which was covered all over with machines for the production of something. Nothing but machines, nothing else on the whole planet. It is quite possible that they did produce 100 billion UFOs there, if only astral ones, they had to be built. Same goes for bases and the soul storage facilities and the bigheads and the snakes . . .

A little later Karin was being pinched again. I expected the next 50 giga but this time it was only 10 UFOs of a different type. Now, 30 minutes later, 100 UFOs. The rate of increase leads to the conclusion of larger amounts, however, the time intervals are longer than with type 1. The fact that it started with 10 UFOs instead of 5000 as it was with type 1 makes me think that those UFOs are bigger and more complicated. But all are unmanned – so all there is is matter. The list:

10 k
100 k
1 M
10 M
100 M
1 G (1 billion)
10 G
100 G
1 T (1 trillion =
10 T
100 T
100 T
100 T
400 T
400 T
400 T

These are incredible numbers. It seems as if those ships have never been used. They were produced and are being held in store, apparently in other galaxies. Since all of them are based on negative frequencies they have to be destroyed. 10 more deliveries have been announced but I want to go to bed (2am). Tomorrow it will go on if they let me.

. . . . ha, ha, they didn’t let me. The UFOs apparently have to be gone before the next day. They were brought to me now in a 2 minute rhythm, ergo 10 times 400 trillion UFOs. Karin was only pinched in the beginning. As soon as I know what to expect and I’m in waiting position they don’t need to pinch anymore.

Ok, now it really is finished (2.25am).

September 1st, 2013

Again Bigheads (almost) endlessly

A week ago I was content to have found 20.000 groups for one topic. This morning I went through all topics again and all had series of 6, 12 or even 24 blocks. So I went through all topics for which I hadn’t found any series yet one more time. Since more new topics turned up in me and Karin I was at dissolving them from 10am until midnight. “Great Sunday”, Karin said ironically.

Weirdly enough, every now and then some bigheads interfered which had me puzzled. Only when the bigheads came in millions it struck me:
The black magicians were obviously already incapacitated and the bigheads which had still been protected by the magicians could now simply be collected. This means the bigheads were still attached to their victims. They were fully busy in their task against mankind.

Some bigheads are being used to make people sick but many are used to influence people in their way of thinking. This is a kind of mind control. Bigheads are used in false flag attacks in order to lead the masses away from the truth and to feed them wrong information.

I asked now: in Syria 20 million bigheads were used, in Germany 4 million bigheads were used in order to spread false opinions about the Syria conflict, etc.

Many decision makers are constantly being manipulated through bigheads. So they are practically under hypnosis and cannot act differently. This ends now. About 500 million bigheads have been pulled out of mankind’s heads today. I consider this immensely important. I think this will have large consequences.

September 3rd, 2013

Bigheads – Detail Work

Yesterday from morning till evening again bigheads were delivered, not however in millions but much less. From the information I got today it becomes clear that these bigheads are being pulled out of many small projects. First yesterday’s list, as an example:


450 1k 1k 1k 10k
650 10k 200 10k 10k
10k 10k 500 700 3k
3k 500 20k 40k 2k
3k 10k 150 1k 10k
10k 5k 4k 1k 1,5k
10k 10k 10k 5k 1k
20k 5k 60k 60k  

This came over the whole day, maybe every 20 minutes. It looks as if the providers have to do more detail work and the numbers are smaller and the time intervals are bigger than two days ago.

Today it’s all the same with the bigheads.

Bigheads in Projects

Where positive people want to start positive projects you will or did find bigheads with certainty. I think I was pushed there today one more time. I looked at various projects of various persons and in all there were still bigheads.

These bigheads are not found on people but on a topic. And this is very tricky. For example the topic “losing a court hearing”: this topic had 20 bigheads and the hearing accordingly went downhill. I never found a bighead on this person. 500 bigheads were hanging around in my forum.
In order to slow down capable people a bighead project can be created. Example: “a person is not to succeed in any possible way”. I found 10 bigheads for this on one person. If you check the person for bigheads you don’t find a single one. So you have to find the topic.

As if there weren’t enough ways already to get someone check mate. But at least the bigheads are being destroyed in detail work now. We will have a bighead-free universe soon.

MVPs (Multi-veiled (Magic-) Packages)

I have written before about this subject. If someone sends magic on a certain topic and more and more, and other magicians do the same, this magic is found as “one magic”, although in great amount. As a healer you only have to let it flow out again and it is gone.
It is not as easy with MVPs. They are constructed like this:



With every layer the energy flow slows down. So it will be a lot of work because these packages may have many layers. I found 120 yesterday, for example. The problem is solved anyway because helpers can do the work. It takes them only minutes.

I’m bringing this up firstly because the magicians have been incapacitated and secondly quite specific areas of usage have turned up.

I came across the subject because most times we work on the terrace on the laptop but at 8pm the mosquitoes turn up in masses. This year it appears to be really significant so I checked if there was magic on the mosquitoes. It said “no. MVPs? “Yes”. 100 MVPs on the mosquitoes for the island Hispaniola (Dom. Rep. and Haiti).

Next I tested various animals that are unpleasant here. All results only for the island Hispaniola.












Wood worms


Silver fish




The wasps here are extremely aggressive. You hit a leaf under which 5 wasps are building a nest and you have three boils in your face.

After the subject of bigheads became clearer to me today I also looked for bigheads on those animals. For example, the project “mosquitoes are supposed to bite” had 10.000 bigheads.


















Wood worms



Silver fish






Yesterday I also checked if there were magic packages on other animals. And lo and behold (island Hispaniola):




















I don’t know what these magic packages do respectively. I had everything dissolved. I also don’t know how these packages are distributed regionally. I tested shortly how it was with dogs in Germany: 800 – within the German borders. Austria: 2000.

DE – cats 1500 MVPs
AU – cats 100 MVPs.

I had all those packages dissolved but I cannot go through all the MVPs in all countries. Maybe there are capable people in more countries?
Next I had a look at people, whether certain people had MVPs. Bingo. A few examples:
















In order to bind the Muslims to their rules 10.000 bigheads were employed. In order to hold the Haitians in poverty 10.000 bigheads were used.

As you can see there is research- and healing work to be done without end.