Part 10

August 20, 2013

I will resume yesterday’s and today’s events because it makes more sense like this. So, on the 19. 8.:

Walk-ins for having the chakras connected came in the following groups:


At this point I asked how many were still waiting and the answer was 2 million. Of course I was disappointed about the long time it was going to take for that. Later I checked why it wasn’t possible to do more than 2000 at a time, and I found out it was me. Then I found out that there were 550 attached groups in the heart chakra which were responsible for the limitation. I got them out and was curious about the next group. It went on like this:


This did already please me but it was not yet the end because the next day (20. 8.) numbers went further up:


It also seems to me that it is going faster. It is now only 6am and 9 groups were already here. If it continues like this tomorrow all will be done. (I will complete the list before going to bed.)

The Fly

Irritating and welcome at the same time. Nowadays we lie down in our double-bed-sized swimming pool first thing in the morning. I was lying in there quite relaxed when a house fly (rare in these parts) insisted that the only sensible landing spot was my face. I could do whatever I wanted but it came back to my face at once.

In the end this didn’t seem normal to me anymore. Did a shaman do his foul work? No. It turned out as 1000 bigheads attached to Miko the cat. This is irritating because Miko’s open spots get worse every time that happens. I asked helpers to remove the bigheads and their structures which was done quickly.

The fly stayed away for three minutes, then the game with my face started all over. This time 200 bigheads and then it was quiet for good. I am glad about the fly’s activities for the faster I can get rid of those bigheads the less damage they can do.

Details about removing Attachments (Groups)

Since there are relatively large numbers to go through, up to 1000 groups, I make the counting as energy-saving as possible. For example I count 30, 1, 2, 3, . . . .9, 40, 1, 2, . . ., 9, 50 and so on. It might however happen that you miss one ten, especially because you just drift off during this brainless counting.

I over-count on principle in that case. That is, when the previously perceived number is full I start over at one and in most cases I feel that there are still some groups left. Better safe than sorry.

Hands and Hand Chakras

Just so there is no confusion: the hand chakras get the energies from the subchakras which are needed for the imposing of hands. The physical hands however belong to the heart chakra (giving and receiving love) and also to the throat chakra (acting).

The Rest of the Walk-ins

That is how it went on:


Suddenly I got cramps on both sides of my solar plexus (and the rib still hurts). I found 500 groups in the SP and got them out. Whether it went faster because of that I don’t know. Not only the groups became larger but the intervals between the groups went down from one hour to 20 minutes and 10 minutes in the end despite the large number of persons.


The secret seems to be in that the energy level of the soul chakras has to be at 98%, 99% all the time during this kind of work. The closer the continuing level comes to 100% the more limitless the number of persons gets and the faster the healing works. Through this high level the rest of the blockages came up in me, another 500 groups in the throat chakra to finish with.

So now there shouldn’t be any more walk-ins, that is, if none has hidden under the bed.

August 22, 2013


Yesterday they left me alone at first. In the evening I started to look for groups in Karin and me once again. There were absurd results and so I realised the presence of bigheads. In the course of the evening a whole lot of them came in the following order:


Together this makes 250.000. So far none have come anymore.

Attachments and easier Removal

It looks as if the thrown-out invaders & co. don’t get back those artificially attached problems within the 14-day-process. We have to remove them tediously and only then they return to the sender.

Once again I found a lot of attachments in Karin and me. Since my belly hasn’t changed a bit I went looking for more causes. There were 1000 groups. Then I found 1000 groups in the small bowel, also 2500 groups in the first chakra against wealth and abundance and many more.

In the end I found more than 10.000 groups and Karin and I thought there had to be another solution. It is not to be managed by hand work. I tried again with the helpers. So far they were not able to take that off our backs but now it works!!! They do it. I only have to make sure how many and where or with which program and then they can remove them.

I cannot say whether everybody can use that. I don’t know if they would need intense soul energy for example. We’ll see how others deal with it.

For finding the groups I recommend 2 ways of action:

1. Concerning chakras and topics:

This means I scan the chakras for possible topics. In the 1st chakra I found the 2500 groups against wealth and abundance. My abscess on my buttock was also a topic of the first chakra: “enjoying the Earth”.

In the second chakra I found, aside from all the sexual topics and having fun in other ways, 2000 groups which affected the musculature in general. There is also the skin in general, that is, basic programs about how your skin is supposed to be. Groups also affect that.

In the 6th chakra ask for telepathy, clairvoyance etc.

2. Concerning organs

It would be best to find a schematic of all body parts and organs in the body and ask for groups. Men, don’t forget your family jewels, they are popular targets for attachments.

People with aggression issues, look into gall and liver. Anyway, I would just test all organs.

Comet “ISON”

My answer to the following mail:

Hey, can you find out if this comet “Ison” is actually a comet or maybe a space ship, and write something about it on your homepage? In various forums there are a lot of discussions going on because videos are going around on youtube where the “comet” looks v-shaped (“winged planet”?). Here is one of them:


My perception:

This is an Anunnaki space ship. It is not the transport ship I already know. At present they are only observing. If there will be any activities coming from it, I am not to know.

August 23, 2013

The Wowos are doing the Detaching

I noticed this when I had groups removed for another person. The first 5000 groups were removed. Then I ordered the second group of 5000 and when I checked after a few minutes all 5000 were still here. I realised I had to go into my heart chakra intensely in order to start the removal.

That is how I knew the Wowos were doing this work (I also asked it) and you only reach them with a wide open heart.

The Fly, Part 2

For three days there haven’t been bigheads anymore and I started thinking there were none left until a fly taught me better. It kept running around on my arm and I watched it for a while guessing already that it wanted to point out bigheads to me.

And that is how it was. There were 50.000. From then on they brought me bigheads every hour which I perceived in various ways. They came in the following groups:


Most of the bigheads come without other beings, magicians or Reps. A few however are still coming with magicians. 300 of the 300.000 had magicians.

I think this is going to continue today. It is after all only 9pm.

11pm – another 300.000

Removing Attachments – Results after 5 Days

I wanted to report that today. After removing the groups the first results may show themselves after five days but in most cases after 6 or 7 days. So don’t be frustrated if nothing has happened yet.

August 24, 2013

The End of the Bigheads

The last group last night had 1 million bigheads. There I already thought that many more were to come. This morning I asked how many were still left, and it said, roughly 900 million.

Karin read my reports and stated that I always wrote like all this would be so easy and simple. So I should make it clear that those mass runs-through were actually quite draining. She’s right, and that is why I am mentioning this here. Besides, there is no useful conversation possible between the two of us because every other minute there is something going on in the astral plane. Today this was very annoying.

When new bigheads arrive it feels unpleasant at the beginning, like a magical attack. As soon as the bigheads were removed it was better. There were problems with ca. 20 groups of bigheads. The victims and perpetrators were still attached to the bigheads, and they were just shoved over to me like that and I had to find out about it and solve it.

So, here is the list like it happened today (on my free Saturday): until yesterday 2.6 million were already done.






1.5 mill.


1.5 mill.


2 mill.


3 mill.


4,5 mill.


4 mill.

19 mill.

5 mill.


7 mill.


10 mill.


13 mill.


16 mill.


19 mill.

89 mill.

20 mill.


22,5 mill.


25 mill.


30 mill.

185 mill.

33 mill.


36 mill.


44 mill.

298 mill.

60 mill.

358 mill.

70 mill.

428 mill.

100 mill.

528 mill.

110 mill.

638 mill.

120 mill.

758 mill.

150 mill.

888 mill.



Yes, right, in the end there were another 35 which had probably been hiding under the bed.

The time intervals were about half an hour at the beginning and 5 minutes in the end.

By constantly increasing the number apparently my channel was widened. Twice the increase was too much, e.g. from 3 to 4.5 million. Suddenly nothing worked anymore. I wasn’t able to establish positive contact because there were too many bigheads hanging on me and I couldn’t heal a single one away. I struggled a long time in order to re-establish contact and in the end it worked. But it did scare me. As you can see the next number was smaller, for my recovery. It was similar at the step from 36 to 44 million but there I was less scared already.

I want to remind you once again that all those mass works, the exchange programs, connecting chakras or eliminating bigheads etc. only take place in the astral plane and therefore only the soul chakras are needed. No matter was being handled for which one would need the power chakras.